Range.PhoneticGuide 方法 (Word)Range.PhoneticGuide method (Word)

將注音標示加入至指定的範圍。Adds phonetic guides to the specified range.


expressionexpression. PhoneticGuide( _Text_ , _Alignment_ , _Raise_ , _FontSize_ , _FontName_ )

需要 expressionexpression Required. 代表 Range 物件的變數。A variable that represents a Range object.


名稱Name 必要/選用Required/Optional 資料類型Data type 描述Description
TextText 必要Required StringString 要新增的注音文字。The phonetic text to add.
AlignmentAlignment 選用Optional WdPhoneticGuideAlignmentTypeWdPhoneticGuideAlignmentType 新增注音文字的對齊方式。The alignment of the added phonetic text.
RaiseRaise 選用Optional LongLong 指定範圍內從文字頂端到注音文字頂端的距離 (以點為單位)。The distance (in points) from the top of the text in the specified range to the top of the phonetic text. 如果沒有指定任何值,則 Microsoft Word 就會自動將注音文字設定在指定範圍上方的最佳距離。If no value is specified, Microsoft Word automatically sets the phonetic text at an optimum distance above the specified range.
FontSizeFontSize 選用Optional LongLong 注音文字所用的字型大小。The font size to use for the phonetic text. 如果沒有指定任何值,Word 就會使用比指定範圍中文字小百分之 50 的字型大小。If no value is specified, Word uses a font size 50 percent smaller than the text in the specified range.
FontNameFontName 選用Optional StringString 注音文字所用的字型名稱。The name of the font to use for the phonetic text. 如果沒有指定任何值,Word 就會使用與指定範圍中文字相同的字型。If no value is specified, Word uses the same font as the text in the specified range.


如需使用 Word 搭配東亞語言的詳細資訊,請參閱東亞語言的 Word 功能。For more information on using Word with East Asian languages, see Word features for East Asian languages.


這則範例會將注音標示加入至選取的片語 "tres chic"。This example adds a phonetic guide to the selected phrase "tres chic."

Selection.Range.PhoneticGuide Text:="tray sheek", _ 
 Alignment:=wdPhoneticGuideAlignmentCenter, _ 
 Raise:=11, FontSize:=7

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