Table.Title 屬性(Word)Table.Title property (Word)

會傳回或設定包含指定表格的標題的字串Returns or sets a String that contains a title for the specified table. 可讀寫。Read/write.



_運算式_代表 'Table' 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a 'Table' object.


使用 標題 屬性來提供替代文字標題的資料表。Use the Title property to provide an alternative text title for a table. 此屬性會將標題文字新增至Word中的 [ 表格內容] 對話方塊的 [ 標題] 文字方塊中 [ 替代文字] 索引標籤。This property adds title text to the Title text box on the Alt Text tab of the Table Properties dialog in Word.


[!注意事項] 網頁瀏覽器會在表格正在載入時或遺漏時顯示替代文字。Web browsers display alternative text while tables are loading or if they are missing. Web 搜尋引擎會使用替代文字來尋找網頁。Web search engines use the alternative text to help find Web pages. 替代文字也會用來協助殘障使用者。Alternative text is also used to assist disabilities.


下列程式碼範例會新增替代文字表格標題至使用中文件的第一個表格。The following code example adds an alternative text table title to the first table in the active document.

ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Title = "Table 1."

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