Office VBA 支援和意見反應Office VBA support and feedback

有關於 Office VBA 或這份文件的問題或意見反應嗎?Have questions or feedback about Office VBA or this documentation? 下列清單提供您如何獲得支援並提供意見反應的指導方針。The following list provides guidance about the ways you can receive support and provide feedback.


對於開發跨多個平台 (英文),擴充使用者 Office 體驗的解決方案感到興趣嗎?Interested in developing solutions that extend the Office experience across multiple platforms? 請參閱新的 Office 增益集模型Check out the new Office Add-ins model. Office 增益集與 VSTO 增益集和解決方案相比具有較小的足跡,您也可以使用幾乎任何 web 程式設計技術(例如 HTML5、JavaScript、CSS3 和 XML)來建立這些功能。Office Add-ins have a small footprint compared to VSTO Add-ins and solutions, and you can build them by using almost any web programming technology, such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and XML.

主旨Subject 指引Guidance
VBA 程式設計問題VBA programming questions 使用標記來發佈 VBA Stack Overflow程式設計問題 vba ,以及其他相關標記,以進行堆疊溢位。Post VBA programming questions to Stack Overflow by using the vba tag, along with any other relevant tags.

請注意堆疊產生溢出的指導方針,例如要求描述標題、完整和簡明的問題陳述,以及再現您問題的足夠細節。Please note that Stack Overflow has guidelines such as requiring a descriptive title, a complete and concise problem statement, and sufficient details to reproduce your issue. 功能要求或過於廣泛的問題被視為離主題。Feature requests or overly broad questions are considered off-topic. 如果您是新的使用者,請流覽「堆疊溢位協助中心」以取得詳細資訊。If you're a new user, visit the Stack Overflow Help Center for more information.
檔更新Documentation updates 我們不再接受對主題所做的建議變更。We are no longer accepting proposed changes to topics.
檔意見反應Documentation feedback 使用 [此頁面是有益的?] 專案頁面上的 [此頁面具有有益功能? ],提供有關文章的意見。Provide feedback about an article by using the Is this page helpful? control on the article page.
Office 協助支援Office assisted support 使用下列其中一個管道進行 Office 協助支援:Use one of the following channels for Office assisted support:
產品意見反應Product feedback 若要提供關於 Microsoft Office 產品(例如 Excel 或 Word)的意見反應,請使用產品內的意見反應功能(如如何在 Microsoft office 中提供相關意見)所述?To provide feedback about a Microsoft Office product such as Excel or Word, use the in-product feedback feature as described in How do I give feedback on Microsoft Office?