內容傳遞網路 (Cdn)Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

Cdn 協助保護使用者的 Office 365 快速且可靠。CDNs help keep Office 365 fast and reliable for end users. Office 365 等雲端服務會使用 Cdn 快取靜態資產更接近要求他們的瀏覽器來加速下載項目,並降低認知的使用者延遲。Cloud services like Office 365 use CDNs to cache static assets closer to the browsers requesting them to speed up downloads and reduce perceived end user latency. 本主題中的資訊可協助您了解內容傳遞網路 (Cdn) 以及如何使用 Office 365。The information in this topic will help you learn about Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and how they are used by Office 365.

什麼 CDN 究竟是?What exactly is a CDN?

CDN 是由高速骨幹網路連線的資料中心中的 proxy 和檔案伺服器所組成的地理位置分散的網路。A CDN is a geographically distributed network consisting of proxy and file servers in datacenters connected by high-speed backbone networks. Cdn 可用來減少延遲,並載入指定的檔案和網站或服務中的物件集合的時間。CDNs are used to reduce latency and load times for a specified set of files and objects in a web site or service. CDN 可能有數千個適用於從任何位置的傳入要求的最佳服務端點。A CDN may have many thousands of endpoints for optimal servicing of incoming requests from any location.

Cdn 通常用來提供網站或服務,例如 javascript 檔案、 圖示和影像,加速下載的一般內容,也可以提供使用者內容,例如 SharePoint Online 的文件庫中的檔案資料流媒體檔案的私用存取、 和自訂程式碼。CDNs are commonly used to provide faster downloads of generic content for a web site or service such as javascript files, icons and images, and can also provide private access to user content such as files in SharePoint Online document libraries, streaming media files, and custom code.

大部分的企業雲端服務會使用 Cdn。CDNs are used by most enterprise cloud services. Office 365 等雲端服務有數百萬份客戶一次下載混合專屬的內容 (例如電子郵件) 和一般內容 (例如圖示)。Cloud services like Office 365 have millions of customers downloading a mix of proprietary content (such as emails) and generic content (such as icons) at one time. 它會將所有人使用的圖示,例如影像最接近使用者的電腦,盡可能更有效率。It's more efficient to put images everyone uses, like icons, as close to the user's computer as possible. 您不實用的每個雲端服務來建置在每個都會] 區域中,儲存此一般內容的 CDN 資料中心或甚至在世界各地的每個主要網際網路中樞讓這些 Cdn 的一些共用。It isn't practical for every cloud service to build CDN datacenters that store this generic content in every metropolitan area, or even in every major Internet hub around the world, so some of these CDNs are shared.

Cdn 如何讓服務運作得更快?How do CDNs make services work faster?

超過再次下載常見的物件,例如圖示,可能會耗費可更妥善地用於下載重要的個人內容,例如電子郵件或文件的網路頻寬。Downloading common objects like icons over and over again can take up network bandwidth that can be better used for downloading important personal content, like email or documents. 因為 Office 365 使用架構,包括 Cdn、 圖示、 指令碼,以及其他一般內容可從伺服器更接近下載至用戶端電腦,更快速地進行下載。Because Office 365 uses an architecture that includes CDNs, the icons, scripts, and other generic content can be downloaded from servers closer to client computers, making the downloads faster. 這表示您個人的內容,安全地儲存在 Office 365 資料中心的快速存取。This means faster access to your personal content, which is securely stored in Office 365 datacenters.

Cdn 以協助改善雲端服務效能以數種方式:CDNs help to improve cloud service performance in several ways:

  • Cdn 移開雲端服務,服務藉由減少需要靜態資產的要求提供服務的使用者內容和其他服務的 cloud 服務資源以釋放網路和檔案下載負擔的一部分。CDNs shift part of the network and file download burden away from the cloud service, freeing up cloud service resources for serving user content and other services by reducing the need to serve requests for static assets.
  • Cdn 會藉由實作高效能網路和檔案伺服器,並利用更新的網路通訊協定例如HTTP/2高效率壓縮來提供低延遲檔案存取內建的用途,並要求多工。CDNs are purpose built to provide low-latency file access by implementing high performance networks and file servers, and by leveraging updated network protocols such as HTTP/2 with highly efficient compression and request multiplexing.
  • CDN 網路使用多個全域分散式的端點來進行內容提供給使用者盡可能關閉。CDN networks use many globally distributed endpoints to make content available as close as possible to users.

Office 365 CDNThe Office 365 CDN

內建 Office 365 內容傳遞網路 (CDN) 可讓 Office 365 系統管理員,以提供更佳的效能,其組織的 SharePoint Online 頁面的快取靜態的資產更接近的瀏覽器,要求,這樣有助於加快下載並減少延遲。The built-in Office 365 Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows Office 365 administrators to provide better performance for their organization's SharePoint Online pages by caching static assets closer to the browsers requesting them, which helps to speed up downloads and reduce latency. Office 365 CDN 改善的壓縮及下載速度會使用HTTP/2 通訊協定The Office 365 CDN uses the HTTP/2 protocol for improved compression and download speeds.

Office 365 CDN 是由可讓您在多個位置或_來源_主控靜態資產的多個 CDN 組成,並透過全球高速網路提供資產。The Office 365 CDN is composed of multiple CDNs that allow you to host static assets in multiple locations, or origins, and serve them from global high-speed networks. 根據您要在 Office 365 CDN 中主控的內容類型而定,您可以新增公用來源、私人來源或兩者。Depending on the kind of content you want to host in the Office 365 CDN, you can add public origins, private origins or both.

Office 365 CDN 概念圖Office 365 CDN conceptual diagram

Office 365 CDN 內公用來源中的內容可透過匿名方式存取,並且可供具有託管資產 URL 的任何人存取。Content in public origins within the Office 365 CDN is accessible anonymously, and can be accessed by anyone who has URLs to hosted assets. 因為對公用來源中內容的存取是匿名的,您應該只使用公用來源來快取非敏感性的一般內容,例如 javascript 檔案、指令碼、圖示和影像。Because access to content in public origins is anonymous, you should only use them to cache non-sensitive generic content such as javascript files, scripts, icons and images. 預設會使用 Office 365 CDN 來從公開來源下載一般資源資產,例如 Office 365 用戶端應用程式。The Office 365 CDN is used by default for downloading generic resource assets like the Office 365 client applications from a public origin.

Office 365 CDN 內的私人來源可提供使用者內容 (例如 SharePoint Online 文件庫、網站和視訊等媒體) 的私人存取。Private origins within the Office 365 CDN provide private access to user content such as SharePoint Online document libraries, sites and media such as videos. 對私人來源中內容的存取會使用動態產生的權杖來保護,使得它只能供具有原始文件庫或儲存位置權限的使用者存取。Access to content in private origins is secured with dynamically generated tokens so it can only be accessed by users with permissions to the original document library or storage location. Office 365 CDN 中的私人來源僅能用於 SharePoint Online 內容,並且您只能透過從您的 SharePoint Online 租用戶重新導向來存取資產。Private origins in the Office 365 CDN can only be used for SharePoint Online content, and you can only access assets through redirection from your SharePoint Online tenant.

Office 365 CDN 服務包含在 SharePoint Online 訂閱的一部分。The Office 365 CDN service is included as part of your SharePoint Online subscription.

如需如何使用 Office 365 CDN 的詳細資訊,請參閱 <使用 SharePoint Online 的 Office 365 內容傳遞網路。For more information about how to use the Office 365 CDN, see Use the Office 365 content delivery network with SharePoint Online.

其他 Microsoft CdnOther Microsoft CDNs

雖然不 CDN 將 Office 365 的一部分,您可以使用 Office 365 租用戶中的這些 Cdn 存取 SharePoint 開發文件庫、 自訂程式碼和 Office 365 CDN 的範圍以外的其他用途。Although not a part of the Office 365 CDN, you can use these CDNs in your Office 365 tenant for access to SharePoint development libraries, custom code and other purposes that fall outside the scope of the Office 365 CDN.

Azure CDNAzure CDN

您可以使用Azure CDN部署自己 CDN 的執行個體裝載自訂網頁組件、 文件庫和其他資源的資產,可讓您套用至您 CDN 儲存體的便捷鍵,並執行更能掌控 CDN 組態。You can use the Azure CDN to deploy your own CDN instance for hosting custom web parts, libraries and other resource assets, which allows you to apply access keys to your CDN storage and exert greater control over your CDN configuration. 使用 Azure CDN 釋出,並不需要 Azure 訂用帳戶。Use of the Azure CDN is not free, and requires an Azure subscription.

如需有關如何設定 Azure CDN 執行個體的詳細資訊,請參閱快速入門: 與 Azure CDN 整合 Azure 儲存體帳戶For more information on how to configure an Azure CDN instance, see Quickstart: Integrate an Azure storage account with Azure CDN.

如需如何使用 Azure CDN,主應用程式 SharePoint 網頁組件的範例,請參閱 < Deploy SharePoint 用戶端網頁組件至 Azure CDNFor an example of how the Azure CDN can be used to host SharePoint web parts, see Deploy your SharePoint client-side web part to Azure CDN.

如需 Azure CDN PowerShell 模組資訊,請參閱使用 PowerShell 管理 Azure CDNFor information about the Azure CDN PowerShell module, see Manage Azure CDN with PowerShell.

Microsoft 的 Ajax CDNMicrosoft Ajax CDN

Microsoft 的Ajax CDN是唯讀的 CDN 提供許多常用開發程式庫,包括 jQuery (及其所有的其他程式庫),ASP.NET Ajax、 Bootstrap、 Knockout.js,和其他人。Microsoft's Ajax CDN is a read-only CDN that offers many popular development libraries including jQuery (and all of its other libraries), ASP.NET Ajax, Bootstrap, Knockout.js, and others.

若要在專案中包含這些指令碼,只要取代任何這些公開提供的文件庫的參照的 CDN 地址,而不是包含在您本身的專案中的參照。To include these scripts in your project, simply replace any references to these publicly available libraries with references to the CDN address instead of including it in your project itself. 若要連結至 jQuery,例如,使用下列程式碼:For example, use the following code to link to jQuery:

<script src=http://ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/jquery-2.1.1.js> </script>

如需如何使用 Microsoft 的 Ajax CDN 的詳細資訊,請參閱 < Microsoft Ajax CDNFor more information about how to use the Microsoft Ajax CDN, see Microsoft Ajax CDN.

Office 365 如何使用從 CDN 的內容?How does Office 365 use content from a CDN?

不論您設定您的 Office 365 租用戶哪些 CDN,基本資料擷取程序都相同。Regardless of what CDN you configure for your Office 365 tenant, the basic data retrieval process is the same.

  1. 您的用戶端 (瀏覽器或 Office 用戶端應用程式) 要求的資料從 Office 365。Your client (a browser or Office client application) requests data from Office 365.

  2. Office 365 直接對您的用戶端中傳回的資料或是,如果資料屬於一組的 CDN 所主控的內容會 CDN URL 重新導向您的用戶端。Office 365 either returns the data directly to your client or, if the data is part of a set of content hosted by the CDN, redirects your client to the CDN URL.

    a.a. 如果尚未快取中資料_公用_的原點而言,您的用戶端會直接從最接近的 CDN 位置下載資料至您的用戶端中。If the data is already cached in a public origin, your client downloads the data directly from the nearest CDN location to your client.

    b.b. 如果尚未快取中資料_私用_的原點而言,CDN 服務會檢查原點的 Office 365 使用者帳戶的權限。If the data is already cached in a private origin, the CDN service checks your Office 365 user account's permissions on the origin. 如果您有權限,SharePoint Online 以動態方式產生 CDN 中資產的路徑和兩個存取權杖,所組成的自訂 URL 和自訂 URL 傳回至您的用戶端。If you have permissions, SharePoint Online dynamically generates a custom URL composed of the path to the asset in the CDN and two access tokens, and returns the custom URL to your client. 您的用戶端接著會下載直接從最接近的 CDN 位置資料用戶端使用自訂的 URL。Your client then downloads the data directly from the nearest CDN location to your client using the custom URL.

  3. 如果資料不在 CDN 快取,CDN 節點要求從 Office 365 的資料,並再為一段時間之後您的用戶端下載資料快取資料。If the data isn't cached at the CDN, the CDN node requests the data from Office 365 and then caches the data for a period of time after your client downloads the data.

CDN 找出最接近的資料中心到使用者的瀏覽器,並使用重新導向,從該處下載要求的資料。The CDN figures out the closest datacenter to the user's browser and, using redirection, downloads the requested data from there. CDN 重新導向快速,且可儲存使用者大量下載時間。CDN redirection is quick, and can save users a lot of download time.

如何應該設定我的網路以便 Cdn 運作起來最順暢與 Office 365?How should I set up my network so that CDNs work best with Office 365?

降低您的網路上的用戶端與 CDN 端點之間的延遲是確保最佳效能的重要考量。Minimizing latency between clients on your network and CDN endpoints is the key consideration for ensuring optimal performance. 您可以使用管理 Office 365 端點中所述的最佳作法以確保您的網路組態允許用戶端瀏覽器來存取 CDN 直接,而不是路由 CDN 流量透過管理中心的 proxy,以避免簡介不必要的延遲。You can use the best practices outlined in Managing Office 365 endpoints to ensure that your network configuration permits client browsers to access the CDN directly rather than routing CDN traffic through central proxies to avoid introducing unnecessary latency.

您也可以閱讀Office 365 網路連線原則來了解 Office 365 網路效能最佳化的概念。You can also read Office 365 Network Connectivity Principles to understand the concepts behind optimizing Office 365 network performance.

是否有 Office 365 使用的所有 Cdn 的清單?Is there a list of all the CDNs that Office 365 uses?

使用 Office 365 Cdn 永遠都會受到變更,並在許多情況下,有多個 CDN 合作夥伴設定事件中其中一個已無法使用。The CDNs in use by Office 365 are always subject to change and in many cases there are multiple CDN partners configured in the event one is unavailable. 主要是由 Office 365 的 Cdn:The primary CDNs used by Office 365 are:

CDNCDN CompanyCompany UsageUsage 連結Link
Office 365 CDNOffice 365 CDN AkamaiAkamai 在公用的原點,私人原點的 SharePoint 使用者內容中的一般資產Generic assets in public origins, SharePoint user content in private origins 使用 SharePoint Online 中使用 Office 365 內容傳遞網路Use the Office 365 content delivery network with SharePoint Online
Azure CDNAzure CDN MicrosoftMicrosoft 自訂程式碼,SharePoint 架構解決方案Custom code, SharePoint Framework solutions Microsoft Azure CDNMicrosoft Azure CDN
Microsoft 的 Ajax CDN (唯讀)Microsoft Ajax CDN (read only) MicrosoftMicrosoft 常見的文件庫的 Ajax,jQuery,ASP.NET、 Bootstrap Knockout.js 等等。Common libraries for Ajax, jQuery, ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Knockout.js etc. Microsoft 的 Ajax CDNMicrosoft Ajax CDN

提升何種效能沒有 CDN 提供嗎?What performance gains does a CDN provide?

有許多因素參與測量特定直接從 Office 365 下載的資料之間的效能差異和下載從特定的 CDN,您的位置,相對於您的租用戶和至最接近的 CDN 端點,例如數目的資料資產頁面上的,會由 CDN,以及暫時性變更網路延遲和頻寬。There are many factors involved in measuring specific differences in performance between data downloaded directly from Office 365 and data downloaded from a specific CDN, such as your location relative to your tenant and to the nearest CDN endpoint, the number of assets on a page that are served by the CDN, and transient changes in network latency and bandwidth. 不過,簡單的 A / B 測試可協助以顯示特定檔案下載時間的差異。However, a simple A/B test can help to show the difference in download time for a specific file.

下列螢幕擷取畫面會說明在 Office 365 中的原生檔案位置和裝載於Microsoft Ajax 內容傳遞網路上的相同檔案之間的差異下載速度。The following screen shots illustrate the difference in download speed between the native file location in Office 365 and the same file hosted on the Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network. 下列螢幕擷取畫面會從 Internet Explorer 11 開發人員工具中的 [網路] 索引標籤。These screen shots are from the Network tab in the Internet Explorer 11 developer tools. 下列螢幕擷取畫面顯示常用的文件庫 jQuery 延遲。These screen shots show the latency on the popular library jQuery. 若要以相反此畫面中,Internet Explorer 中,按F12並選取 Wi-fi 圖示來表示 [網路] 索引標籤。To bring up this screen, in Internet Explorer, press F12 and select the Network tab which is symbolized with a Wi-Fi icon.

F12 網路的螢幕擷取畫面

這個螢幕擷取畫面顯示文件庫上傳至主版頁面圖庫,SharePoint Online 網站本身。This screen shot shows the library uploaded to the master page gallery on the SharePoint Online site itself. 上傳文件庫所花的時間為 1.51 秒。The time it took to upload the library is 1.51 seconds.

載入時間為 1.51 秒的螢幕擷取畫面

第二個螢幕擷取畫面顯示由 Microsoft 傳遞的相同檔案 CDN。The second screen shot shows the same file delivered by Microsoft's CDN. 這段時間延遲是大約 496 毫秒。This time the latency is around 496 milliseconds. 這是較大型的改善,並顯示整個第二個 shaved 關閉下載物件的總時間。This is a large improvement and shows that a whole second is shaved off the total time to download the object.

載入時間為 469 毫秒的螢幕擷取畫面

為我的資料安全嗎?Is my data safe?

我們要保護的資料執行貴公司的非常小心。We take great care to protect the data that runs your business. 傳輸中和 rest、 加密 CDN 將 Office 365 中儲存的資料,並在 Office 365 SharePoint CDN 中資料的存取受到 Office 365 使用者權限和權杖的授權。Data stored in the Office 365 CDN is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and access to data in the Office 365 SharePoint CDN is secured by Office 365 user permissions and token authorization. 在 Office 365 SharePoint CDN 資料要求必須參照 (重新導向) 從您的 Office 365 租用戶或將不會產生的授權權杖。Requests for data in the Office 365 SharePoint CDN must be referred (redirected) from your Office 365 tenant or an authorization token will not be generated.

若要確保您的資料會保持安全,我們建議您永遠不會儲存在使用者的內容或其他敏感資料在公用 CDN。To ensure that your data remains secure, we recommend that you never store user content or other sensitive data in a public CDN. 存取公用 CDN 中的資料為匿名,因為公用 Cdn 應該只用於主控 web 指令碼檔案、 圖示、 圖像及其他非機密資產之類的一般內容。Because access to data in a public CDN is anonymous, public CDNs should only be used to host generic content such as web script files, icons, images and other non-sensitive assets.


3rd 廠商 CDN 提供者可能會有不同於所述的 Office 365 信任中心的承諾的隱私權和法規遵循標準。3rd party CDN providers may have privacy and compliance standards that differ from the commitments outlined by the Office 365 Trust Center. 透過 CDN 服務快取的資料可能不符合到 Microsoft 資料處理合約 (DPT),且可能會在 Office 365 信任中心合規性界限之外。Data cached through the CDN service may not conform to the Microsoft Data Processing Terms (DPT), and may be outside of the Office 365 Trust Center compliance boundaries.

深入資訊的隱私權和資料保護 Office 365 CDN 提供者的詳細資訊,請造訪下列各項:For in-depth information about privacy and data protection for Office 365 CDN providers, visit the following:

如何保護我的網路,具有所有這些 3rd 廠商服務?How can I secure my network with all these 3rd party services?

利用廣泛的協力廠商服務可讓 Office 365 擴充和符合可用性需求,以及使用 Office 365 時強化使用者體驗。Leveraging an extensive set of partner services allows Office 365 to scale and meet availability requirements as well as enhance the user experience when using Office 365. Office 365 採用 3rd 廠商服務包含兩個憑證撤銷清單;例如 crl.microsoft.com 或 sa.symcb.com 和 Cdn;例如 r3.res.outlook.com。The 3rd party services Office 365 leverages include both certificate revocation lists; such as crl.microsoft.com or sa.symcb.com, and CDNs; such as r3.res.outlook.com. 每個 Office 365 所產生的 CDN FQDN 是 Office 365 自訂 FQDN。Every CDN FQDN generated by Office 365 is a custom FQDN for Office 365. 如果您正在傳送到 Office 365 要求的 FQDN 您可以確保 CDN 提供者控制 FQDN 並在該位置的基礎內容。If you're sent to a FQDN at the request of Office 365 you can be assured that the CDN provider controls the FQDN and the underlying content at that location.

客戶,要隔離目的地要求目的地為 3rd 廠商,從 Microsoft 或 Office 365 資料中心的要求我們已在管理 Office 365 端點上寫向上指引。For customers that want to segregate requests destined for a Microsoft or Office 365 datacenter from requests that are destined for a 3rd party, we've written up guidance on Managing Office 365 endpoints.

是否有利用 Cdn 的所有 Fqdn 的清單?Is there a list of all the FQDNs that leverage CDNs?

Fqdn 的清單,以及它們如何運用 Cdn 變更一段時間。The list of FQDNs and how they leverage CDNs change over time. 我們已發佈之參照可以利用 Cdn 的最新 Fqdn 取得最新的Office 365 Url 和 IP 位址範圍] 頁面。Refer to our published Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges page to get up to date on the latest FQDNs that leverage CDNs.

您也可以使用Office 365 IP 位址和 URL Web 服務要求的目前 Office 365 Url 和 IP 位址範圍格式化為 CSV 或 JSON。You can also use the Office 365 IP Address and URL Web service to request the current Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges formatted as CSV or JSON.

可以在我的區域網路使用我自己 CDN 及快取的內容?Can I use my own CDN and cache content on my local network?

我們不斷正在尋找新的方法來支援我們的客戶的需求,目前瀏覽使用快取 proxy 解決方案和其他在內部部署 CDN 解決方案。We're continually looking for new ways to support our customers needs and are currently exploring the use of caching proxy solutions and other on-premises CDN solutions.

雖然不 CDN 將 Office 365 的一部分,您也可以使用Azure CDN主控自訂網頁組件、 文件庫及其他資源的資產,可讓您套用至您 CDN 儲存體的便捷鍵,並執行更能掌控 CDN 組態。Although it is not a part of the Office 365 CDN, you can also use the Azure CDN for hosting custom web parts, libraries and other resource assets, which allows you to apply access keys to your CDN storage and exert greater control over your CDN configuration. 使用 Azure CDN 釋出,並不需要 Azure 訂用帳戶。Use of the Azure CDN is not free, and requires an Azure subscription. 如需有關如何設定 Azure CDN 執行個體的詳細資訊,請參閱快速入門: 與 Azure CDN 整合 Azure 儲存體帳戶For more information on how to configure an Azure CDN instance, see Quickstart: Integrate an Azure storage account with Azure CDN.

我使用 Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365,不會變更事項嗎?I'm using Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365, does that change things?

Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365提供從公用的網際網路專用的連線隔離的 Office 365 基礎結構。Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 provides a dedicated connection to Office 365 infrastructure that is segregated from the public internet. 這表示用戶端仍將需要透過非 ExpressRoute 連線以連線到 Cdn 和其他 Microsoft 基礎結構,不明確包含清單中的 ExpressRoute 所支援的服務連線。This means that clients will still need to connect over non-ExpressRoute connections to connect to CDNs and other Microsoft infrastructure that is not explicitly included in the list of services supported by ExpressRoute. 如需如何路由傳送特定的流量,例如要求目的地 Cdn 的詳細資訊,請參閱管理 Office 365 網路流量For more information about how to route specific traffic such as requests destined for CDNs, refer to Office 365 network traffic management.

可以使用 Cdn 與 SharePoint Server 內部部署嗎?Can I use CDNs with SharePoint Server on-premises?

使用 Cdn 僅合理的 SharePoint Online 內容中,但應避免使用,與 SharePoint Server。Using CDNs only makes sense in a SharePoint Online context and should be avoided with SharePoint Server. 這是因為所有周圍的地理位置的優點不保留 true 是表示如果伺服器是位於的內部或地理位置還是關閉。This is because all of the advantages around geographic location do not hold true if the server is located on-premises or geographically close anyway. 此外,如果沒有網路連線至架設所在的伺服器,然後網站可能使用的網際網路連線並因此無法擷取 CDN 檔案。Additionally, if there is a network connection to the servers where it's hosted, then the site may be used without an Internet connection and therefore cannot retrieve the CDN files. 否則,您應該使用 CDN,如果沒有一個可用,而且您的網站需要穩定的文件庫和檔案。Otherwise, you should use a CDN if there is one available and stable for the library and files you need for your site.

您可以使用下列短連結返回這裡:https://aka.ms/o365cdnsHere's a short link you can use to come back: https://aka.ms/o365cdns

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