Contoso 的 IT 基礎結構與需求Contoso's IT infrastructure and needs

摘要:了解 Contoso 的基本結構內部 IT 基礎結構和如何其商務需要可符合由 Microsoft cloud 方案。Summary: Understand the basic structure of Contoso's on-premises IT infrastructure and how its business needs can be met by Microsoft's cloud offerings.

Contoso 正從內部部署轉換、 至雲端 (含) 的一個納入雲端式個人產能工作量、 應用程式以及混合式案例的集中式的 IT 基礎結構。Contoso is in the process of transitioning from an on-premises, centralized IT infrastructure to a cloud-inclusive one that incorporates cloud-based personal productivity workloads, applications, and hybrid scenarios.

Contoso 現有的 IT 基礎結構Contoso's existing IT infrastructure

Contoso 使用多半集中式內部 IT 基礎結構與 Paris headquarters 中的應用程式資料中心。Contoso uses a mostly centralized on-premises IT infrastructure, with application datacenters in the Paris headquarters.

圖 1: Contoso 的現有 IT 基礎結構Figure 1: Contoso's existing IT infrastructure

Contoso 現有的 IT 基礎結構

圖 1 顯示 headquarters office 應用程式資料中心、 DMZ 與網際網路。Figure 1 shows a headquarters office with application datacenters, a DMZ, and the Internet.

在 [Contoso 的 DMZ 不同的伺服器集提供:In Contoso's DMZ, different sets of servers provide:

  • 遠端存取 contoso 公司內部網路和網頁代理 Paris headquarters 的工作者。Remote access to the Contoso intranet and web proxying for workers in the Paris headquarters.

  • 架設 Contoso 公用網站中,從哪些客戶可以排序產品、 組件、 或供應。Hosting for the Contoso public web site, from which customers can order products, parts, or supplies.

  • 架設 Contoso 合作夥伴外部合作夥伴的通訊與共同作業。Hosting for the Contoso partner extranet for partner communication and collaboration.

Contoso 的業務需求Contoso's business needs

以下是會依照優先順序 Contoso 的業務需求:Here are Contoso's business needs in priority order:

  1. 遵守區域法規需求Adhere to regional regulatory requirements

    若要防止罰並維持與本機政府良好的關係,請 Contoso 必須確定遵守資料儲存區與加密規定。To prevent fines and maintain good relations with local governments, Contoso must ensure compliance with data storage and encryption regulations.

  2. 改善廠商和協力廠商的管理Improve vendor and partner management

    合作夥伴外部已過時且最耗費成本來維護。Contoso 想要取代使用同盟的驗證的雲端架構解決方案。The partner extranet is aging and expensive to maintain. Contoso wants to replace it with a cloud-based solution that uses federated authentication.

  3. 改善行動工作團隊的生產力、 裝置管理和存取Improve mobile workforce productivity, device management, and access

    Contoso 的僅限行動工作團隊會展開並需要裝置管理可確保財產保護及更有效率資源的存取權。Contoso's mobile-only workforce is expanding and needs device management to ensure intellectual property protection and more efficient access to resources.

  4. 減少遠端存取基礎結構Reduce remote access infrastructure

    移至雲端的遠端工作者常存取的資源,Contoso 將儲存 money 降低其遠端存取解決方案維護和支援成本。By moving resources commonly accessed by remote workers to the cloud, Contoso will save money by reducing maintenance and support costs for their remote access solution.

  5. 向內部部署資料中心下向內Scale down on-premises datacenters

    Contoso 資料中心都包含數百個部份只會執行影響 IT 人員從維護高的商務值工作負載的舊版或封存功能的伺服器。The Contoso datacenters contain hundreds of servers, some of which are running legacy or archival functions that distract IT staff from maintaining high business value workloads.

  6. 結束一季處理的向外延展運算和儲存資源Scale-up computing and storage resources for end-of-quarter processing

    結束一季財務會計和預測處理以及庫存管理需要短期增加伺服器及存放區。End-of-quarter financial accounting and projection processing along with inventory management requires short-term increases in servers and storage.

對應 Contoso 的商務需要 Microsoft cloud 方案Mapping Contoso's business needs to Microsoft's cloud offerings

根據 Microsoft cloud 方案,Contoso 的分析的 IT 部門會決定下列對應:Based on an analysis of Microsoft's cloud offerings, Contoso's IT department determined the following mapping:

軟體即服務 (SaaS)Software as a Service (SaaS) 以服務 (Azure PaaS) 的平台Platform as a Service (Azure PaaS ) 基礎架構以服務 (Azure IaaS)Infrastructure as a Service (Azure IaaS )
Office 365:在雲端中主要個人及群組的產能應用程式。Office 365: Primary personal and group productivity applications in the cloud.
業務需求: 1 3 5Business needs: 1 3 5
主控銷售和支援文件並使用雲端應用程式的資訊系統。Host sales and support documents and information systems using cloud-based apps.
業務需求: 3Business need: 3
將封存與舊版系統移至雲端架構的伺服器。Move archival and legacy systems to cloud-based servers.
業務需求: 5Business need: 5
Dynamics 365:使用雲端式客戶與廠商管理。移除網路 DMZ 中的協力廠商。Dynamics 365: Use cloud-based customer and vendor management. Remove partner extranet in the DMZ.
業務需求: 2Business need: 2
行動應用程式的雲端式而不是 Paris 資料中心架構。Mobile applications are cloud-based, rather than Paris datacenter-based.
業務需求: 3 4Business needs: 3 4
移轉使用率低的應用程式和不在內部部署資料中心的資料。Migrate low-use apps and data out of on-premises datacenters.
業務需求: 5Business need: 5
Intune/EMS:管理 iOS 及 Android 裝置。Intune/EMS: Manage iOS and Android devices.
業務需求: 3Business need: 3
新增暫時伺服器和結束一季處理需求的儲存空間。Add temporary servers and storage for end-of-quarter processing needs.
商務需要: 6Business need: 6

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