適用於小型企業的 OneDrive 快速入門指南OneDrive QuickStart guide for small businesses

Microsoft OneDrive 是一種強大但便於使用的雲端儲存平臺,適用于小型企業、企業及兩者之間的一切。Microsoft OneDrive is a robust but simple-to-use cloud storage platform for small businesses, enterprises, and everything in between. 不同於其他雲端儲存體提供者,每個訂閱類型都會提供 OneDrive 中大部分以企業為主的進階功能,使組織能夠以最有利於他們的方式使用 OneDrive。Unlike other cloud storage providers, most of the advanced enterprise-focused features in OneDrive are available for every subscription type, enabling organizations to use OneDrive in whatever way benefits them the most. 本指南著重的部署和組態選項,最適合希望使用 OneDrive 的小型企業。This guide focuses on the deployment and configuration options that make the most sense for small businesses looking to use OneDrive. 在這裡,這些組織可以選取所需的任何額外管理功能。From there, these organizations can select whatever additional management capabilities they require. 如需完整部署指南,其中包含其他部署、設定及管理 OneDrive 的方法,請參閱適用於企業的 OneDrive 指南For the full deployment guide, which contains other methods of deploying, configuring, and managing OneDrive, see OneDrive guide for enterprises.

OneDrive 快速入門Getting started with OneDrive

即使是最大的企業,OneDrive 也是很有效的,但它仍然具有小型且易於實作的磁碟使用量,小型企業可加以善用。OneDrive is effective in even the largest enterprises, but it still has a small, easy-to-implement footprint that small businesses can take advantage of. 畢竟,小型企業通常由於裝置故障而丟失檔案的風險最高,因為只有少數小型企業會關注集中儲存和備份。After all, small businesses are often at highest risk for losing files on failed devices because few are concerned with centralized storage and backups. 不過,使用 OneDrive,小型企業可以保護檔案安全,而且您的使用者可以輕鬆地從其所有裝置存取它們。By using OneDrive, however, your small business can keep files safe, and your users can easily access them from all their devices.

若要開始使用 OneDrive,請遵循下列步驟:To get started with OneDrive, follow these steps:

  1. 檢閱基本 OneDrive 資訊。Review basic OneDrive information. 開始檢閱 OneDrive 說明中心提供的 OneDrive 簡介資訊。Start by reviewing the introductory OneDrive information available at the OneDrive help center. 您將會收到許多問題的答案,包括 OneDrive 經驗及其運作方式。You'll get answers to many of your questions, including the OneDrive experience and how it works.

  2. 設定 Microsoft Office 365 訂閱。Set up a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. 您必須將訂閱設定為使用 OneDrive,但不需要購買 Microsoft 365 套件中的所有應用程式。You must set up a subscription to use OneDrive, but you aren't required to purchase all the applications in the Microsoft 365 suite. 若要開始,請依照 設定 Microsoft 365 應用程式商務用應用程式中的步驟進行。To get started, follow the steps in Set up Microsoft 365 Apps for business.

  3. 新增 OneDrive 授權。Add OneDrive licenses. 請參閱 比較 OneDrive 方案中的計畫選項,然後新增您需要的授權。Review your plan options in Compare OneDrive plans, and then add the licenses you need.

當您完成這些工作之後,就可以規劃、部署及設定 OneDrive 同步處理應用程式和應用程式。When you've completed these tasks, you're ready to plan for, deploy, and configure the OneDrive sync app and applications. 若要這樣做,請完成下列三個簡單步驟:To do that, complete these three simple steps:

  1. 規劃採用。Plan for adoption. 對於小型企業,規劃使用者採用可以很簡單,就是個別向使用者展示如何使用 OneDrive。For small businesses, planning for user adoption can be as simple as individually showing your users how to use OneDrive. 通常,small business 客戶不會將此步驟視為新的應用程式,而且可能會對應用程式的成功造成負面影響。Often, small business customers don't consider this step for new applications, and that can negatively affect the application's success. 採用 OneDrive 一節提供如何採用 OneDrive 的有用資源。The section Adopt OneDrive provides helpful resources for OneDrive adoption.

  2. 安裝和設定。Install and configure. 同步處理 App 適用於 Windows 和 macOS 作業系統,提供使用者與其檔案進行互動的順暢體驗。Sync app are available for the Windows and macOS operating systems that provide a seamless experience for users interacting with their files. 大多數的小型企業都是在使用者的裝置上安裝 sync 應用程式,然後再考慮 OneDrive 行動應用程式。Most small businesses start by installing the sync app on their users' devices, and then consider the OneDrive mobile apps later. 事實上,您的裝置上可能已有 OneDrive 用戶端。In fact, you may already have the OneDrive client on your devices. 執行 Windows 10 作業系統的裝置,以及執行 Windows 或具有 Microsoft Office 2016 或更新版本的 macOS 裝置,已有 OneDrive 同步處理 App。Devices running the Windows 10 operating system and devices running Windows or macOS with Microsoft Office 2016 or later will have the OneDrive sync app already. 如需如何安裝和設定 OneDrive 同步處理 App 和行動 App 的詳細資訊,請參閱安裝和設定 OneDrive 一節。For information about how to install and configure the OneDrive sync app and mobile apps, see the section Install and configure OneDrive.

  3. 管理 OneDrive。Manage OneDrive. 對於眾多小型企業來說,管理 OneDrive 是選擇性的。For many small businesses, managing OneDrive is optional. 您可以只安裝和設定 OneDrive,並保留它。You could simply install and configure OneDrive and leave it at that. 不過,如果您想要使用 OneDrive 的進階功能,或新增裝置共用或存取限制,您可以在 OneDrive 系統管理中心輕鬆地管理這些和其他設定。If you want to use advanced features of OneDrive or add device sharing or access restrictions, however, you can easily manage those and other settings in the OneDrive admin center. 如需管理 OneDrive 的詳細資訊,請參閱管理 OneDrive一節。For more information about managing OneDrive, see the section Manage OneDrive.

適用於小型企業的重要 OneDrive 功能Key OneDrive features for small businesses

不同於大部分其他雲端儲存體提供者,OneDrive 不僅可為小型企業提供耐用的現成功能,還可提供大部分的進階功能。Unlike most other cloud storage providers, OneDrive not only provides robust features to small businesses out of the box, but it also makes most of its advanced features available to them. 這讓小型企業可以根據其組織需求彈性使用進階功能。This gives small businesses the flexibility to use advanced features based on the needs of their organization.

本節中列出的功能可解決常見的客戶問題或特定合規性需求,或提供只能在 OneDrive 使用的獨特功能。The features listed in this section address common customer concerns or specific compliance requirements, or provide unique functionality available only in OneDrive. 如需 OneDrive 方案所提供的完整功能清單,請參閱 Microsoft OneDriveFor a full list of features available across OneDrive plans, see Microsoft OneDrive.


本節中的資訊僅供參考,不需要安裝和使用 OneDrive。The information in this section is for awareness purposes only and is not required to install and use OneDrive.

OneDrive 檔案隨選OneDrive Files On-Demand

OneDrive 檔案隨選可讓使用者在 [檔案總管] 內檢視、搜尋 OneDrive 中儲存的檔案,並與這些檔案互動,而不需將所有檔案下載至他們的裝置。OneDrive Files On-Demand enables users to view, search for, and interact with files stored in OneDrive from within File Explorer, without downloading all the files to their device. 此功能提供 OneDrive 和本機檔案的無縫外觀及操作,而不會佔用本機硬碟上的空間。The feature provides a seamless look and feel for both OneDrive and local files without taking up space on the local hard drive. 如下列螢幕擷取畫面所示,未下載的檔案有一個雲端圖示,表示其狀態。As shown in the following screenshot, files that have not been downloaded have a cloud icon for their status. 對於已下載的檔案,狀態會顯示綠色的核取記號。For those files that have been downloaded, the status shows a green checkmark.

Windows 檔案總管的螢幕擷取畫面,其中具有一些已下載的 OneDrive 檔案,以及只在雲端中的檔案

根據預設,只在您需要存取檔案時,才會下載它們。By default, files are downloaded only when you need to access them. 不過,如果您計劃要在與網際網路中斷連線時存取檔案,則只需按一下滑鼠右鍵,然後選取 [永遠保留在此裝置上],讓檔案可供離線使用。However, if you plan to access a file while disconnected from the internet, simply make the file available offline by right-clicking it, and then selecting Always keep on this device. 或者,如果您想要釋放裝置上的可用空間,並移除已下載的檔案複本,請以滑鼠右鍵按一下檔案,然後選取 [釋放空間]。Alternatively, if you want to free space on your device and remove the downloaded copy of a file, right-click the file, and then select Free up space. 下列螢幕擷取畫面顯示執行 Windows 的裝置上,其 OneDrive 檔案的快顯功能表。The following screenshot shows the right-click menu for OneDrive files on a device running Windows.

OneDrive 快顯功能表的螢幕擷取畫面,其中有 [永遠保留在此裝置上] 和 [釋放空間] 的選項

如需 OneDrive 檔案隨選的詳細資訊,請參閱了解 OneDrive 檔案隨選For more information about OneDrive Files On-Demand, see Learn about OneDrive Files On-Demand.

新式附件Modern attachments

OneDrive 會整合 Microsoft Outlook,可讓出現的 OneDrive 檔案就像電子郵件附件一般可以輕鬆地共用。OneDrive integrates with Microsoft Outlook to enable easy sharing of OneDrive files that appear just like email attachments. 這項功能提供熟悉的共用體驗,但將附件集中儲存在 OneDrive 中。This feature provides a familiar sharing experience but centralizes storage of attachments in OneDrive. 這可讓您的使用者在相同檔案上共同作業,而不是在電子郵件中來回傳送不同的版本。This allows your users to all collaborate on the same file instead of sending different versions back and forth in email. 此外,您也可以直接從 Outlook 用戶端內設定檔案的共用權限。In addition, you can configure sharing permissions on the files directly from within the Outlook client.

Outlook 的螢幕擷取畫面,其中具有新式附件,以及顯示權限選項的右鍵功能表

為了減少使用者在選擇將複本新增至 OneDrive 檔案與將連結附加至其中時出現混淆的可能性,您可以設定 Outlook 用戶端的預設行為,其示範在當您在 Outlook 2016 中附加檔案時如何控制預設附件狀態 中。To reduce the potential for confusion when users choose to add a copy versus a link to attached OneDrive files, you can set the default behavior of the Outlook client, as demonstrated in How to control default attachment state when you attach a cloud file in Outlook 2016.

檔案還原Files Restore

OneDrive 檔案還原功能可讓使用者將檔案還原到過去 30 天的任何一點。The OneDrive Files Restore feature lets users restore files to any point over the past 30 days. 為了選取所需的復原時間,OneDrive 會呈現長條圖,其中顯示檔案活動,讓您可以判定哪個復原時間符合您的需求。To select the desired recovery time, OneDrive presents you with a histogram that shows file activity so that you can determine which recovered time meets your needs. 在這裡,只需選取要還原至其中的檔案歷程記錄項目,然後就會復原該點之後的所有變更。From there, simply select the file history entry to which you want to restore, and all changes after that point will be rolled back.

Microsoft 365 中 [還原我的 OneDrive] 頁面的螢幕擷取畫面

此外,因為長條圖會顯示檔案上的個別活動,所以您可以使用此功能快速查看檔案的修改歷程記錄。In addition, because the histogram shows individual activity on a file, you can use this feature to quickly view your files' modification history. 如需此功能的詳細資訊,請參閱還原您的 OneDriveFor more information about this feature, see Restore your OneDrive.

資源回收桶Recycle bin

OneDrive 的資源回收筒與 Windows 桌面上提供的資源回收筒類似。刪除的檔案會移至資源回收筒,並保留一段指定時間後才會永久刪除。若為工作或學校帳戶,刪除的檔案會在 93 天之後清除,除非另有設定。如需資源回收筒如何運作的示範,請參閱還原 OneDrive 中刪除的檔案或資料夾OneDrive has a recycle bin similar to the one available on the Windows desktop. Deleted files are moved to the recycle bin and kept for a designated time before being permanently deleted. For work or school accounts, deleted files are purged after 93 days unless configured otherwise. For a demonstration of how the recycle bin works, see Restore deleted files or folders in OneDrive.

已知資料夾移動Known Folder Move

已知資料夾移動可讓使用者能夠選取 Windows 已知資料夾 (例如其桌面、文件或圖片),以自動同步至 OneDrive。Known Folder Move enables users to select Windows known folders, such as their desktop, Documents, or Pictures, to automatically synchronize to OneDrive. 可在初始設定 OneDrive 期間或在設定它之後新增此功能。You can add this feature during the initial setup of OneDrive or after it has been configured. 此功能提供簡單的移轉選項,供使用者將已知資料夾新增至其現有的同步處理資料夾清單。This capability provides a simple migration option for users looking to add known folders to their existing list of synchronized folders. 如需已知資料夾移動的詳細資訊,請參閱將您的檔案儲存至 OneDrive 來保護它們For more information about Known Folder Move, see Protect your files by saving them to OneDrive.

採用 OneDriveAdopt OneDrive

使用者採用對於任何新應用程式的整體成功至關重要。User adoption is important to the overall success of any new application. 理想情況下,若要覺得您已在 Office 365 和 OneDrive 獲取最大投資效益,您需要使用者與它們充分互動。Ideally, to feel that you have maximized your investment in Office 365 and OneDrive, you need to maximize user engagement with them. 在小型企業中,促進使用者採用的方式可以像是在安裝使用者時 OneDrive,或在 Office 365 培訓中心上顯示任何可用的影片時,簡單。For small businesses, driving user adoption can be as simple as introducing users to OneDrive when you're installing it or showing them any of the videos available at the Office 365 Training Center.

個人顯示您的使用者如何在 OneDrive 中儲存及共用檔,這通常是促進採用的最有效選項,假設您有可能會執行手動安裝。Personally showing your users how to save and share documents in OneDrive tends to be the most effective option for driving adoption, given that you'll likely be performing manual installations. 小型企業的主要價值主張是檔案可用性和備援。The primary value proposition for small businesses is file availability and redundancy. 儲存在本機儲存體的文件可能會由於裝置而遺失,而儲存至 OneDrive 的文件則不會。A document saved on local storage can be lost with a device; a document saved to OneDrive cannot. 只要與您的使用者進行這項討論,再結合示範應用程式的易用性,便可促進取得這項工作的積極結果。Simply having this discussion with your users beforehand, coupled with demonstrating the application's ease of use, can drive positive outcomes for this effort.

如需更正式 Microsoft 365 使用者採用策略的詳細資訊,請參閱 Microsoft 365 使用者採用指南For information about a more formal Microsoft 365 user adoption strategy, see the Microsoft 365 End User Adoption Guide. 如需透過類似的更正式程序推動使用者互動的詳細資訊,請參閱 Office 365 使用者互動的成功要素For more information about driving user engagement through a similar, more formal process, see Success Factors for Office 365 End User Engagement. 您也可以在推動採用技術社群中參與或評論與採用相關的想法。You can also contribute to or comment on adoption-related ideas in the Driving Adoption Tech Community.

安裝和設定 OneDrive AppInstall and set up OneDrive apps

您可以從網頁瀏覽器上傳、下載 OneDrive 檔案,以及與這些檔案進行互動,但理想的 OneDrive 體驗來自 Windows 和 Mac 同步處理 App,以及 iOS 和 Android 行動裝置 App。You can upload, download, and interact with your OneDrive files from a web browser, but the ideal OneDrive experience comes from the Windows and Mac sync apps and the iOS and Android mobile apps. 使用這些用戶端和 App,將檔案儲存到 OneDrive 並與其互動,遠比您每次需要某些內容就造訪網站更為輕鬆。With these clients and apps, saving files to OneDrive and interacting with them is much easier than visiting a website each time you need something. 透過此使用體驗,您可以無縫地將 OneDrive 整合至您現有的檔案互動體驗。Through this experience, you can seamlessly integrate OneDrive into your existing file interaction experiences.

您可以在任何支援的裝置上安裝 OneDrive。You can install OneDrive on any supported device. 對於小型企業來說,手動安裝通常最適合。For small businesses, manual installations typically make the most sense. 對於某些裝置來說,安裝程序可能如同從 App Store 安裝應用程式一樣簡單。For some devices, the installation process may be as simple as installing an app from the app store. 對於其他裝置來說,首先您可能需要刪除舊版的 OneDrive。For others, you may need to delete older versions of OneDrive first. 本節會逐步引導您在 iOS 和 Android 行動裝置、Windows 裝置和執行 macOS 的電腦上安裝和設定 OneDrive。This section walks you through the installation and configuration of OneDrive on iOS and Android mobile devices, Windows devices, and computers running macOS. 您可能不需要在所有這些平台上安裝 OneDrive,取決於您組織中使用的裝置。You may not need to install OneDrive on all these platforms, depending on the devices used in your organization.

大多數的小型企業會從在使用者的 Windows 和 macOS 裝置上安裝 OneDrive 同步處理應用程式開始,然後再考慮 OneDrive 行動應用程式。Most small businesses start by installing the OneDrive sync app on users' Windows and macOS devices, and then consider the OneDrive mobile apps afterwards. 在開始使用之前,您不需要在所有裝置上安裝及設定 OneDrive。You don't need to install and configure OneDrive on all your devices before you start using it.

在 Windows 裝置上安裝和設定同步處理 AppInstall and configure the sync app on a Windows device

如果您的 Windows 裝置具有 Office 2016 或 Windows 10,則它已有 OneDrive 同步處理 App。If your Windows device has either Office 2016 or Windows 10, it already has the OneDrive sync app.

若為執行舊版 Windows 的裝置,或未安裝 Office 2016 的裝置,您可以從 https://onedrive.live.com/about/download 下載 Windows 版 OneDrive 同步處理 App。For devices running older versions of Windows or on which Office 2016 is not installed, you can download the OneDrive sync app for Windows from https://onedrive.live.com/about/download.


如果裝置具有舊版的 sync 應用程式,當您安裝新版本時,系統會要求您加以卸載。If the device has an older version of the sync app, you'll be asked to uninstall it when you install the new one.

設定適用於 Windows 的 OneDrive 很簡單,但是如果您想要查看示範例,請參閱在 Windows 中使用 OneDrive 同步應用程式來同步處理檔案Configuring OneDrive for Windows is simple, but if you want to see a demonstration, see Sync files with the OneDrive sync app in Windows

在 macOS 裝置上安裝和設定 OneDriveInstall and configure OneDrive on a macOS device

若要在執行 macOS 的電腦上安裝 OneDrive 同步處理 App,只需遵循在 Mac OS X 上使用 OneDrive 同步處理 App 同步處理檔案中所述的步驟。安裝體驗與 Windows 類似。To install the OneDrive sync app on a computer running macOS, just follow the steps in Sync files with the OneDrive sync app on Mac OS X. The setup experience is similar to that for Windows. 如需 macOS 上 OneDrive 的詳細資訊,請參閱Mac 版 OneDrive - 常見問題集For more information about OneDrive on macOS, see OneDrive for Mac – FAQ.

在行動裝置上安裝和設定 OneDriveInstall and configure OneDrive on a mobile device

在行動裝置上安裝 OneDrive 應用程式很簡單:在任何 Android、iOS 或 Windows 行動裝置上,從 App Store 下載應用程式。Installing the OneDrive app on a mobile device is simple: download the app from the app store on any Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device. 如果您想要更進一步簡化手動安裝程序,請移至 https://onedrive.live.com/about/download ,然後輸入裝置的行動電話號碼,您想要在此裝置上安裝 OneDrive。If you want to simplify the manual installation process even further, go to https://onedrive.live.com/about/download and enter the mobile phone number of the device on which you want to install OneDrive. Microsoft 會將文字訊息傳送至行動裝置,並提供裝置應用程式存放區中 app 的連結。Microsoft will send a text message to the mobile device with a link to the app in the device's app store. 安裝完成後,請開啟應用程式並回應提示來啟動設定程序。Once installed, start the configuration process by opening the app and responding to the prompts.

若要了解如何在 iOS 裝置的 OneDrive 中執行工作,請參閱在 iOS 上使用 OneDriveTo learn how to perform tasks in OneDrive on an iOS device, see Use OneDrive on iOS.

若要瞭解如何在 Android 裝置上的 OneDrive 執行工作,請參閱在 android 上使用 OneDriveTo learn how to perform tasks in OneDrive on an Android device, see Use OneDrive on Android.

管理 OneDriveManage OneDrive

許多小型企業會在不變更任何選項的情況下使用 OneDrive。Many small businesses use OneDrive without changing any of the options.

如果想要將一些基本裝置和共用限制新增至 OneDrive,您可以使用 OneDrive 系統管理中心。If you want to add some basic device and sharing restrictions to OneDrive, you can use the OneDrive admin center. 若要存取新的 OneDrive 系統管理中心,請移至 https://admin.onedrive.com。To access the new OneDrive admin center, go to https://admin.onedrive.com. 在這裡,您可以限制使用者可與其共用檔案的人員、選擇您員工可以用來存取 OneDrive 的裝置,以及其他等等。There, you can restrict the people with whom your users can share files, choose the devices your employees can use to access OneDrive, and more.

OneDrive 系統管理中心的設定分組為六種類別:Settings in the OneDrive admin center are grouped into six categories:

  • 共用Sharing. 在 [共用] 頁面上,您可以設定預設共用連結,使用者可將其傳送給同事以共用檔案。On the Sharing page, you can configure the default sharing link users send out to colleagues to share a file. 例如,當使用者共用檔案時,您可以指定預設共用類型是 [內部]。For example, when users share a file, you can specify that the default sharing type is Internal.

    OneDrive 系統管理中心 [共用] 頁面的螢幕擷取畫面,此頁面顯示預設共用連結

    您也可以變更外部共用設定,以防止使用者與組織外的人員共用檔案。You can also change the external sharing settings to prevent users from sharing files with people outside your organization. 如果您有大量機密資訊,這樣做很有用。This is useful if you have a lot of confidential information.

    OneDrive 系統管理中心 [共用] 頁面的螢幕擷取畫面,此頁面會顯示外部共用設定

  • 同步處理。 在 [同步處理] 頁面上,您可以根據檔案類型設定同步處理限制、要求同步處理的裝置加入至您的網域,或限制不得從執行 macOS 的電腦進行同步處理。Sync. On the Sync page, you can configure sync restrictions based on file type, require that synced devices be joined to your domain, or restrict synchronization from computers running macOS.

  • 儲存。Storage. 在 [儲存] 頁面上,您可以為 Office 365 組織內的使用者指定預設 OneDrive 儲存限制。On the Storage page, you specify the default OneDrive storage limit for users within your Office 365 organization. 您也可以設定使用者帳戶已被刪除的使用者可以保留資料多長時間 (最多 10 年)。You can also configure how long to keep data for users whose accounts have been deleted (the maximum value is 10 years).

  • 裝置存取。Device Access. 在 [ 裝置存取 ] 頁面上,您可以根據網路位置及其他應用程式管理選項中未使用新式驗證的應用程式,來限制裝置對 OneDrive 的存取。On the Device Access page, you can restrict device access to OneDrive based on network location and apps that don't use modern authentication, among other application management options.

  • 合規性。Compliance. [合規性] 頁面會提供集中式連結清單,可讓您連結至 Office 365 內適用於 OneDrive 的稽核、保留、資料外洩防護 (DLP)、電子文件探索及警示功能。The Compliance page provides a centralized list of links to auditing, data loss prevention (DLP), retention, ediscovery, and alerting capabilities within Office 365 that are applicable to OneDrive. (大多數小型企業不會使用這些選項。 ) (Most small businesses won't use these options.)

    選取項目的連結會將您重新導向至 Office 365 安全性與合規性中心,您可以在這裡設定該項目。Selecting an item's link redirects you to the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, where you can configure that item. 您可以從範本建立 DLP 原則,以保護特定類型的資料,例如社會安全號碼、銀行資訊,以及其他金融和醫療內容。You can create DLP policies from templates that protect certain types of data, such as Social Security numbers, banking information, and other financial and medical content. 如需如何在 Office 365 中建立 DLP 原則,並將它們套用到 OneDrive 的逐步解說,請參閱從範本建立 DLP 原則For a walkthrough of how to create DLP policies in Office 365 and apply them to OneDrive, see Create a DLP policy from a template.

  • 通知。Notifications. 在 [通知] 頁面上,您定義 OneDrive 擁有者何時應該收到有關共用或存取其資料的通知。On the Notifications page, you define when OneDrive owners should receive notifications about sharing or accessing their data. 這些設定對於可能沒有 IT 人員可以審計此資訊的小型企業很有説明。These settings are helpful for small businesses that likely don't have IT staff who can audit this information. 如需啟用這些選項的相關資訊,請參閱開啟 OneDrive 的外部共用通知For information about enabling these options, see Turn on external sharing notifications for OneDrive.

取得 OneDrive 的協助Get help with OneDrive

如果您需要 OneDrive 的協助,您有多種方式來尋找常見問題的解決方案,或請求協助:If you need help with OneDrive, you have many ways to find solutions to common issues or request help: