OneDrive 同步處理應用程式The OneDrive sync app

當使用者安裝 Windows 或 Mac 的 OneDrive 同步處理應用程式時,他們可以使用檔案瀏覽器或 Finder 中的 OneDrive 檔案。When a user installs the OneDrive sync app for Windows or Mac, they can work with their OneDrive files in File Explorer or Finder. 他們也可以從使用的程式中輕鬆地將檔案儲存至 Microsoft OneDrive。They can also easily save files to Microsoft OneDrive from the programs they use.

當使用者從 OneDrive 行動裝置新增、變更和刪除檔案和資料夾時,或從網頁瀏覽器存取其 OneDrive 時,系統會自動在其電腦上新增、變更或刪除檔案和資料夾,反之亦然。When users add, change, and delete files and folders from the OneDrive mobile app or by accessing their OneDrive from a web browser, the files and folders are automatically added, changed, or deleted on their computer and vice versa. 若要將檔案上傳至 OneDrive,使用者只需將檔案複製或移動至檔案瀏覽器或 Finder 中的 OneDrive 即可。To upload files to OneDrive, users can simply copy or move them to OneDrive in File Explorer or Finder. 他們也可以使用檔案瀏覽器來輕鬆地組織其 OneDrive,方法是建立新的資料夾,以及移動和重新命名檔案及資料夾。They can also use File Explorer to easily organize their OneDrive by creating new folders, and moving and renaming files and folders. 所有這些變更都會自動同步處理。All these changes sync automatically.

Windows 10 裝置附帶安裝了 OneDrive 同步應用程式。Windows 10 devices come with the OneDrive sync app installed. Office 2016 和更新版本的安裝也會安裝同步處理應用程式。Office 2016 and later installations also have the sync app installed.

閱讀版本資訊,並安裝最新版的完整發行版本本Read the release notes and install the latest fully released versions

OneDrive 和 SharePoint 中的檔案名和檔案類型無效Invalid file names and file types in OneDrive and SharePoint

修正同步問題Fix sync problems