取得 Power BI 範例Get samples for Power BI

您是否剛接觸 Power BI 並想要試用,但沒有任何資料;Say you're new to Power BI and want to try it out but don't have any data. 或者,您可能想要查看說明 Power BI 功能的報表。Or maybe you'd like to see reports that illustrate some of the capabilities of Power BI. 交給我們吧。We've got you covered.

Power BI 提供不同類型的範例,適用於不同的用途:Power BI offers different kinds of samples, for different purposes:

  • Power BI 報表 (.pbix 檔案) ,您可以在資料故事程式庫中檢視、在 Power BI Desktop 中開啟和探索,或上傳至 Power BI 服務。A Power BI report (.pbix file) that you can view in the Data Stories Gallery, open and explore in Power BI Desktop, or upload to the Power BI service.
  • 一種 範例應用程式 ,您可以從 AppSource 下載,也可直接在 Power BI 服務中進行。A sample app that you download from AppSource, also right in the Power BI service. 包含儀表板、報表和資料集的應用程式。Apps include dashboards, reports, and datasets. 您可以進行修改,然後將其散發給您的同事。You can modify them, then distribute them to your colleagues.
  • Power BI 服務中 有八個原始內建範例 作為「內容套件」 ,具有儀表板、報表和資料集。Eight original built-in samples in the Power BI service as content packs, with dashboards, reports, and datasets. 您可以直接在 Power BI 服務中加以安裝。You install them right in the Power BI service. 內建範例也可以作為 Power BI 報表 (.pbix) 和 Excel 活頁簿 (.xlsx)。The built-in samples are also available as Power BI reports (.pbix) and Excel workbooks (.xlsx).
  • Excel 活頁簿 版本的內建範例版本,其中包含資料模型和 Power View 工作表。Excel workbook versions of the built-in samples, containing the data model and Power View sheets. 您可以在 Excel 中探索或編輯資料模型,使用 Excel 活頁簿作為 Power BI 報表的資料來源。You can explore or edit the data model in Excel, use the Excel workbook as a data source for a Power BI report. 您也可以將活頁簿上傳為 Excel 檔案,並在 Power BI 報表中顯示 Excel 視覺效果和樞紐分析表。You can also upload the workbook as an Excel file and display the Excel visuals and PivotTables in Power BI reports.
  • 此外還有 財務資料範例活頁簿 ,可供下載的 Excel 檔案中簡單平面資料表。Also a Financial data sample workbook, a simple flat table in an Excel file available for download. 此範例包含虛構產品的匿名資料,並以市場區隔和國家/地區來區分銷售。It contains anonymized data with fictitious products, with sales divided by segments and countries/regions. 其會為 Power BI 報表提供有用的基本資料來源。It makes a useful basic data source for a Power BI report.

我們的線上文件會在教學課程和範例中使用這些相同範例,讓您能夠跟著進行。Our online documentation uses these same samples in tutorials and examples, so you can follow along.

銷售與退貨範例 .pbix 檔案Sales & Returns sample .pbix file

銷售與退貨範例 .pbix 檔案

銷售與退貨範例報表The Sales & Returns sample report

Power BI 報表設計師 Miguel Myers 和 Chris Hamill 建立銷售與退貨 .pbix 檔案,以示範 Power BI 中的許多新功能,包括按鈕、鑽研、條件式格式設定、假設和自訂工具提示。Power BI report designers Miguel Myers and Chris Hamill created the Sales & Returns .pbix file to demonstrate many new features in Power BI, including buttons, drill through, conditional formatting, what-if, and customized tooltips.

這份報表的案例是銷售 Microsoft 主題滑板的公司。The scenario for this report is a company that sells Microsoft-themed skateboards. 他們想要查看其銷售與退貨狀態,並分析他們應該如何修改其作業。They want to see the state of their sales and returns, and analyze how they should modify their operations.

您可以下列方式探索:You can explore it these ways:

AppSource 的範例應用程式Sample app from AppSource

行銷和銷售「應用程式」 可以從 Microsoft AppSource 取得。The Marketing and Sales app is available from Microsoft AppSource. 應用程式是將相關儀表板和報表結合的 Power BI 內容類型。An app is a Power BI content type that combines related dashboards and reports. 應用程式可以有一或多個儀表板和一或多個報表,所有儀表板和報表都會組合在一起。An app can have one or more dashboards and one or more reports, all bundled together. 您可以從 Power BI 服務中的 [應用程式] 下載行銷和銷售應用程式,或在瀏覽器中前往 AppSource。You can download the Marketing and Sales app from Apps in the Power BI service, or by going to AppSource in your browser.

安裝之後,其會出現在應用程式集合中。After you install it, you see it in your collection of apps.


當您開啟時,請選取探索範例資料When you open it, select Explore with sample data.


您會看到應用程式檢視,在瀏覽窗格中有儀表板和個別報表頁面。You see the app view, with the dashboard and individual report pages in the navigation pane.


因為您已安裝,所以也可以開啟「工作區」 並且編輯應用程式的元素。Because you installed it, you can also open the workspace and edit the elements of the app. 選取 [編輯] 鉛筆圖示,以開啟工作區。Select the Edit pencil icon to open the workspace.


現在您會在工作區的清單檢視中,看到來自應用程式的儀表板、報表和資料集。Now you see the dashboard, report, and dataset from the app in the list view of the workspace. 在此工作區中,您可以編輯每個項目。Here in the workspace, you can edit each of them.


如有需要,您可以將此應用程式散發給組織中的任何人。If you want to, you can distribute this app to anyone in your organization. 選取 [更新應用程式] 。Select Update app.


完成 [設定] 索引標籤,包括選擇應用程式佈景主題色彩Complete the Setup tab, including choosing an App theme color.


完成 [瀏覽] 和 [權限] 索引標籤,然後選取 [更新應用程式] 。Complete the Navigation and Permission tabs, then select Update app.


深入了解如何在 Power BI 中發佈應用程式Read more about publishing apps in Power BI.

八個原始範例Eight original samples

有八個原始範例供您使用。Eight original samples are available for you to use. 每個範例各代表一種不同產業。Each sample represents a different industry. 您可以使用不同的格式來與每個範例進行互動:You can engage with each in different formats:

obviEnce 公司 (www.obvience.com) 與 Microsoft 合作,建立可供您搭配 Power BI 使用的範例。The company obviEnce (www.obvience.com) and Microsoft teamed up to create samples for you to use with Power BI. 資料經匿名處理,並代表了不同產業:財務、HR、銷售等。The data is anonymized and represents different industries: finance, HR, sales, and more.


這些範例均以數種格式提供:內容套件、Excel 活頁簿及 Power BI .pbix 檔案。Each of these samples is available in several formats: as a content pack, as an Excel workbook, and as a Power BI .pbix file. 如果您不了解這些是什麼,或如何開始使用,也不必擔心。If you don't know what these things are, or how to get your hands on them -- don't worry. 本文說明這一切。This article explains it all. 針對每個範例,我們建立了一個「導覽」 。For each of these samples, we've created a tour. 導覽是說明範例背後案例並帶您瀏覽不同案例的文章。Tours are articles that tell the story behind the sample and walk you through different scenarios. 也許會有一個案例回答您經理的問題、另一個則會談討競爭力解析,或建立報表及儀表板以供共用、或說明業務轉換。One scenario might be answering questions for your manager, another might be looking for competitive insights, or creating reports and dashboards to share, or explaining a business shift.

在開始之前,以下是使用這些範例的法律規範。Before we get started, here are the legal guidelines for using these samples. 之後,我們會介紹範例及示範使用方式。After that, we introduce the samples and show how to use them.

範例 Excel 活頁簿的使用方式方針Usage guidelines for the sample Excel workbooks

©2015 Microsoft Corporation.©2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.All rights reserved. 文件和活頁簿皆以「現況」提供。The documents and workbooks are provided "as-is." 活頁簿中呈現的資訊和檢視,包括 URL 及其他網際網路網站參考資料,可能會變更,恕不另行通知。Information and views expressed in the workbooks, including URL and other Internet Web site references, may change without notice. 貴用戶須自行承擔使用風險。You bear the risk of using it. 部分範例僅供示範,均屬虛構,Some examples are for illustration only and are fictitious. 亦沒有任何預定或推斷的實際關聯。No real association is intended or inferred. 針對此處提供的資訊,Microsoft 不做任何明示或默許的擔保。Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.

活頁簿不會提供您任何 Microsoft 產品的任何智慧財產權法定權利。The workbooks do not provide you with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft product. 您可以複製並使用此活頁簿以供內部參考之用。You may copy and use this workbook for your internal, reference purposes.

活頁簿和相關的資料是由 obviEnce 提供。The workbooks and related data are provided by obviEnce. www.obvience.comwww.obvience.com

ObviEnce 是一家 ISV 和 Microsoft Business Intelligence 的智慧財產權 (IP) 提供機構。ObviEnce is an ISV and an Intellectual Property (IP) Incubator focused on Microsoft Business Intelligence. ObviEnce 與 Microsoft 密切合作以開發最佳作法,亦建立開始與部署 Microsoft Business Intelligence 解決方案的概念領導地位。ObviEnce works closely with Microsoft to develop best practices and thought leadership for jump-starting and deploying Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions.

活頁簿和資料皆為 obviEnce LLC 的財產,並僅供以業界範例資料示範 Power BI 功能的目的而分享。The workbooks and data are property of obviEnce, LLC, and have been shared solely for the purpose of demonstrating Power BI functionality with industry sample data.

任何活頁簿及/或資料 (包括每個活頁簿包含之資訊工作表) 的使用皆必須包含上述歸屬聲明。Any uses of the workbooks and/or data must include the above attribution (that is also on the Info worksheet included with each workbook). 活頁簿和任何視覺效果亦必須提供下列著作權聲明:obviEnce ©。The workbook and any visualizations must be accompanied by the following copyright notice: obviEnce ©.

按一下下方任一連結下載 Excel 活頁簿檔案或 .pbix 檔案,即表示您同意上述條款。By clicking any of the following links to download the Excel workbook files or .pbix files, you are agreeing to the terms above.

客戶獲利率範例Customer Profitability sample 客戶獲利率範例

瀏覽客戶獲利率範例Take a tour of the Customer Profitability sample

這個產業範例會分析財務長對公司主管、產品和客戶的關鍵計量。This industry sample analyzes a CFO's key metrics for the company's executives, products, and customers. 您可以調查哪些因素會影響公司的獲利率。You can investigate what factors impact the company's profitability.

人力資源範例Human Resources sample 人力資源範例

瀏覽 HR 範例Take a tour of the HR sample

這個產業範例藉由分析新進員工、現有員工和離職員工,著眼於公司的招聘策略。This industry sample focuses on the hiring strategy for a company by analyzing new hires, active employees, and employees who have left. 透過瀏覽資料,您可以找到自願離職的傾向與招聘策略的趨勢。By exploring the data, you can find trends in voluntary separations and biases in the hiring strategy.

IT 費用分析範例IT Spend Analysis sample IT 費用分析範例

瀏覽 IT 支出分析範例Take a tour of the IT Spend Analysis sample

在這個產業範例中,我們分析公司 IT 部門的規劃成本與實際成本。In this industry sample, we analyze the planned vs. actual costs of the IT department of a company. 這項比較可幫助我們了解公司的年度計畫是否得當,並可針對大大偏離計畫的領域進行調查。This comparison helps us understand how well the company planned for the year and investigate areas with huge deviations from the plan. 此範例中的公司,會經歷一年一度的計畫週期,然後按季產出新的「最新估計」(LE) 來協助分析 IT 支出於會計年度的變化。The company in this example goes through a yearly planning cycle, and then quarterly it produces a new Latest Estimate (LE) to help analyze changes in IT spend over the fiscal year.

商機分析範例Opportunity Analysis sample 商機分析範例

瀏覽商機分析範例Take a tour of the Opportunity Analysis sample

這個產業範例會探討軟體公司的銷售通路。This industry sample explores a software company's sales channel. 業務經理依地區、交易大小和通路追蹤商機和營收,藉此監控他們的直接與合作夥伴銷售通路。Sales managers monitor their direct and partner sales channels by tracking opportunities and revenue by region, deal size, and channel.

採購分析範例Procurement Analysis sample 採購分析範例

瀏覽採購分析範例Take a tour of the Procurement Analysis sample

這個產業範例會分析財務長對公司主管、產品和客戶的關鍵計量。This industry sample analyzes a CFO's key metrics for the company's executives, products, and customers. 您可以調查哪些因素會影響公司的獲利率。You can investigate what factors impact the company's profitability.

零售分析範例Retail Analysis sample 零售分析範例

瀏覽零售分析範例Take a tour of the Retail Analysis sample

這個產業範例會分析在多個門市和區域售出之品項的零售資料。This industry sample analyzes retail sales data of items sold across multiple stores and districts. 計量會比較今年與去年在以下領域的表現:銷售、單位、毛利率和變異數,以及新門市分析。The metrics compare this year's performance to last year's in these areas: sales, units, gross margin, and variance, as well as new store analysis.

銷售與行銷範例Sales and Marketing sample 銷售與行銷範例

瀏覽銷售與行銷範例Take a tour of the Sales and Marketing sample

這個產業範例會分析製造公司 VanArsdel Ltd。它可讓行銷長觀察產業與 VanArsdel 的市場占有率。This industry sample analyzes a manufacturing company, VanArsdel Ltd. It allows the Chief Marketing Officer to watch the industry and the market share for VanArsdel. 透過瀏覽範例,您可以找到這家公司的市場佔有率、生產量、銷售和情緒指數。By exploring the sample, you can find the company's market share, product volume, sales, and sentiment.

供應商品質範例Supplier Quality sample 供應商品質範例

瀏覽供應商品質範例Take a tour of the Supplier Quality sample

這個產業範例著重在傳統供應鏈的其中一項挑戰:供應商品質的分析。This industry sample focuses on one of the typical supply chain challenges — supplier quality analysis. 有兩個主要的計量會在此分析中發揮作用:缺失總數和缺失所造成的停工期總計。Two primary metrics are at play in this analysis: total number of defects and the total downtime that these defects caused. 這個範例有兩個主要目標:找出品質最佳與最差的供應商,以及找出哪家工廠表現最好,能找到缺點並加以移除,將停工期降到最低。This sample has two main objectives: understand who the best and worst suppliers are, with respect to quality, and identify which plants do a better job finding and rejecting defects, to minimize downtime.

安裝內建內容套件Install built-in content packs

讓我們以 [內容套件] 作為起始。Let's start with the content packs. 內建範例可在 Power BI 服務中取得;您不需要離開 Power BI 來尋找範例。The built-in samples are available in the Power BI service; you don't have to leave Power BI to find them. 內容套件是某人建立的一或多個儀表板、資料集和報表組合,可以搭配 Power BI 服務使用。A content pack is a bundle of one or more dashboards, datasets, and reports that someone creates and that can be used with the Power BI service. 每個 Power BI 範例內容套件都包含一個資料集、報表和儀表板。Each Power BI sample content pack contains a dataset, report, and dashboard. 內容套件仍然可用,但是逐漸淘汰中。Content packs are still available, but are being deprecated. 其不適用於 Power BI Desktop。They aren't available for Power BI Desktop.

  1. 開啟 Power BI 服務 (app.powerbi.com) 並登入。Open the Power BI service (app.powerbi.com) and sign in.

  2. 瀏覽至 [我的工作區],或是您想要在其中安裝範例的其他工作區。Navigate to your My Workspace, or another workspace where you want to install the sample.

  3. 在左下角選取 [取得資料] 。In the bottom-left corner, select Get data.


  4. 在顯示的 [取得資料] 頁面上,選取 [範例] 。On the Get Data page that appears, select Samples.


  5. 選取其中一個範例以開啟該範例的描述,然後選擇 [連線] 。Select one of the samples to open a description of that sample, and choose Connect.

    選取某個範例 > 選取 [連線]

  6. Power BI 會匯入內容套件,並將新的儀表板、報表及資料集新增到您目前的工作區。Power BI imports the content pack and adds a new dashboard, report, and dataset to your current workspace. 使用範例讓 Power BI 進行測試回合。Use the samples to take Power BI for a test run.


現在您有了資料,可以開始進行。Now that you have data, you're on your way. 使用範例內容套件試試幾個教學課程,或直接開啟 Power BI 服務及探索。Try out some of our tutorials using the sample content packs or just open the Power BI service and explore.

下載原始範例 Power BI 檔案Download original sample Power BI files

每個範例內容套件也都能以 Power BI .pbix 檔案形式提供。Each of the sample content packs is also available as Power BI .pbix file. .pbix 檔案的設計目的是搭配 Power BI Desktop 使用。The .pbix files are designed to be used with Power BI Desktop.

  1. 使用下方連結個別下載檔案。Download the files individually using the links below. 選取這些連結會自動將檔案儲存至您的 [下載] 資料夾。Selecting these links saves the file automatically to your Downloads folder.

  2. 在 Power BI Desktop 中,選取 [檔案] > [開啟] ,然後瀏覽至您儲存範例 .pbix 檔案的位置。In Power BI Desktop, select File > Open and navigate to the location where you saved the sample .pbix file.

  3. 選取 .pbix 檔案,以在 Power BI Desktop 中加以開啟。Select the .pbix file to open it in Power BI Desktop.

下載範例 Excel 檔案Download sample Excel files

每個範例內容套件也都能以 Excel 活頁簿形式提供。Each of the sample content packs is also available as an Excel workbook. 這些 Excel 活頁簿經過設計,可與 Power BI 服務搭配使用。The Excel workbooks are designed to be used with the Power BI service.

  1. 請使用下方連結個別下載檔案,或下載所有範例檔案的 ZIP 檔案Download the files individually using the links below, or download a zip file of all the sample files. 如果您是進階使用者,可能必須下載 Excel 活頁簿以探索或編輯資料模型。If you're an advanced user, you might want to download the Excel workbooks to explore or edit the data models.

  2. 儲存下載的檔案。Save the downloaded file. 檔案的儲存位置會有差異。Where you save the file makes a difference.

    本機 本機- 如果您將檔案儲存到電腦上的本機磁碟或組織中的其他位置,您可以從 Power BI 將檔案匯入 Power BI 中。Local Local - If you save your file to a local drive on your computer or another location in your organization, from Power BI, you can import your file into Power BI. 您的檔案會保留在本機磁碟,因此不會將整個檔案匯入 Power BI。Your file remains on your local drive, so the whole file isn't imported into Power BI. 發生的情況是在 Power BI 網站中建立新資料集,並將資料和資料模型 (在某些情況下) 載入資料集。What happens is a new dataset is created in your Power BI site and data, and in some cases the data model, are loaded into the dataset. 如果您的檔案有任何報表,則這些報表會顯示在 Power BI 網站的 [報表] 下。If your file has any reports, those reports appear in your Power BI site under Reports.

    商務用 OneDrive OneDrive - 商務 – 如果您有商務用 OneDrive,並使用與用來登入 Power BI 相同的帳戶進行登入,則商務用 OneDrive 是目前為止確保 Excel、Power BI 或 .CSV 檔案中工作與 Power BI 中資料集、報表和儀表板保持同步的最佳位置。OneDrive Business OneDrive - Business – If you have OneDrive for Business and you sign into it with the same account you sign into Power BI with, OneDrive for Business is by far the best place to keep your work in Excel, Power BI, or a .CSV file in-sync with your dataset, reports, and dashboards in Power BI. 由於 Power BI 和 OneDrive 都在雲端,因此 Power BI 每隔約一小時就會連接到您在 OneDrive 上的檔案。Because both Power BI and OneDrive are in the cloud, Power BI connects to your file on OneDrive about every hour. 如果發現任何變更,便會自動更新 Power BI 中的資料集、報表和儀表板。If any changes are found, your dataset, reports, and dashboards are automatically updated in Power BI.

    SharePoint 小組網站 SharePoint 小組網站 - 將 Power BI 檔案儲存到 SharePoint - 小組網站與儲存到商務用 OneDrive 大致相同。SharePoint Team Sites SharePoint Team-Sites Saving your Power BI files to SharePoint – Team Sites is much the same as saving to OneDrive for Business. 最大的差異是從 Power BI 連接到檔案的方式。The biggest difference is how you connect to the file from Power BI. 您可以指定 URL 或連接到根資料夾。You can specify a URL or connect to the root folder.

  3. 開啟 Power BI 服務 (app.powerbi.com) 並登入。Open the Power BI service (app.powerbi.com) and sign in.

  4. 瀏覽至 [我的工作區] 或另一個工作區,或只針對範例建立工作區。Navigate to your My Workspace or to another workspace, or create a workspace just for the sample.

  5. 選取瀏覽窗格左下角的 [取得資料] 。In the bottom-left corner of the navigation pane, select Get data.


  6. 在顯示的 [取得資料] 頁面上,選取 [檔案] > [取得] 。On the Get Data page that appears, select Files > Get.

    檔案 > 取得

  7. 選取您下載及儲存範例的位置。Select the location where you downloaded and saved the sample.


  8. 選取檔案。Select the file. 視您儲存檔案的位置而定,選取 [連線] 或 [開啟] 。Depending on where you saved the file, select Connect or Open.

  9. 選擇要匯入資料,還是要將活頁簿帶入 Power BI 以查看其在 Excel Online 中的實際呈現方式。Choose whether to import the data or to bring the workbook into Power BI and see it exactly as it is in Excel online.


  10. 如果您選取 [匯入] ,Power BI 會匯入範例活頁簿,並將其新增為新儀表板、報表和資料集,在此案例中,每個都名為 Procurement Analysis SampleIf you select Import, Power BI imports the sample workbook and adds it as a new dashboard, report, and dataset, in this case each named Procurement Analysis Sample.

    • 因為活頁簿具有 Power View 工作表,Power BI 會為每個 Power BI 工作表建立含有頁面的報表。Because the workbook has Power View sheets, Power BI creates a report with a page for each Power BI sheet.
    • Power BI 會使用新的空白圖格來建立新的儀表板。Power BI creates a new dashboard with a new blank tile. 選取該圖格會帶您前往您剛剛新增的報表。Selecting that tile takes you to the report you just added.
  11. 開啟報表。Open the report. 選取報表的不同元素以探索其互動。Select different elements of the report to explore their interactions.


探索 Excel 內的 Excel 範例Explore Excel samples inside Excel

(選擇性) 想了解 Excel 活頁簿中的資料如何轉換為 Power BI 資料集和報表嗎?(Optional) Want to understand how the data in an Excel workbook gets converted to Power BI datasets and reports? 在 Excel 中開啟 Excel 範例,瀏覽工作表就會得到一些答案。Opening the Excel samples in Excel and exploring the worksheets provides some of the answers.

  • 第一次在 Excel 中開啟範例活頁簿時,您可能會看到兩個警告。When you first open a sample workbook in Excel, you may see two warnings. 第一個警告說明活頁簿是在受保護的檢視中。The first warning says the workbook is in Protected View. 選取 [啟用編輯] 。Select Enable Editing. 第二個警告可能指出活頁簿具有外部資料連線。The second warning may say that the workbook has external data connections. 選取 [啟用內容] 。Select Enable Content.

  • 每個活頁簿都包含數個 Power View 工作表。Each workbook contains several Power View sheets. 如果您想要在 Excel 中查看 Power View 工作表,您需要下載封裝的登錄機碼來啟用 Power View 增益集If you want to see the Power View sheets in Excel, You need to enable the Power View add-in by downloading a package of registry keys.

  • 實際資料會位在何處?So where's the actual data? Power Pivot 資料模型中。It's in the Power Pivot data model. 您不需要 Power View 工作表就能查看資料。You don't need the Power View sheets to see the data. 在 [Power Pivot] 索引標籤中,選取 [管理] 。On the PowerPivot tab, select Manage.

    沒看到 [Power Pivot] 索引標籤?Don't see the Power Pivot tab? 啟用 Power Pivot 增益集Enable the Power Pivot add-in.

    在 Power Pivot 中,您可以查看所有基礎資料表中的資料,再加上所有 DAX 公式。In Power Pivot, you can see the data in all the underlying tables, plus all the DAX formulas.

  • [資訊] 索引標籤提供建立此範例之 obviEnce 公司的相關資訊。The Info tab provides information about obviEnce, the company that created the sample.

後續步驟Next steps

Power BI 服務中的設計工具基本概念Basic concepts for designers in the Power BI service

教學課程:連線到 Power BI 範例Tutorial: Connect to the Power BI samples

Power BI 的資料來源Data sources for Power BI

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