建立為 Power BI 手機應用程式最佳化的報表Create reports optimized for the Power BI phone apps

當您在 Power BI Desktop 中建立報表時,可以建立專用於手機的報表版本,以提升在手機上行動裝置應用程式中使用的體驗。When you create a report in Power BI Desktop, you can improve the experience of using it in the mobile apps on phones by creating a version of the report specifically for the phone. 您可以重新安排視覺效果或調整其大小,也不必全部納入,藉由對手機改造報表獲得最佳體驗。You adapt your report for the phone by rearranging and resizing visuals, maybe not including all of them, for an optimal experience. 您還可以建立回應式視覺效果回應式交叉分析篩選器,以適當調整大小,供您在手機上檢視。Plus you can create responsive visuals and responsive slicers that resize well for viewing on a phone. 此外,如果您將篩選新增至報表,這些篩選會自動顯示在電話報表中。Also, if you add filters to your report, those filters show up automatically in the phone report. 您的報表讀者可以看到它們並使用它們來篩選報表。Your report readers can see them and filter the report with them.


在 Power BI Desktop 中針對手機配置報表頁面Lay out a report page for the phone in Power BI Desktop

當您在 Power BI Desktop 中建立報表後,即可針對手機加以最佳化。After you create a report in Power BI Desktop, you can optimize it for phones.

  1. 在 Power BI Desktop 中選取左側導覽列中的 [報表檢視]。In Power BI Desktop, select Report View in the left navigation bar.


  2. 在 [檢視] 索引標籤上,選取 [手機版面配置]。On the View tab, select Phone Layout.


    您會看到空白的手機畫布。You see a blank phone canvas. 原始報表的所有視覺效果均列於右側 [視覺效果] 窗格中。All of the visuals on the original report page are listed in the Visualizations pane on the right.

  3. 若要將視覺效果新增至手機版面配置,請將其從 [視覺效果] 窗格拖曳至手機畫布。To add a visual to the phone layout, drag it from the Visualizations pane to the phone canvas.

    手機報表使用方格版面配置。Phone reports use a grid layout. 當您將視覺效果拖曳至手機畫布時,它們會貼齊該方格。As you drag visuals to the mobile canvas, they snap to that grid.


    您可以將部分或所有主要報表頁面的視覺效果新增至手機報表頁面。You can add some or all the master report page visuals to the phone report page. 每個視覺效果只能各新增一次。You can add each visual only once.

  4. 您可以在方格調整視覺效果的大小,方法如同儀表板及行動儀表板上的磚。You can resize your visuals on the grid, as you would for tiles on dashboards and mobile dashboards.


    手機報表方格會隨不同大小的手機縮放,因此您的報表在小螢幕及大螢幕手機上都很適合。The phone report grid scales across phones of different sizes, so your report will look as good on small- and on large-screen phones.


為任何大小將視覺效果最佳化Optimize a visual for any size

您可以將儀表板或報表中的視覺效果設定為「回應式」,不管是什麼樣的螢幕大小,都能以動態方式變更,顯示最多的資料與深入解析。You can set the visuals in your dashboard or report to be responsive, to change dynamically to display the maximum amount of data and insight, no matter the screen size.

視覺效果的大小變更時,Power BI 會排定資料檢視的優先順序,例如自動移除邊框,並將圖例移至視覺效果頂部,如此一來即使視覺效果變小,也能充分表達資訊。As a visual changes size, Power BI prioritizes the data view, for example removing padding and moving the legend to the top of the visual automatically, so the visual remains informative even as it gets smaller.


您可以選擇是否要開啟各個視覺效果的回應能力。You choose whether to turn on responsiveness for each visual. 請參閱最佳化視覺效果Read more about optimizing visuals.

建立手機報表版面配置的注意事項Considerations when creating phone report layouts

  • 若是多頁報表,您可以將所有頁面最佳化,也可以只對幾頁執行。For reports with multiple pages, you can optimize all the pages or only a few.
  • 如已定義報表頁面的背景色彩,則手機報表就會有相同的背景色彩。If you've defined a background color for a report page, the phone report will have the same background color.
  • 不能只對手機修改格式設定。You can’t modify formatting settings for just the phone. 格式設定在主要及手機版面配置上是一致的。Formatting is consistent between master and mobile layouts. 例如,字型大小會相同。For example, font sizes will be the same.
  • 若要變更視覺效果,例如變更其格式設定、資料集或其他任何屬性,請回到一般報表撰寫模式。To change a visual, such as changing its formatting, dataset, filters, or any other attribute, return to the regular report authoring mode.
  • Power BI 會在行動裝置應用程式中,為手機報表提供預設標題與頁面名稱。Power BI provides default titles and page names for phone reports in the mobile app. 如果您已在報表中建立標題及頁面名稱的文字視覺效果,請考慮不要將其新增至您的手機報表。If you’ve created text visuals for titles and page names in your report, consider not adding them to your phone reports.

從手機版面配置移除視覺效果Remove a visual from the phone layout

  • 若要移除視覺效果,請按一下手機畫布上視覺效果右上角的 X,或加以選取後按 [刪除]。To remove a visual, click the X in the top-right of the visual on the phone canvas, or select it and press Delete.

    移除此處的視覺效果僅會將其自手機版面配置畫布移除。Removing the visual here only removes it from the phone layout canvas. 而視覺效果與原始報表則不會受到影響。The visual and the original report aren't affected.


增強交叉分析篩選器使其在行動報表中正常運作Enhance slicers to to work well in phone reports

交叉分析篩選器提供在畫布上篩選報表資料的功能。Slicers offer on-canvas filtering of report data. 在一般報表撰寫模式下設計交叉分析篩選器時,您可以修改部分交叉分析篩選器設定,使其更適用於手機報表:When designing slicers in the regular report authoring mode, you can modify some slicer settings to make them more usable in phone reports:

  • 決定報表讀者只能選取一個項目或可以選取多個項目。Decide if report readers can select only one or more than one item.
  • 在交叉分析篩選器周圍加上方塊,讓報表更容易掃描。Put a box around the slicer to make the report easier to scan.
  • 將交叉分析篩選器設為垂直、水平或回應式。Make the slicer vertical, horizontal, or responsive.

如果您將交叉分析篩選器設為回應式,則在變更其大小和形狀時會顯示較多或較少選項。If you make the slicer responsive, as you change its size and shape it shows more or fewer options. 它可以是高、短、寬或窄。It can be tall, short, wide, or narrow. 如果您將它設得夠小,則它只會變成報表頁面上的篩選圖示。If you make it small enough, it becomes just a filter icon on the report page.

Power BI 回應式交叉分析篩選器

深入了解如何建立回應式交叉分析篩選器Read more about creating responsive slicers.

發行手機報表Publish a phone report

在手機上檢視最佳化及未最佳化的報表View optimized and unoptimized reports on a phone

在手機上的行動裝置應用程式中,Power BI 會自動偵測最佳化及未最佳化的手機報表。In the mobile apps on phones, Power BI automatically detects optimized and unoptimized phone reports. 如果有已為手機最佳化的報表,Power BI 手機應用程式會自動以手機報表模式開啟該報表。If a phone-optimized report exists, the Power BI phone app automatically opens the report in phone report mode.

如果沒有已為手機最佳化的報表,報表則會以未經過最佳化的橫向檢視開啟。If a phone-optimized report doesn’t exist, the report opens in the unoptimized, landscape view.

使用手機報表時,若將手機橫放,無論報表是否已經過最佳化,都會在未經過最佳化的檢視中,以原始報表版面配置開啟報表。When in a phone report, changing the phone’s orientation to landscape will open the report in the unoptimized view with the original report layout, whether the report is optimized or not.

如果您只將部分頁面最佳化,讀者會在縱向檢視中看到訊息指出報表可以橫向呈現。If you only optimize some pages, readers will see a message in portrait view, indicating the report is available in landscape.


報表讀者可以將手機側邊轉向,以橫向模式查看頁面。Report readers can turn their phones sideways to see the page in landscape mode. 深入了解與為手機最佳化的報表互動Read more about interacting with Power BI reports optimized for your phone.

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