Power BI 中 DirectQuery 支援的資料來源Data sources supported by DirectQuery in Power BI

Power BI DesktopPower BI 服務有許多資料來源供您連線和存取資料。Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service have many data sources to which you can connect and get access to data. 本文描述 Power BI 的哪些資料來源可支援稱為 DirectQuery 的連線方法。This article describes which data sources for Power BI support the connection method known as DirectQuery. 如需 DirectQuery 的詳細資訊,請參閱 Power BI 中的 DirectQueryFor more information about DirectQuery, see DirectQuery in Power BI.

下列資料來源在 Power BI 中支援 DirectQuery:The following data sources support DirectQuery in Power BI:

  • Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift
  • Azure HDInsight Spark (Beta)Azure HDInsight Spark (Beta)
  • Azure SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL 資料倉儲Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Google BigQuery (搶鮮版 (Beta))Google BigQuery (Beta)
  • IBM Netezza (Beta)IBM Netezza (Beta)
  • Impala (2.x 版)Impala (version 2.x)
  • Oracle 資料庫 (第 12 版及更新版本)Oracle Database (version 12 and above)
  • SAP Business Warehouse 應用程式伺服器SAP Business Warehouse Application Server
  • SAP Business Warehouse 訊息伺服器搶鮮版 (Beta)SAP Business Warehouse Message Server (Beta)
  • 雪花式Snowflake
  • Spark (Beta) (0.9 版及更新版本)Spark (Beta) (version 0.9 and above)
  • SQL ServerSQL Server
  • Teradata 資料庫Teradata Database
  • Vertica (搶鮮版 (Beta))Vertica (Beta)

名稱後面有 (Beta)(預覽) 的資料來源可能會變更,不支援用於實際執行環境。Data sources that are have (Beta) or (Preview) after their name are subject to change, and are not supported for production use. 將報告發佈至 Power BI 服務 之後可能也不支援這些資料來源,這表示開啟已發行的報告或瀏覽資料集可能會導致錯誤。They might also not be supported after publishing a report to the Power BI service, which means that that opening a published report or exploring the dataset can result in an error.

(Beta)(預覽) 資料來源唯一的差別是 (預覽) 來源必須先啟用成為預覽功能,才可供使用。The only difference between (Beta) and (Preview) data sources is that (Preview) sources must be enabled as a Preview feature before they become available for use. 若要啟用 (預覽) 資料連接器,請在 Power BI Desktop 中移至 [檔案] > [選項和設定],然後移至 [設定] > [選項] > [預覽功能]。To enable a (Preview) data connector, in Power BI Desktop go to File > Options and Settings, and then Settings > Options > Preview features.

內部部署閘道需求On-premises gateway requirements

下表指定將報告發佈至 Power BI 服務之後,是否需要內部部署資料閘道才能連線至指定的資料來源。The following table specifies whether an On-premises data gateway is required to connect to the specified data source, after publishing a report to the Power BI service.

來源Source 需要閘道?Gateway required?
SQL ServerSQL Server Yes
Azure SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database No
Azure SQL 資料倉儲Azure SQL Data Warehouse No
Oracle 資料庫Oracle Database Yes
Teradata 資料庫Teradata Database Yes
Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift No
Impala (2.x 版)Impala (version 2.x) Yes
雪花式Snowflake Yes
Spark (Beta) 0.9 版及更新版本Spark (beta), version 0.9 and later Power BI 服務中尚不支援Not yet supported in the Power BI service
Azure HDInsight Spark (Beta)Azure HDInsight Spark (Beta) No
IBM NetezzaIBM Netezza Yes
SAP Business Warehouse 應用程式伺服器SAP Buisness Warehouse Application Server Yes
SAP Business Warehouse 訊息伺服器SAP Buisness Warehouse Message Server Power BI 服務中尚不支援Not yet supported in the Power BI service
Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery No

後續步驟Next steps

如需 DirectQuery 的詳細資訊,請參閱下列資源:For more information about DirectQuery, check out the following resources: