Project Online:透過 Power BI Desktop 連接到資料Project Online: connect to data through Power BI Desktop

您可以透過 Power BI Desktop 連接到 Project Online 中的資料。You can connect to data in Project Online through Power BI Desktop.

步驟 1:下載 Power BI DesktopStep 1: Download Power BI Desktop

  1. 下載 Power BI Desktop,然後執行安裝程式,在電腦上安裝 Power BI DesktopDownload Power BI Desktop, then run the installer to get Power BI Desktop on your computer.

步驟 2:透過 OData 連接到 Project OnlineStep 2: Connect to Project Online with OData

  1. 開啟 Power BI DesktopOpen Power BI Desktop.
  2. 在 [歡迎] 畫面上,選取 [取得資料]。On the Welcome screen, select Get Data.
  3. 選擇 [OData 摘要],然後選取 [連接]。Choose OData feed and select Connect.
  4. 在 [URL] 方塊中,輸入您的 OData 摘要位址,然後按一下 [確定]。Enter the address for your OData feed in the URL box, and then click OK.

    如果您的 Project Web App 網站位址類似 https://<租用戶名稱>,您所輸入的 OData 摘要位址會是 https://<租用戶名稱>。If the address for your Project Web App site resembles https://<tenantname>, the address you’ll enter for your OData Feed is https://<tenantname>

    在此範例中,我們使用的是 our example, we’re using

  5. Power BI Desktop 會提示您驗證 Office 365 帳戶。Power BI Desktop will prompt you to authenticate with your Office 365 account. 請選取組織帳戶,然後輸入您的認證。Select Organizational account and then enter your credentials.

從這裡,您可以選擇要連接的資料表並建立查詢。From here, you can choose which tables you would like to connect to and build a query. 要了解如何開始進行嗎?Want an idea of how to get started? 下列部落格文章示範如何從 Project Online 資料建立燃盡圖。The following blog post shows how to build a burndown chart from your Project Online data. 該部落格文章使用 Power Query 連接到 Project Online,不過也適用於 Power BI Desktop。The blog post refers to using Power Query to connect to Project Online, but this applies to Power BI Desktop as well.

使用 Power Pivot 和 Power Query 為專案建立燃盡圖Creating burndown charts for Project using Power Pivot and Power Query