Power BI 的視覺效果Visuals in Power BI

Power BI 隨附許多現成的 Power BI 視覺效果。Power BI comes with many out-of-the box Power BI visuals. 這些視覺效果可在 Power BI DesktopPower BI 服務的 [視覺效果] 窗格中取得,而且可用於建立和編輯 Power BI 內容。These visuals are available in the visualization pane of both Power BI Desktop and Power BI service, and can be used for creating and editing Power BI content.

Power BI [視覺效果] 窗格的螢幕擷取畫面,該窗格出現在 Power BI Desktop 和 Power BI 服務中。

您可以從 Microsoft AppSource 或透過 Power BI,取得更多 Power BI 視覺效果。Many more Power BI visuals are available from the Microsoft AppSource or through Power BI. 這些視覺效果是由 Microsoft 和 Microsoft 合作夥伴所建立,並由 AppSource 驗證小組進行測試和驗證。These visuals are created by Microsoft and Microsoft partners, and are tested and validated by the AppSource validation team.

您也可以開發自己的 Power BI 視覺效果,以供您、貴組織或整個 Power BI 社群使用。You can also develop your own Power BI visual, to be used by you, your organization, or the entire Power BI community.

預設 Power BI 視覺效果Default Power BI visuals

這些是現成的 Power BI 視覺效果,可從 Power BI DesktopPower BI 服務 中的 [視覺效果] 窗格取得。These are the out-of-the-box Power BI visuals available from the visualization pane in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.

若要從 [視覺效果] 窗格取消釘選 Power BI 視覺效果,請以滑鼠右鍵按一下該視覺效果並選取 [取消釘選]。To unpin a Power BI visual from the visualization pane, right-click it and select unpin.

若要在 [視覺效果] 窗格中還原預設 Power BI 視覺效果,請按一下 [匯入自訂視覺效果],然後選取 [還原預設視覺效果]。To restore the default Power BI visuals in the visualization pane, click Import a custom visual and select Restore default visuals.

AppSource Power BI 視覺效果AppSource Power BI visuals

Microsoft 和社群成員貢獻出 Power BI 視覺效果以造福大眾,並將其發佈至 AppSourceMicrosoft and community members contribute Power BI visuals for public benefit, and publish them to the AppSource. 您可以下載這些視覺效果並將其新增至 Power BI 報表。You can download these visuals and add them to your Power BI reports. Microsoft 已測試並核准這些 Power BI 視覺效果的功能與品質。Microsoft has tested and approved these Power BI visuals for functionality and quality.


  • 藉由使用以 SDK 建立的 Power BI 視覺效果,您可從 Power BI 租用戶的地理區域、合規性界限或國家雲端執行個體外部協力廠商或其他服務匯入資料,或將資料傳送到其中。By using Power BI visuals created with our SDK, you may be importing data from, or sending data to, third party or other services located outside of your Power BI tenant’s geographic area, compliance boundary, or national cloud instance.
  • Power BI 認證的視覺效果是 AppSource 中視覺效果,其已經過進一步測試來確認視覺效果不會存取外部服務或資源。Power BI certified visuals are visuals in the AppSource that were additionally tested to check that the visual does not access external services or resources.
  • 匯入來自 AppSource 的 Power BI 視覺效果之後,視覺效果可能會自動更新,而不會有任何額外的通知。Once Power BI visuals from AppSource are imported, visuals may be updated automatically without any additional notice.

什麼是 AppSource?What is AppSource?

AppSource 是 Microsoft 軟體的應用程式、增益集和延伸模組所在位置。AppSource is the place for apps, add-ins, and extensions for your Microsoft software. AppSource 為上百萬名 Microsoft 365、Azure、Dynamics 365、Cortana 及 Power BI 等產品使用者提供尋找解決方案的管道,讓使用者能夠更有效率且切實地完成工作。AppSource connects millions of users of products such as Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Cortana, and Power BI, to solutions that help them get work done more efficiently and insightfully than before.

經認證的 Power BI 視覺效果Certified Power BI visuals

經認證的 Power BI 視覺效果是 AppSource 中的視覺效果,符合某些經 Microsoft Power BI 小組測試並核准的指定程式碼需求。Certified Power BI visuals are visuals in AppSource that meet certain specified code requirements that the Microsoft Power BI team has tested and approved. 測試的目的是要檢查視覺效果是否不會存取外部服務或資源。The tests are designed to check that the visual doesn't access external services or resources.

若要檢視已認證的 Power BI 視覺效果清單,或提交您自己的視覺效果,請參閱經認證的 Power BI 視覺效果To view the list of certified Power BI visuals, or to submit your own, see Certified Power BI visuals.

Power BI 視覺效果範例Samples for Power BI visuals

AppSource 上的每個 Power BI 視覺效果都有一個資料範例,說明視覺效果的運作方式。Each Power BI visual on AppSource has a data sample that illustrates how the visual works. 若要下載範例,請在 AppSource 中選取 Power BI 視覺效果,然後從 [試用範例] 區段中,按一下 [範例報表] 連結。To download the sample, in the AppSource select a Power BI visual and from the Try a sample section, click the sample report link.

組織存放區Organizational store

Power BI 系統管理員核准 Power BI 視覺效果,並將其部署到其組織。Power BI admins approve and deploy Power BI visuals into their organization. 這可讓報表作者輕鬆地探索、更新及使用這些 Power BI 視覺效果。This allows report authors to easily discover, update, and use these Power BI visuals. 系統管理員可以使用更新版本、停用和啟用 Power BI 視覺效果等動作,輕鬆地管理這些視覺效果。Admins can easily manage these visuals with actions such as updating versions, disabling and enabling Power BI visuals.

若要存取組織存放區,請在 [視覺效果] 窗格中,按一下 [匯入自訂視覺效果],選取 [從 Marketplace 匯入],然後在 [Power BI 視覺效果] 視窗的頂端,選取 [我的組織] 索引標籤。To access the organizational store, in the Visualization pane click Import a custom visual, select Import from marketplace and in the top of the Power BI visuals window, select the My organization tab.

深入了解組織視覺效果Read more about organizational visuals.

視覺效果檔案Visual files

Power BI 視覺效果是一種套件,其中所包含程式碼可用來轉譯提供給自訂視覺效果的資料。Power BI visuals are packages that include code for rendering the data served to them. 任何人都可以建立自訂視覺效果,並將它封裝為單一 .pbiviz 檔案,以便之後可匯入到 Power BI 報表中。Anyone can create a custom visual and package it as a single .pbiviz file, that can then be imported into a Power BI report.

若要匯入 Power BI 視覺效果,請在 [視覺效果] 窗格中,按一下 [匯入自訂視覺效果] 並選取 [從檔案匯入]。To import a Power BI visual, in the Visualization pane click Import a custom visual and select Import from file.

如果您是 Web 開發人員,而且有興趣建立自己的視覺效果並將其新增至 AppSource,您可以了解如何開發 Power BI 圓形卡片視覺效果將 Power BI 視覺效果發佈至 AppSourceIf you are you a web developer and are interested in creating your own visual and adding it to AppSource, you can learn how to develop a Power BI circle card visual and publish a Power BI visual to AppSource.


Power BI 視覺效果的程式碼可能會有安全性或隱私權風險。A Power BI visual could contain code with security or privacy risks. 請確定您信任作者和 Power BI 視覺效果來源,再將其匯入到報表。Make sure you trust the author and Power BI visual source before importing it to your report.

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