Power BI 視覺效果範例Samples of Power BI visuals

您可以從 GitHub 下載、使用及修改這些 Power BI 視覺效果。You can download, use, and modify these Power BI visuals from GitHub. 這些範例說明如何處理使用 Power BI 進行開發時的常見情況。These samples illustrate how to handle common situations when developing with Power BI.


交叉分析篩選器可將報表中其他視覺效果中所顯示資料的一部分縮小。A slicer narrows the portion of data shown in other visualizations in a report. 交叉分析篩選器是在 Power BI 中篩選資料的幾種方式之一。Slicers are one of several ways to filter data in Power BI.

Screenshot shows Chiclet Slicer. Screenshot shows Timeline slicer. Screenshot shows Slicer sample.
Chiclet Slicer (Chiclet 交叉分析篩選器)Chiclet Slicer
顯示在其他視覺效果中作為畫布內篩選的影像或文字按鈕Display image or text buttons that act as an in-canvas filter on other visuals
時間軸交叉分析篩選器Timeline slicer
依日期篩選的圖形日期範圍選取器Graphical date range selector that filters by date
交叉分析篩選器範例 (英文)Slicer sample
示範如何使用進階篩選 APIDemonstrates the use of the Advanced Filtering API


透過我們的資源庫 (包括橫條圖、圓形圖、文字雲與其他內容) 來獲得靈感。Be inspired with our gallery, including bar charts, pie charts, Word Cloud, and others.

Screenshot shows Aster Plot. Screenshot shows Bullet chart. Screenshot shows Chord.
Aster Plot (Aster 繪圖)Aster Plot
這是標準環圈圖的變形,其使用第二個值來推動掃掠角度A twist on a standard donut chart that uses a second value to drive sweep angle
子彈圖 (英文)Bullet chart
包含額外視覺效果元素的橫條圖,以提供適合用於追蹤目標的內容A bar chart with extra visual elements that provide context useful for tracking goals
Chord (和弦圖)Chord
顯示矩陣中資料之間關聯性的圖形化方法A graphical method that displays the relationships between data in a matrix
Screenshot shows Dot plot. Screenshot shows Dual K P I. Screenshot shows Enhanced Scatter.
點圖 (英文)Dot plot
以易讀的方式呈現頻率分佈Shows the distribution of frequencies in a great looking way
雙重 KPIDual KPI
有效圖解一段時間內的兩個量值,顯示兩者在聯結時間軸上的趨勢Efficiently visualizes two measures over time, showing their trend on a joint timeline
Enhanced Scatter (增強的散佈圖)Enhanced Scatter
現有散佈圖的改善Improvements on the existing scatter chart
Screenshot shows Force Graph. Screenshot shows Gantt. Screenshot shows Table Heatmap.
力圖 (英文)Force Graph
使用曲徑的力配置圖,適合用於顯示實體之間的連接Force layout diagram with curved path, which is useful to show connections between entities
搭配資源說明專案時間軸或排程的橫條圖A bar chart that illustrates a project timeline or schedule with resources
Table Heatmap (資料表熱度圖)Table Heatmap
在表格中使用色彩,以簡單又直覺的方式比較資料Compare data easily and intuitively using colors in a table
Screenshot shows Histogram chart. Screenshot shows LineDot chart. Screenshot shows Mekko chart.
長條圖 (英文)Histogram chart
將一段連續間隔或某個期間的資料分佈視覺化Visualizes the distribution of data over a continuous interval or certain time period
LineDot chart (顯示資料點的折線圖)LineDot chart
使用動畫點透過資料與觀眾互動的動畫折線圖An animated line chart with animated dots that engage an audience with data
Mekko chart (巧拼圖)Mekko chart
100% 堆疊直條圖與 100% 堆疊橫條圖合併成一個檢視A mix of 100% stacked column chart and 100% stacked bar chart combined into one view
<img src="media/samples/multikpi.png"alt="Screenshot shows Multi K P I."<img src="media/samples/multikpi.png"alt="Screenshot shows Multi K P I." width="200">width="200"> <img src="media/samples/powerkpi.png"alt="Screenshot shows Power K P I."<img src="media/samples/powerkpi.png"alt="Screenshot shows Power K P I." width="200">width="200"> <img src="media/samples/powerkpi-matrix.png"alt="Screenshot shows Power K P I Matrix."<img src="media/samples/powerkpi-matrix.png"alt="Screenshot shows Power K P I Matrix." width="200">width="200">
Multi KPI (多個 KPI)Multi KPI
功能強大的多重 KPI 視覺效果,其中包含關鍵 KPI 以及多個支援資料走勢圖A powerful Multi KPI visualization with a key KPI along with multiple sparklines of supporting data
Power KPIPower KPI
強大的 KPI 指標,具有多重折線圖與目前日期、值與差異的標籤A powerful KPI Indicator with multi-line chart and labels for current date, value, and variances
Power KPI Matrix (Power KPI 矩陣)Power KPI Matrix
在精簡、容易閱讀的清單中,監視平衡計分卡與無限數量的計量與 KPIMonitor balanced scorecards and unlimited number of metrics and KPIs in a compact, easy to read list
Screenshot shows Pulse chart. Screenshot shows Radar chart. Screenshot shows Sankey chart.
Pulse chart (Pulse 圖表)Pulse chart
此折線圖已加註重要事件,是用資料說故事的理想選擇This line chart annotated with key events is perfect for telling stories with data
Radar Chart (雷達圖)Radar chart
繪製於類別軸上的多個量值,適用於比較屬性Presents multiple measures plotted over a categorical axis, which is useful to compare attributes
Sankey 圖表Sankey chart
數列寬度與流量成正比的流量圖Flow diagram where the width of the series is proportional to the quantity of the flow
Screenshot shows Stream graph. Screenshot shows Sunburst chart. Screenshot shows Tornado chart.
流線圖 (英文)Stream graph
帶有平滑內插補點的堆疊區域圖,通常用於顯示一段時間內的值A stacked area chart with smooth interpolation, which is often used to display values over time
放射環狀圖Sunburst chart
用於以視覺呈現階層式資料的多層環圈圖Multilevel donut chart for visualizing hierarchical data
龍捲風圖Tornado chart
比較兩個群組之間變項的相對重要性Compare the relative importance of variables between two groups
Screenshot shows Word Cloud.
Word 雲端Word Cloud
從資料中的常用文字建立有趣的視覺效果Create a fun visual from frequent text in your data


WebGL 可讓 Web 內容使用以 OpenGL ES 2.0 為基礎的 API,在 HTML 畫布中執行 2D 與 3D 轉譯。WebGL lets web content use an API based on OpenGL ES 2.0 to do 2D and 3D rendering in an HTML canvas.

Screenshot shows Globe Map.
地球地圖 (英文)Globe Map
在互動式 3D 地圖上繪製地點Plot locations on an interactive 3D map

R 視覺效果R visuals

這些範例示範如何運用 R 視覺效果與 R 指令碼的分析與視覺化功能。These samples demonstrate how to harness the analytic and visual power of R visuals and R scripts.

Screenshot shows Association rules. Screenshot shows Clustering. Screenshot shows Clustering with outliers.
Association Rules (關聯規則)Association rules
使用 if-then 陳述式,找出看似不相關資料之間的關聯性Uncover relationships between seemingly unrelated data using if-then statements
Clustering (叢集)Clustering
在您的資料中使用 K-Means 演算法尋找相似性群組Find similarity groups in your data using k-means algorithm
具有極端值的群集 (英文)Clustering with outliers
在您的資料中尋找相似性群組與極端值Find similarity groups and outliers in your data
Screenshot shows Correlation plot. Screenshot shows Decision tree chart. Screenshot shows Forecasting T B A T S.
Correlation plot (相互關聯繪圖)Correlation plot
反白顯示資料表中最相互關聯的變數Highlight the most correlated variables in a data table
決策樹圖表 (英文)Decision tree chart
使用遞迴資料分割來判斷統計機率的示意式樹狀結構形圖表Schematic tree-shaped diagram for determining statistical probability using recursive partitioning
Forecasting TBATS (預測 TBATS)Forecasting TBATS
時間序列預測,具有使用 TBATS 模型的多個季節性數列Time-series forecasting for series that have multiple seasonalities using the TBATS model
Screenshot shows Forecasting with ARIMA. Screenshot shows Funnel plot. Screenshot shows Outliers detection.
Forecasting with ARIMA (使用 ARIMA 進行預測)Forecasting with ARIMA
使用自動迴歸整合式移動平均 (ARIMA),根據歷程記錄資料預測未來值Predict future values based on historical data using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Avg (ARIMA)
漏斗圖 (英文)Funnel plot
使用漏斗圖找出資料中的極端值Find outliers in your data using a funnel plot
極端值偵測 (英文)Outliers detection
使用最適當的方法與繪圖來尋找資料中的極端值Find outliers in your data using the most appropriate method and plot
Screenshot shows Spline chart. Screenshot shows Time Series decomposition chart. Screenshot shows Time series forecasting chart.
Spline chart (曲線圖)Spline chart
將雜訊資料視覺化並加以了解Visualize and understand noisy data
Time series decomposition chart (時間序列分解圖表)Time series decomposition chart
使用「使用 Loess 的季節性和趨勢分解」來了解時間序列元件Understand the time series components using "Seasonal and Trend decomposition using Loess"
時間序列預測圖表 (英文)Time series forecasting chart
使用指數平滑模型,可根據先前觀察到的值來預測未來值Using exponential smoothing model to predict future values based on previously observed values

後續步驟Next steps

若要嘗試建立 Power BI 視覺效果,請參閱開發 Power BI 圓形卡片視覺效果To try out creating Power BI visuals, see Developing a Power BI circle card visual.