Power BI 的自訂視覺效果Custom visuals in Power BI

建立或編輯 Power BI 報表時,有各式各樣的視覺效果供您使用。When creating or editing a Power BI report, there are many different types of visuals available for you to use. 這些視覺效果會顯示在 [視覺效果] 窗格。These visuals display in the Visualizations pane. 當您下載 Power BI Desktop 或開啟 Power BI 服務 (app.powerbi.com) 時,這組視覺效果已經「內建」。When you download Power BI Desktop or open Power BI service (app.powerbi.com), this set of visuals comes "pre-packaged."

但您能夠使用的不只這組視覺效果,選取省略符號可以開啟另一個報表視覺效果來源:「自訂視覺效果」。But you are not limited to this set of visuals, selecting the ellipses opens up another source of report visuals: custom visuals.

自訂視覺效果由社群成員與 Microsoft 建立,並在 AppSource 上提供。Custom visuals are created by members of the community and by Microsoft and are hosted on AppSource. 您可以下載這些視覺效果並將其新增至 Power BI 報表。These visuals can be downloaded and added to Power BI reports. 這些自訂視覺效果皆經過 Microsoft 核准,作用與 Power BI 的內建視覺效果相似,可供篩選、醒目提示、編輯和共用等等。All of these custom visuals have been approved by Microsoft and they behave similar to the pre-packaged visualizations included with Power BI; they can be filtered, highlighted, edited, shared, etc.

什麼是 AppSource?What is AppSource? 簡單來說,這是為 Microsoft 軟體尋找應用程式、增益集和延伸模組的地方。Simply put, it is the place to find apps, add-ins, and extensions for your Microsoft software. AppSource 為上百萬名 Office 365、Azure、Dynamics 365、Cortana 及 Power BI 等產品的使用者提供了尋找解決方案的管道,讓使用者能夠以更有效率、更切實且更得心應手的方式搞定工作。AppSource connects millions of users of products like Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Cortana, and Power BI to solutions that help them get work done more efficiently, more insightfully, or more beautifully than before.

兩種類型的自訂視覺效果Two types of custom visuals

AppSource 提供的 Power BI 自訂解決方案可分為 2 類:經過核准經過認證The Power BI custom visuals available from AppSource fall into 2 categories: approved and certified. 「AppSource 核准」的視覺效果可在瀏覽器、報表及儀表板中執行。AppSource approved visuals can be run in browsers, reports, and dashboards. 「Power BI 認證」的視覺效果已通過嚴格測試,且可在其他情況下受到支援,例如電子郵件訂閱以及匯出至 PowerPointPower BI certified visuals have passed rigorous testing, and are supported in additional scenarios, such as email subscriptions, and export to PowerPoint.

若要查看已認證的自訂視覺效果清單,或提交您自己的視覺效果,請參閱已認證的自訂視覺效果To see the list of certified custom visuals or to submit your own, see Certified custom visuals.

您是否為 Web 開發人員,而且有興趣將自己建立的視覺效果發佈到 AppSource 呢?Are you a Web developer and interested in creating your own visualizations and adding them to AppSource? 請參閱開始使用開發人員工具並了解如何在 AppSource 上發佈視覺效果See Get started with Developer Tools and learn how to publish custom visuals to AppSource.

從 Microsoft AppSource 下載或匯入自訂視覺效果Download or import custom visuals from Microsoft AppSource

您可以選擇從 Power BI 與 AppSource 網站下載及匯入視覺效果。You have two options for downloading and importing custom visuals; from within Power BI and from the AppSource website.

從 Power BI 匯入自訂視覺效果Import custom visuals from within Power BI

  1. 從 [視覺效果] 窗格底部選取省略符號。Select the ellipses from the bottom of the Visualizations pane.

  2. 在下拉式清單中,選取 [從市集匯入]。From the dropdown, select Import from store.

  3. 捲動清單,尋找要匯入的視覺效果。Scroll through the list to find the visual to import.

  4. 若要深入了解其中一個視覺效果,請加以反白並選取。To learn more about one of the visuals, highlight and select it.

  5. 您可以在詳細資料頁面上檢視螢幕擷取畫面、影片、詳細的描述等等。On the detail page you can view screenshots, videos, detailed description and more.

  6. 捲動至底部即可看到評論。Scroll to the bottom to see reviews.

  7. 選取 [新增] 匯入自訂視覺效果。Import the custom visual by selecting Add. 自訂效果的圖示會新增至 [視覺效果] 窗格的底部,並可立即用於報表中。The icon for the custom visual is added to the bottom of your Visualizations pane and is now available for use in your report.

從 Microsoft AppSource 下載並匯入自訂視覺效果Download and import custom visuals from Microsoft AppSource

  1. 請先前往 Microsoft AppSource 並選取 [應用程式] 索引標籤。Start at Microsoft AppSource and select the tab for Apps.

  2. 這會帶您前往應用程式結果頁面,您可在其中檢視各種類別的熱門應用程式,其中也包括 Power BI 應用程式This takes you to the Apps results page where you can view top apps in each category, including Power BI Apps. 但我們要尋找的是自訂視覺效果,因此請從左方的瀏覽清單選取 [Power BI 視覺效果] 以縮小結果範圍。But we're looking for custom visuals, so let's narrow down the results by selecting Power BI visuals from the left navigation list.

  3. AppSource 會顯示每個自訂視覺效果的磚。AppSource displays a tile for each custom visual. 每個磚都具有自訂效果的快照,且提供簡短描述與下載連結。Each tile has a snapshot of the custom visual and gives a brief description and a download link. 若要查看更多詳細資訊,請選取磚。To see more details, select the tile.

  4. 您可以在詳細資料頁面上檢視螢幕擷取畫面、影片、詳細的描述等等。On the detail page you can view screenshots, videos, detailed description and more. 選取 [立即取得] 然後同意使用條款,即可下載自訂視覺效果。Dowload the custom visual by selecting Get it now and then agreeing to the Terms of use.

  5. 選取連結以下載自訂視覺效果。Select the link to download the custom visual.

    下載頁面也包含如何將自訂效果匯入 Power BI Desktop 與 Power BI 服務的說明。The download page also include instructions on how to import the custom visual into Power BI Desktop and Power BI service.

    您也可以下載範例報表,包括自訂視覺效果及其功能的展示。You can also download a sample report that includes the custom visual and showcases its capabilities.

  6. 儲存 .pbiviz 檔案並開啟 Power BI。Save the .pbiviz file and then open Power BI.

  7. 開啟您想將自訂效果新增至其中的報表,然後從 [視覺效果] 窗格的底部選取省略符號 > [從檔案匯入]。Open the report where you'd like to add the custom visual and from the bottom of the Visualizations pane select the ellipses > Import from file.

  8. 選取自訂效果檔案即可將該自訂效果的圖示新增到 [視覺效果] 窗格的底部。Select the custom visual file to add the icon for that custom visual to the bottom of your Visualizations pane. 您隨後便可在報表中使用該自訂效果。The custom visual is now available for use in your report.

考量與疑難排解Considerations and troubleshooting

  • 自訂視覺效果在匯入後會加入特定的報表。A custom visual is added to a specific report when imported. 如果想在另一份報表中使用這個視覺效果,也必須將它匯入該報表。If you'd like to use the visual in another report, you need to import it into that report as well. 使用 [另存新檔] 選項儲存具有自訂視覺效果的報表時,自訂視覺效果的複本就會與新報表一起儲存。When a report with a custom visual is saved using the Save As option, a copy of the custom visual is saved with the new report.

  • 如果您沒有看到 [視覺效果] 窗格,這表示您沒有該報表的編輯權限。If you don't see a Visualizations pane, that means you do not have edit permissions for the report. 您只能在您可編輯的報表中新增自訂視覺效果,而在與您共用的報表中則不能。You can only add custom visuals to reports you can edit, not to reports that have been shared with you.

有其他問題嗎?More questions? 試試 Power BI 社群Try the Power BI Community