Power BI 中的視覺效果Visualizations in Power BI

資料視覺效果可讓您與資料進行互動,以尋找商業見解。Data visualizations (aka visuals) allow you to interact with your data to find business insights. 在報表中建立及修改視覺效果,然後將其釘選到儀表板。Create and modify visualizations in your reports, and then pin them to your dashboards.

如果您是 Power BI 新手,或需要喚起記憶,請使用下列連結了解 Power BI 視覺效果的基本概念。If you're new to Power BI, or need a refresher, use the links below to learn the basics of Power BI visualizations. 或者,使用我們的目錄 (沿著本文的左邊),來找到更多有用的資訊。Alternately, use our Table of Contents (along the left side of this article) to find even more helpful information.

在 Power BI 中加入視覺效果Add a visualization in Power BI

在報表的頁面上建立視覺效果Create visualizations on the pages of your reports. 瀏覽可用視覺效果清單和可用視覺效果教學課程Browse the list of available visualizations and available visualization tutorials.

上傳自訂視覺效果並在 Power BI 中使用Upload a custom visualization and use it in Power BI

新增您自行建立或在 Office 市集中找到的自訂視覺效果。Add a custom visualization that you created yourself or that you found in the Office store. 腦中充滿創造力嗎?Feeling creative? 深入探索我們的原始程式碼,並使用我們的開發人員工具來創造新的視覺效果類型,然後與社群分享Dig into our source code and use our developer tools to create a new visualization type and share it with the community

變更視覺效果類型Change the visualization type

請嘗試變更視覺效果的類型,查看何者最適合您的資料。Try changing the type of visualization to see which works best with your data.

釘選視覺效果Pin the visualization

當視覺效果是您想要的呈現方式時,就可以將其釘選到儀表板作為圖格。When you have the visualization the way you want it, you can pin it to a dashboard as a tile. 如果您在釘選之後變更報表中的視覺效果,並不會變更儀表板上的磚。If you change the visualization in the report after you pin it, the tile on the dashboard doesn't change.

後續步驟Next steps

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