Power BI 報表中的靜態內容Static content in Power BI reports

可以使用 Power BI 服務和 Power BI Desktop 將文字方塊和圖形新增至報表。Text boxes and shapes can be added to reports using Power BI service and Power BI Desktop. 在這兩種情況下,您都必須要有報表的編輯權限。In both cases, you must have editing permissions for the report. 如果報表已與您共用,您就不能存取 [編輯檢視]。If a report has been shared with you, you will not have access to Editing view.

看看 Will 如何使用 Power BI Desktop 來將靜態影像新增至報表,並依照影片下方的步驟,使用 Power BI 服務來嘗試完成同樣的動作。Watch Will use Power BI Desktop to add static images to a report, and then follow the steps below to try it out yourself using Power BI service instead.

將文字方塊加入報表Add a text box to a report

  1. 在 [編輯檢視] 中開啟報表。Open a report in Editing view.

  2. 將游標置於報表畫布上任何空白的位置,然後選取 [文字方塊]。Place your cursor in any blank area on the report canvas and select Text Box.

  3. 將您的文字輸入文字方塊中,也可以輸入格式字型、色彩和文字對齊方式 (選擇性)。Type your text into the text box and, optionally, format font, color, and text alignment.

  4. 若要調整文字方塊的位置,請選取上方的灰色區域並拖曳。To position the text box, select the grey area at the top and drag. 若要調整文字方塊的大小,請選取並拖曳任一個外框控點。And to resize the text box, select and drag any of the outline handles.

  5. 在持續選取文字方塊的情況下,在 [視覺效果] 窗格中新增其他格式設定。With the text box still selected, add additional formatting in the VISUALIZATIONS pane. 在此範例中,我們修改了背景和框線的格式設定。In this example we've formatted the background and border. 您也可以針對文字方塊建立精確的大小和位置。You can also create an exact size and position for a text box.

  6. 若要關閉文字方塊,請在報表畫布上選取任何空白區域。To close the text box, select any blank space on the report canvas.

  7. 選取釘選圖示 ,藉此將文字方塊釘選至儀表板。Select the pin icon to pin the text box to a dashboard.

新增圖形至報表Add a shape to a report

  1. 將游標置於報表畫布上的任意位置,然後選取 [圖形]。Place your cursor anywhere on the report canvas and select Shapes.

  2. 從下拉式清單中選取圖形,將它新增至報表畫布。From the dropdown, select a shape to add it to your report canvas. 讓我們新增箭號,將注意力導向至具有最高總銷售變異數的泡泡圖。Let's add an arrow to direct attention to the bubble with the highest total sales variance.

    在 [格式化圖案] 窗格中,自訂您的圖形。In the Format shape pane, customize your shape. 我們在本例中建立了一個旋轉 90 度、有深紅色框線的紅色箭號。In this example we've created a red arrow with a dark red border, rotated 90 degrees.

  3. 若要調整圖形的位置,請選取並拖曳上方的灰色區域。To position the shape, select the grey area at the top and drag. 若要調整圖形的大小,請選取並拖曳任一個外框控點。And to resize the shape, select and drag any of the outline handles. 和文字方塊相同,您也可以針對圖形建立精確的大小和位置。As with the text box, you can also create an exact size and position for a shape.

注意:您無法將圖形釘選至儀表板,唯一的例外是在釘選動態頁面時將圖形釘選為視覺效果。NOTE: Shapes cannot be pinned to a dashboard, except as one of the visuals when you pin a live page.

後續步驟Next steps

將超連結新增至文字方塊Add a hyperlink to a text box

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