Power BI 中的環圈圖 (教學課程)Doughnut charts in Power BI (Tutorial)

環圈圖類似於圓形圖之處,在於它會顯示部分與整體的關聯性。A doughnut chart is similar to a pie chart in that it shows the relationship of parts to a whole. 唯一的差別在於,中央為空白,且保留空間給標籤或圖示。The only difference is that the center is blank and allows space for a label or icon.

建立環圈圖Create a doughnut chart

這些指示會使用「零售分析範例」來建立環圈圖,依類別顯示今年度銷售量。These instructions use the Retail Analysis Sample to create a doughnut chart that displays this year's sales by category. 若要跟著做,請針對 Power BI 服務 (app.powerbi.com) 或 Power BI Desktop 下載範例To follow along, download the sample for Power BI service (app.powerbi.com) or Power BI Desktop.

  1. 空白報告頁面開始,選取 [SalesStage] > [銷售階段] 欄位。Start on a blank report page and select the SalesStage > Sales Stage field. 如果您使用 Power BI 服務,請務必在編輯檢視中開啟報告。If you're using Power BI service, make sure you open the report in Editing View.

  2. 從 [欄位] 窗格中,選取 [銷售額] > [去年度銷售額]。From the Fields pane, select Sales > Last Year Sales.

  3. 從 [視覺效果] 窗格中,選取環圈圖的圖示 環圈圖圖示,以將橫條圖轉換成環圈圖。From the Visualizations pane, select the icon for doughnut chart doughnut chart icon to convert your bar chart to a doughnut chart. 如果 [值] 區域中沒有 [去年度銷售額],請將其拖曳到該區域。If Last Year Sales is not in the Values area, drag it there.

  4. 選取 [項目] > [類別],將其加入 [圖例] 區域。Select Item > Category to add it to the Legend area.

  5. 選擇性地調整圖表文字的大小和色彩Optionally, adjust the size and color of the chart's text.

考量與疑難排解Considerations and troubleshooting

  • 環圈圖圖表值的總和必須達 100%。The sum of the doughnut chart values must add up to 100%.
  • 太多的類別讓您難以讀取和解譯。Too many categories make it difficult to read and interpret.
  • 環圈圖最適合用來比較特定部分與整體,而不是在個別部分彼此之間比較。Doughnut charts are best used to compare a particular section to the whole, rather than comparing individual sections with each other.

後續步驟Next steps

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