KPI 視覺效果 (教學課程)KPI visuals (Tutorial)

關鍵效能指標 (KPI) 是一種視覺提示,指出對於可測量目標已達成的進度。A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a visual cue that communicates the amount of progress made toward a measurable goal. 如需 KPI 的詳細資訊,請參閱 Microsoft Developer NetworkFor more information about KPIs, see Microsoft Developer Network.

使用 KPI 的時機When to use a KPI

KPI 極適合:KPIs are a great choice:

  • 測量進度 (超前或落後了那些項目?)to measure progress (what am I ahead or behind on?)
  • 測量離目標的距離 (超前或落後了多少?)to measure distance to a goal (how far ahead or behind am I?)

KPI 視覺效果需求KPI visual requirements

關鍵效能指標 (KPI) 根據特定量值,設計來協助您評估針對定義目標的目前值和指標狀態。A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is based on a specific measure and is designed to help you evaluate the current value and status of a metric against a defined target. 因此,KPI 視覺效果需要評估為值的「基底」量值和「目標」量值或值,以及臨界值或目標。Therefore, a KPI visual requires a base measure that evaluates to a value and a target measure or value, and a threshold or goal.


目前的 KPI 資料集必須包含 KPI 目標值。Currently, a KPI dataset needs to contain goal values for a KPI. 若您的資料集未包含目標值,可透過將具有目標的 Excel 工作表新增至您的資料模型或 PBIX 檔案,以建立目標。If your dataset doesn't contain one, you can create goals by adding an Excel sheet with goals to your data model or PBIX file.

如何建立 KPIHow to create a KPI

如果要跟著做,請登入 Power BI 服務並選取 [取得資料] > [範例] > [零售分析範例]。To follow along, sign in to Power BI service and select Get Data > Samples > Retail Analysis Sample. 我們將建立 KPI,測量我們對業務目標已達成的進度。We'll create a KPI that measures the progress we've made toward a sales goal.

或觀看 Will 說明如何建立單一計量的視覺效果︰量測計、卡片及 KPI。Or watch Will show you how to create single metric visuals: gauges, cards, and KPIs.

  1. 編輯檢視中開啟報告,以及新增頁面Open the report in Editing view and add a new page.
  2. 選取 [銷售額] > [本年度的總單位]。Select Sales > Total Units This Year. 這會是指標。This will be the indicator.
  3. 新增 [時間] > [月份]。Add Time > Month. 這會顯示趨勢。This will be represent the trend.
  4. 重要:依照月份進行圖表排序。IMPORTANT: Sort the chart by Month. 將視覺效果轉換為 KPI 之後,即沒有選項可供排序。Once you convert the visualization to a KPI, there is no option to sort.

  5. 從 [視覺效果] 窗格中選取 KPI 圖示,將視覺效果轉換為 KPI。Convert the visual to a KPI by selecting the KPI icon from the Visualization pane.

  6. 新增目標。Add a goal. 新增去年銷售為目標。Add last years sales as the goal. 將 [去年度的總單位] 拖放至 [目標] 欄位。Drag Total Units Last Year to the Target goals field.

  7. (選擇性) 選取畫刷圖示可開啟 [格式化] 窗格來格式化 KPI。Optionally, format the KPI by selecting the paint roller icon to open the Formatting pane.

    • 指標:控制指標的顯示單位和小數位數。Indicator - controls the indicator’s display units and decimal places.
    • 趨勢軸:若設定為 [開啟],就會顯示趨勢軸,作為 KPI 視覺效果的背景。Trend axis - when set to On, the trend axis is displayed as the background of the KPI visual.
    • 目標:若設定為 [開啟],視覺效果會顯示目標,並以百分比顯示離目標的距離。Goals - when set to On, the visual displays the goal and the distance from the goal as a percentage.
    • [色彩編碼] > [方向] - 某些 KPI 的值較高可視為「更好」,而某些則是值較低可視為「更好」。Color coding > Direction - some KPIs are considered better for higher values and some are considered better for lower values. 例如,盈餘和等待時間。For example, earnings versus wait time. 通常盈餘值較高代表「更好」,而等待時間更高通常代表「更糟」。Typically a higher value of earnings is better versus a higher value of wait time. 選取 [高更好],以及選擇性變更色彩設定。Select high is better and, optionally, change the color settings.
  8. 當您建立了想要的 KPI 後,請將其釘選到儀表板.When you have the KPI as you want it, pin it to a dashboard.

KPI 在行動裝置上也可供使用,讓您可隨時連線到貴企業的活動訊號。KPIs are also available on your mobile devices – keeping you always connected to your businesses heartbeat.

考量與疑難排解Considerations and troubleshooting

  • 若您的 KPI 看起來不像上述說明,可能是因為您需要依照月份排序。If your KPI doesn't look like the one above, it may be because you need to sort by month. 因為 KPI 沒有排序選項,所以將視覺效果轉換為 KPI 之前,必須先依照月份排序。Since KPIs don't have a sort option, you'll need to sort by month before you convert your visualization to a KPI.

後續步驟Next steps

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