在 Power BI 中與 ArcGIS 地圖互動Interacting with ArcGIS maps in Power BI

本主題是從在 Power BI 服務、Power BI Desktop 或 Power BI Mobile 中「取用」ArcGIS 地圖的人員觀點來撰寫。This topic is written from the point of view of a person consuming an ArcGIS map in Power BI service, Desktop, or mobile. 一旦建立者與您共用 ArcGIS 地圖,可利用許多方法與該地圖互動。Once a creator shares an ArcGIS map with you, there are many ways to interact with that map. 若要深入了解如何建立 ArcGIS 地圖,請參閱由 Esri 提供的 ArcGIS 地圖教學課程To learn more about creating an ArcGIS map, see ArcGIS maps by esri tutorial.

ArcGIS 地圖與 Power BI 的結合,把在點之外加上地圖的做法帶到了全新境界。The combination of ArcGIS maps and Power BI takes mapping beyond the presentation of points on a map to a whole new level. 您可以使用基礎地圖、位置類型、佈景主題、符號樣式及參考圖層等選項,建立具有豐富資訊的絶佳地圖視覺效果。The available options for base maps, location types, themes, symbol styles, and reference layers creates gorgeous informative map visualizations. 地圖上的官方資料圖層 (例如人口普查資料) 與空間分析結合之後,能讓人更深入了解視覺效果中的資料。The combination of authoritative data layers (such as census data) on a map with spatial analysis conveys a deeper understanding of the data in your visualization.


GIS 是 Geographic Information Science (地理資訊科學) 的縮寫。GIS stands for Geographic Information Science.

我們所使用的範例是由 ESRI 提供的 ArcGIS 地圖教學課程中所建立的相同 ArcGIS 地圖。The example we're using is the same ArcGIS map created in the ArcGIS maps by esri tutorial. 它會依鄉/鎮/市/區查看去年銷售量,使用街道基礎地圖、泡泡符號來表示大小,並使用平均家庭收入的參考圖層。It looks at last year's sales by city and uses a street basemap, bubble symbols to represent size, and a reference layer for average household income. 此地圖包含 3 個圖釘及一個行車時間半徑範圍 (以紫色顯示)。The map contains 3 pins and one drive time radius (in purple).


若要查看多個範例及閱讀見證,請前往 Power BI 上的 Esri 頁面Visit esri's page on Power BI to see many examples and read testimonials. 接著請參閱 Esri 的 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI Getting Started (ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 使用者入門) 頁面And then see esri's ArcGIS Maps for Power BI Getting Started page.

當同事第一次與您共用 ArcGIS 地圖時,Power BI 會顯示提示。The first time a colleague shares an ArcGIS map with you, Power BI will display a prompt. ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 是由 Esri 提供,因此,您的 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 使用方式受到 Esri 的條款及隱私權原則的規範。ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is provided by Esri and your use of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is subject by Esri's terms and privacy policy. 如果 Power BI 使用者想要使用 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 的視覺效果,就必須接受同意對話方塊。Power BI users wishing to use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visuals need to accept the consent dialog.

選取工具Selection tools

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 具有三個選取模式。ArcGIS Maps for Power BI allows three selection modes. 一次最多可以選取 250 個資料點。A maximum of 250 data points can be selected at a time.

選取個別資料點。 Select individual data points.

在地圖上繪製一個矩形,並選取包含的資料點。 Draws a rectangle on the map and selects the contained data points. 使用 CTRL 鍵可選取多個矩形區域。Use CTRL to select more than one rectangular area.

可讓您使用參考圖層內的界限或多邊形,進而選取包含的資料點。 Allows boundaries or polygons within reference layers to be used to select contained data points.

與 ArcGIS 地圖互動Interacting with an ArcGIS map

您可以使用的功能取決於您是「建立者」(建立地圖的人) 或「取用者」(與您共用 ArcGIS 地圖的人)。The features available to you depend on whether you are the creator (person who made the map) or the consumer (someone shared an ArcGIS map with you). 如果您以取用者身分與 ArcGIS 地圖互動 (也稱為閱讀檢視),以下是您可以採取的動作。If you are interacting with an ArcGIS map as a consumer (aka Reading view, here are the actions available to you.

  • 如同其他視覺效果類型,您可以釘選到儀表板檢視及/或匯出基礎資料,然後在焦點模式全螢幕中查看地圖。As with other visualization types, you can pin to dashboards, view and/or export the underlying data, and see the map in Focus mode and Full screen.
  • 展開 [篩選] 窗格以使用篩選探索地圖。Expand the Filters pane to explore the map using filters. 當您關閉報表時,不會儲存您所套用的篩選。When you close the report, the filters you applied are not saved.
  • 如果地圖有參考圖層,選取位置即可在工具提示中顯示詳細資料。If the map has a reference layer, select locations to display details in a tooltip. 我們在這裡選取了亞當斯郡,並查看建立者新增至地圖之平均家庭收入參考圖層中的資料。Here we've selected Adams County and see data from the average household income reference layer the creator added to the map.

    在本例中,我們也會取得一個圖表。In this case we also get a chart. 選取圖表上的長條以深入了解相關資料。Select a bar on the chart to dig into the data. 我們在這裡看到亞當斯郡有 79 戶的收入為美金 $200,000 元 (含) 以上。Here we see that 79 households in Adams county earn $200,000 or greater.

    選取箭號即可顯示任何其他圖表。Select the arrow to display any additional charts.

  • 將滑鼠停留在基礎地圖位置符號上方,以在工具提示中顯示詳細資料。Hover over basemap location symbols to display details in a tooltip.


    您可能必須放大才能選取特定位置。You may have to zoom in to select a specific location. 否則,如果有位置重疊,Power BI 可能會一次提供多個工具提示。Otherwise, if there are overlapping locations, Power BI may present you with more than 1 tooltip at a time. 選取箭號即可在工具提示之間移動Select the arrows to move between the tooltips

  • 如果建立者將資訊圖層新增至 ArcGIS 地圖,您將會在地圖右上角看到其他資料顯示。If the creator has added an Infographics layer to the ArcGIS map, you'll see additional data displayed in the upper-right corner of the map. 例如,地圖建立者在這裡新增了「14 歲以下兒童」。For example, here the map creator added "Children under 14."

考量與限制Considerations and Limitations

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 可在下列服務和應用程式中使用:ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is available in the following services and applications:

Power BI DesktopPower BI Desktop Yes
Power BI 服務 (app.powerbi.com)Power BI service (app.powerbi.com) Yes
Power BI 行動應用程式Power BI mobile applications Yes
Power BI 的發佈至網路功能Power BI publish to web No
Power BI EmbeddedPower BI Embedded No
Power BI 服務內嵌 (PowerBI.com)Power BI service embedding (PowerBI.com) No

ArcGIS 地圖未顯示 The ArcGIS map is not showing up
在無法使用 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 的服務或應用程式中,視覺效果將顯示為帶有 Power BI 標誌的空白視覺效果。In services or applications where ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is not available, the visualization will show as an empty visual with the Power BI logo.

我在地圖上看不到我所有的地址 I'm not seeing all of my addresses on the map
當為街道地址進行地理編碼時,僅限為前 1500 個地址進行地理編碼。When geocoding street addresses, only the first 1500 addresses are geocoded. 為位置的名稱或國家進行地理編碼時,不受 1500 個地址的限制。Geocoding place names or countries is not subject to the 1500 address limit.

使用 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 會產生任何費用嗎?Is there any charge for using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI?

所有 Power BI 使用者皆可免費使用 ArcGIS Map for Power BI。The ArcGIS Map for Power BI is available to all Power BI users at no additional cost. 它是一個由 Esri 所提供的元件,因此,您的使用方式受到 Esri 的條款及隱私權原則的規範 (如本文稍早所述)。It is a component provided by Esri and your use is subject to the terms and privacy policy provided by Esri as noted earlier in this article.

我收到有關快取將滿的錯誤訊息I'm getting an error message about my cache being full

目前正在解決此 BUG。This is a bug that is being addressed. 在此同時,請選取出現在錯誤訊息中的連結,以取得清除 Power BI 快取的相關指示。In the meantime, select the link that appears in the error message for instructions on clearing your Power BI cache.

我可以離線檢視我的 ArcGIS 地圖嗎?Can I view my ArcGIS maps offline?

不能,Power BI 需要網路連線才能顯示地圖。No, Power BI needs network connectivity to display the maps.

後續步驟Next steps

取得說明:Esri 有提供 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 功能集的完整文件Getting help: Esri provides comprehensive documentation on the feature set of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI.

您可以參與 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 相關的 Power BI 社群對話,提出問題、了解最新資訊、回報問題及尋找解答。You can ask questions, find the latest information, report issues, and find answers on the Power BI community thread related to ArcGIS Maps for Power BI.

如果您有建議的改進項目,請將其提交到 Power BI 的集思廣益清單If you have a suggestion for an improvement, please submit it to Power BI's ideas list.

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