Power BI 報表伺服器中的 Power BI 報表資料來源Power BI report data sources in Power BI Report Server

Power BI 報表可以連線到不同的資料來源。Power BI reports can connect to different data sources. 根據使用資料的方式而定,可以使用不同的資料來源。Depending on how data is used, different data sources are available. 可以匯入資料,或者使用 DirectQuery 或與 SQL Server Analysis Services 的即時連線,直接查詢資料。Data can be imported or data can be queried directly using DirectQuery or a live connection to SQL Server Analysis Services.

這些資料來源專屬於 Power BI 報表伺服器中使用的 Power BI 報表。These data sources are specific to Power BI reports used within Power BI Report Server. 如需支援分頁報表之資料來源的詳細資訊,請參閱 Reporting Services 支援的資料來源For information about data sources supported with paginated reports, see Data Sources Supported by Reporting Services.


Power BI Desktop 報表中的所有資料來源都必須支援設定排程的重新整理。All data sources in a Power BI Desktop report must be supported to configure scheduled refresh.

支援的資料來源清單List of supported data sources

其他資料來源可以運作,即使它們不在支援的清單中。Other data sources may work even though they aren't on the supported list.

資料來源Data source 快取資料Cached data 排程的重新整理Scheduled refresh 即時/DirectQueryLive/DirectQuery
SQL Server 資料庫SQL Server Database Yes Yes Yes
SQL Server Analysis ServicesSQL Server Analysis Services Yes Yes Yes
Azure SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database Yes Yes Yes
Azure SQL 資料倉儲Azure SQL Data Warehouse Yes Yes Yes
ExcelExcel Yes Yes No
Access 資料庫Access Database Yes Yes No
Active DirectoryActive Directory Yes Yes No
Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift Yes No No
Azure Blob 儲存體Azure Blob Storage Yes Yes No
Azure Data Lake StoreAzure Data Lake Store Yes No No
Azure HDInsight (HDFS)Azure HDInsight (HDFS) Yes Yes No
Azure HDInsight (Spark)Azure HDInsight (Spark) Yes Yes No
Azure 表格儲存體Azure Table Storage Yes Yes No
Dynamics 365 (線上)Dynamics 365 (online) Yes No No
FacebookFacebook Yes No No
資料夾Folder Yes Yes No
Google Analytics (分析)Google Analytics Yes No No
Hadoop 檔案 (HDFS)Hadoop File (HDFS) Yes No No
IBM DB2 資料庫IBM DB2 Database Yes Yes No
ImpalaImpala Yes No No
Microsoft ExchangeMicrosoft Exchange Yes No No
Microsoft Exchange OnlineMicrosoft Exchange Online Yes No No
MySQL 資料庫MySQL Database Yes Yes No
OData 摘要OData Feed Yes Yes No
Oracle 資料庫Oracle Database Yes Yes Yes
PostgreSQL 資料庫PostgreSQL Database Yes Yes No
Power BI 服務Power BI service No No No
R ScriptR Script Yes No No
Salesforce 物件Salesforce Objects Yes No No
Salesforce 報表Salesforce Reports Yes No No
SAP Business Warehouse 伺服器SAP Business Warehouse server Yes Yes Yes
SAP HANA 資料庫SAP HANA Database Yes Yes Yes
SharePoint 資料夾 (內部部署)SharePoint Folder (on-premises) Yes Yes No
SharePoint 清單 (內部部署)SharePoint List (on-premises) Yes Yes No
SharePoint Online 清單SharePoint Online List Yes No No
雪花式Snowflake Yes No No
Sybase 資料庫Sybase Database Yes Yes No
Teradata 資料庫Teradata Database Yes Yes Yes
Text/CSVText/CSV Yes Yes No
WebWeb Yes Yes No
appFigures (Beta)appFigures (Beta) Yes No No
Azure Analysis Services 資料庫 (搶鮮版 (Beta))Azure Analysis Services database (Beta) Yes No No
Azure Cosmos DB (搶鮮版 (Beta))Azure Cosmos DB (Beta) Yes No No
Azure HDInsight Spark (Beta)Azure HDInsight Spark (Beta) Yes No No
Common Data Service (搶鮮版 (Beta))Common Data Service (Beta) Yes No No
comScore Digital Analytix (Beta)comScore Digital Analytix (Beta) Yes No No
Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights (Beta)Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights (Beta) Yes No No
Dynamics 365 for Financials (搶鮮版 (Beta))Dynamics 365 for Financials (Beta) Yes No No
GitHub (Beta)GitHub (Beta) Yes No No
Google BigQuery (搶鮮版 (Beta))Google BigQuery (Beta) Yes No No
IBM Informix 資料庫 (搶鮮版 (Beta))IBM Informix database (Beta) Yes No No
IBM Netezza (Beta)IBM Netezza (Beta) Yes No No
Kusto (搶鮮版 (Beta))Kusto (Beta) Yes No No
MailChimp (Beta)MailChimp (Beta) Yes No No
Microsoft Azure Consumption Insights (搶鮮版 (Beta))Microsoft Azure Consumption Insights (Beta) Yes No No
Mixpanel (搶鮮版 (Beta))Mixpanel (Beta) Yes No No
Planview Enterprise (Beta)Planview Enterprise (Beta) Yes No No
Projectplace (搶鮮版 (Beta))Projectplace (Beta) Yes No No
QuickBooks Online (Beta)QuickBooks Online (Beta) Yes No No
SmartsheetSmartsheet Yes No No
Spark (Beta)Spark (Beta) Yes No No
SparkPost (Beta)SparkPost (Beta) Yes No No
SQL Sentry (Beta)SQL Sentry (Beta) Yes No No
Stripe (搶鮮版 (Beta))Stripe (Beta) Yes No No
SweetIQ (Beta)SweetIQ (Beta) Yes No No
Troux (Beta)Troux (Beta) Yes No No
Twilio (Beta)Twilio (Beta) Yes No No
tyGraph (Beta)tyGraph (Beta) Yes No No
Vertica (搶鮮版 (Beta))Vertica (Beta) Yes No No
Visual Studio Team Services (Beta)Visual Studio Team Services (Beta) Yes No No
Webtrends (Beta)Webtrends (Beta) Yes No No
Zendesk (Beta)Zendesk (Beta) Yes No No


在資料來源設定的資料列層級安全性,應該適用於特定 DirectQuery (SQL Server、Azure SQL Database、Oracle 和 Teradata),且即時連線假設 Kerberos 已在您的環境中適當設定。Row-level security configured at the data source should work for certain DirectQuery (SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Oracle and Teradata) and live connections assuming Kerberos is configured properly in your environment.

後續步驟Next steps

既然已挑選您的資料來源,請使用該資料來源中的資料以建立報表Now that your data source is picked out, create a report using data from that data source.

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