Power BI 報表伺服器中 Power BI 報表排程的重新整理Power BI report scheduled refresh in Power BI Report Server

Power BI 報表的排程重新整理可讓報表的資料保持在最新狀態。Scheduled refresh for Power BI reports allows the data for a report to stay up to date.

Power BI 報表伺服器內排程的重新整理

排程的重新整理專屬於具有內嵌模型的 Power BI 報表。Scheduled refresh is specific to Power BI reports with an embedded model. 這表示您是將資料匯入至報表,而不是使用即時連線或 DirectQuery。Meaning you imported data into the report instead of using a live connection or DirectQuery. 當匯入資料時,它會與原始資料來源中斷連線,並且需要更新,讓資料保持在最新狀態。When importing your data, it is disconnected from the original data source and needs to be updated to keep data fresh. 排程的重新整理是讓資料保持在最新狀態的方式。Scheduled refresh is the way to keep your data up to date.

排程的重新整理是在報表的管理區段中設定。Scheduled refresh is configured within the management section of a report. 如需有關如何設定排程的重新整理的詳細資訊,請參閱如何設定 Power BI 報表排程的重新整理For more information on how to configure scheduled refresh, see How to configure Power BI report scheduled refresh.

運作方式How this works

針對 Power BI 報表使用排程的重新整理時,會牽涉到數個元件。Several components are involved when using scheduled refresh for your Power BI reports.

  • SQL Server Agent 作為計時器來產生排程的事件。SQL Server Agent as a timer to generate scheduled events.
  • 排程的作業會新增至事件佇列和報表伺服器資料庫中的通知。Scheduled jobs are added to a queue of events and notifications in the report server database. 在相應放大部署中,會在部署中的所有報表伺服器之間共用佇列。In a scale-out deployment, the queue is shared across all of the report servers in the deployment.
  • 因為排程的事件而發生的所有報表處理會以背景處理程序執行。All report processing that occurs as a result of a schedule event is performed as a background process.
  • 資料模型會在 Analysis Services 執行個體中載入。The data model is loaded within an Analysis Services instance.
  • 對於某些資料來源,Power Query 混搭引擎是用來連線至資料來源,並且轉換資料。For some data sources, the Power Query mashup engine is used to connect to data sources and transform the data. 其他資料來源可能會直接從用來裝載 Power BI 報表伺服器資料模型的 Analysis Services 服務連線。Other data sources may be connected to directly from an Analysis Services service used to host the data models for Power BI Report Server.
  • 新的資料會載入至 Analysis services 中的資料模型。New data is loaded into the data model within Analysis Services.
  • Analysis Services 會處理資料,並執行任何所需的計算。Analysis Services processes the data and executes any needed calculations.

Power BI 報表伺服器會為所有排程的作業維護事件佇列。Power BI Report Server maintains an event queue for all scheduled operations. 它會定期輪詢佇列以檢查是否有新的事件。It polls the queue at regular intervals to check for new events. 根據預設,佇列會以 10 秒鐘的間隔進行掃描。By default, the queue is scanned at 10 second intervals. 您可以藉由修改 RSReportServer.config 檔案中的 PollingIntervalIsNotificationServiceIsEventService 組態設定,來變更間隔。You can change the interval by modifying the PollingInterval, IsNotificationService, and IsEventService configuration settings in the RSReportServer.config file. IsDataModelRefreshService 也可以用來設定報表伺服器是否處理排程的事件。IsDataModelRefreshService can also be used to set whether a report server process scheduled events.

Analysis ServicesAnalysis Services

轉譯 Power BI 報表,以及執行排程的重新整理,需要在 Analysis Services 中載入 Power BI 報表的資料模型。Rendering a Power BI report, as well as performing a scheduled refresh, requires loading the Power BI report's data model in Analysis Services. Analysis Services 處理程序將會與 Power BI 報表伺服器執行。An Analysis Services process will be running with Power BI Report Server.

考量與限制Considerations and limitations

排程的重新整理無法使用時When scheduled refresh can't be used

並非所有 Power BI 報表都可以在上面建立排程的重新整理計劃。Not all Power BI Reports can have a scheduled refresh plan created on them. 以下是您無法建立排程的重新整理計劃之 Power BI 報表的清單。The following is a list of Power BI Reports that you Can't create a scheduled refresh plan.

  • 您的報表包含一或多個 Analysis Services 資料來源,使用即時連線。Your report contains one or more Analysis Services data sources, which use a live connection.
  • 您的報表包含一或多個資料來源,使用 DirectQuery。Your report contains one or more data sources, which use DirectQuery.
  • 您的報表不包含任何資料來源。Your report does not contain any data source. 例如,資料是透過「輸入資料」手動輸入,或者報表只包含類似影像、文字等的靜態內容。For example, data is manually entered via Enter Data or a report contains only static content like images, text, etc.

除了上述清單,在「匯入」模式中還有資料來源的特定案例,您無法為其建立重新整理計劃。In addition to the above list, there are specific scenarios with data sources in import mode, for which you cannot created refresh plans.

  • 如果使用「檔案」或「資料夾」資料來源,且檔案路徑是本機路徑 (例如 C:\Users\user\Documents),則無法建立重新整理計劃。If a File or Folder data source is used and the file path is a local path (e.g. C:\Users\user\Documents), then a refresh plan cannot be created. 路徑必須是報表伺服器可以連線的路徑,例如網路共用。The path must be a path the report server can connect to like a network share. 例如,\myshare\Documents。For example, \myshare\Documents.
  • 如果資料來源只能使用 OAuth (例如,Facebook、Google Analytics、Salesforce 等) 來連線,則無法建立快取重新整理計劃。If data source can be connected using only OAuth (e.g. Facebook, Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.), then cache refresh plan cannot be created. 目前,RS 不支援任何資料來源 (無論是分頁、行動或 Power BI 報表) 的 OAuth 驗證。At the moment, RS does not support OAuth authentication for any data source whether it is for paginated, mobile or Power BI reports.

記憶體限制Memory limits

報表伺服器的傳統工作負載類似於 Web 應用程式。Traditional workload for a report server has been similar to a web application. 以匯入的資料或 DirectQuery 載入報表的能力,以及執行排程的重新整理的能力,都依賴與報表伺服器一同裝載的 Analysis Services 執行個體。The ability to load reports with imported data or DirectQuery, and the ability to perform scheduled refresh, rely on an Analysis Services instance being hosted alongside of the report server. 因此,這可能會造成伺服器的未預期記憶體壓力。As a result, this could result is unexpected memory pressure on the server. 根據對 Analysis Services 可能會與報表伺服器一起耗用記憶體的了解,來規劃伺服器部署。Plan your server deployment accordingly knowning that Analysis Services may be consuming memory alongside the report server.

如需如何監視 Analysis Services 執行個體的詳細資訊,請參閱監視 Analysis Services 執行個體For information on how to monitor an Analysis Services instance, see Monitor an Analysis Services Instance.

如需 Analysis Services 內記憶體設定的詳細資訊,請參閱記憶體屬性For information about memory settings within Analysis Services, see Memory Properties.

驗證和 KerberosAuthentication and Kerberos

如果您的資料來源設定為使用 Windows 認證,可能需要設定 Kerberos 限制委派,才能運作。If your data source is set to use Windows credentials, Kerberos constrained delegation may need to be configured in order to work. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱在報表伺服器上設定 Windows 驗證For more information, see Configure Windows authentication on the report server.

後續步驟Next steps

在 Power BI 報表上設定排程的重新整理Configure scheduled refresh on a Power BI report.

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