Power BI Gateway - Personal 疑難排解Troubleshooting Power BI Gateway - Personal

以下探討使用 Power BI Gateway - Personal 時可能遇到的一些常見問題。The following goes through some common issues you may encounter when using the Power BI Gateway - Personal.


目前供個人使用的閘道版本是內部部署資料閘道 (個人)The current version of the gateway for personal use is the On-premises data gateway (personal). 請更新您的安裝才能使用該版本。Please update your installation to use that version.

更新為最新版本Update to the latest version

當閘道器版本過期時就會出現很多問題。A lot of issues can surface when the gateway version is out of date. 這是確定維持最新版本的良好一般做法。It is a good general practice to make sure you are on the latest version. 如果超過一個月或更久沒有更新閘道器,您可能要考慮安裝最新版的閘道器,然後查看可否重現這項問題。If you haven't updated the gateway for a month, or longer, you may want to consider installing the latest version of the gateway and see if you can reproduce the issue.


個人閘道是 64 位元 - 如果您的電腦是 32 位元,將無法安裝個人閘道。Personal gateway is 64bit - If your machine is 32bit, you will not be able to install the personal gateway. 您的作業系統必須是 64 位元。Your operating system needs to be 64bit. 您必須安裝 64 位元版本的 Windows,或在 64 位元電腦上安裝個人閘道。You will need to install a 64bit version of Windows, or install the personal gateway on a 64bit machine.

雖然您是此電腦的本機系統管理員,但無法將個人閘道作為服務進行安裝 - 如果使用者位於電腦的本機系統管理員群組中,但群組原則不允許該使用者名稱以服務身分登入,安裝就有可能失敗。Personal gateway fails to install as a service even though you are a local administrator for the computer - Installation can fail if the user is in the computer’s local Administrator group, but group policy does not allow that username to log on as a service. 在這種情況下,請確定群組原則允許使用者登入為服務。At the moment, ensure the group policy allows a user to log on as a service. 我們正努力修正這個問題。We’re working on a fix for this issue. 深入了解Learn more

作業已逾時 - 如果您正在安裝個人閘道的電腦 (實體機器或 VM) 具有單一核心處理器,就很容易發生這種問題。Operation timed out - This is common if the computer (physical machine or VM) on which you’re installing the personal gateway has a single core processor. 請關閉任何應用程式,並關閉任何非必要程序,然後再次嘗試安裝。Close any applications and turn off any non-essential processes and try installing again.

資料管理閘道或 Analysis Services Connector 無法在相同電腦上安裝為個人閘道 - 如果您已經安裝了 Analysis Services Connector 或資料管理閘道,就必須先將 Connector 或閘道解除安裝,然後再安裝個人閘道。Data Management Gateway or Analysis Services Connector cannot be installed on the same computer as personal gateway - If you already have an Analysis Services Connector or Data Management Gateway installed, you must first uninstall the Connector or the gateway and then try installing the personal gateway.


如果您在安裝期間遇到問題,安裝程式記錄可以提供協助您解決問題的資訊。If you encounter an issue during installation, the setup logs could provide information to help you resolve the issue. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱安裝記錄See Setup Logs for more information.

Proxy 設定:如果您的環境需要使用 Proxy,您可能會遇到個人閘道設定問題。Proxy configuration You may encounter issues with configuring the personal gateway if your environment needs the use of a proxy. 若要深入了解如何設定 Proxy 資訊,請參閱 Configuring proxy settings for the Power BI Gateways (設定 Power BI Gateways 的 Proxy 設定)。To learn more about how to configure proxy information, see Configuring proxy settings for the Power BI Gateways

排程重新整理Schedule refresh

錯誤:遺漏儲存在雲端中的認證。Error: The credential stored in the cloud is missing.

如果您已排定重新整理,然後解除安裝又重新安裝了個人閘道,則您可能會在 <dataset> 的設定中遇到這項錯誤。You could get this error in Settings for <dataset> if you have a scheduled refresh and then uninstalled and re-installed the personal gateway. 當您解除安裝個人閘道時,已設定要重新整理之資料集的資料來源認證會從 Power BI 服務中移除。When you uninstall a personal gateway, data source credentials for a dataset that has been configured for refresh are removed from the Power BI service.

解決方案: 在 Power BI 中,移至資料集的重新整理設定。Solution: In Power BI, go to the refresh settings for a dataset. 在 [管理資料來源] 中,針對發生錯誤的任何資料來源,按一下 [編輯認證],然後再次登入此資料來源。In Manage Data Sources, for any data source with an error, click Edit credentials and sign in to the data source again.

錯誤:針對此資料集提供的認證不正確。請更新重新整理過程中或在 [資料來源設定] 對話方塊中的認證以繼續。Error: The credentials provided for the dataset are invalid. Please update the credentials through a refresh or in the Data Source Settings dialog to continue.

解決方案:如果您收到認證訊息,可能表示:Solution: If you get a credentials message, it could mean:

  • 確定用來登入資料來源的使用者名稱和密碼處於最新狀態。Make sure usernames and passwords used to sign into data sources are up to date. 在 Power BI 中,移至該資料集的 [重新整理] 設定。In Power BI, go to refresh settings for the dataset. 在 [管理資料來源] 中,按一下 [編輯認證] 來更新該資料來源的認證。In Manage Data Sources, click Edit credentials to update the credentials for the data source.
  • 如果雲端來源和內部部署來源之一使用 OAuth 進行驗證,則兩個來源 (單一查詢) 之間的交互式 Web 應用程式將無法在個人閘道中重新整理。Mashups between a cloud source and an on-premises source, in a single query, will fail to refresh in the personal gateway if one of the sources is using OAuth for authentication. CRM Online 和本機 SQL Server 之間的交互式 Web 應用程式即為一例。An example of this is a mashup between CRM Online and a local SQL Server. 由於 CRM Online 需要 OAuth,因此這項作業將會失敗。This will fail because CRM Online requires OAuth.

    這是已知問題,並且正在進行調查。This is a known issue, and being looked at. 若要解決此問題,請針對雲端來源和內部部署來源使用不同的查詢,再使用合併或附加查詢加以結合。To work around the problem, have a separate query for the cloud source and the on-premises source and use a merge or append query to combine them.

錯誤:資料來源不受支援。Error: Unsupported data source.

解決方案: 如果您在 [排程重新整理] 設定中看見不支援的資料來源訊息,這可能表示:Solution: If you get an unsupported data source message in Schedule Refresh settings, it could mean:

  • 該資料來源目前不支援在 Power BI 中重新整理。The data source is not currently supported for refresh in Power BI.
  • 此 Excel 活頁簿不包含資料模型,只有工作表資料。The Excel workbook does not contain a data model, only worksheet data. 目前僅當上傳的 Excel 活頁簿包含資料模型時,Power BI 才支援重新整理。Power BI currently only supports refresh if the uploaded Excel workbook contains a data model. 當您使用 Power Query 在 Excel 中匯入資料時,請務必選擇此選項來載入資料至資料模型。When you import data using Power Query in Excel, be sure to choose the option to Load data to data model. 這可確保資料匯入資料模型。This ensures data is imported into a data model.

錯誤:[無法結合資料] <查詢部分>/<…>/<…>存取的資料來源擁有無法一起使用的隱私權等級。請重建這個資料組合。Error: [Unable to combine data] <query part>/<…>/<…> is accessing data sources that have privacy levels which cannot be used together. Please rebuild this data combination.

解決方案:這個錯誤是由於隱私權等級限制及所使用的資料來源類型所致。Solution: This error is due to the privacy level restrictions and the types of data sources you are using. 深入了解Learn more

錯誤:資料來源錯誤:無法將值 "[Table]" 轉換成類型 Table。Error: Data source error: We cannot convert the value "[Table]" to type Table.

解決方案:這個錯誤是由於隱私權等級限制及所使用的資料來源類型所致。Solution: This error is due to the privacy level restrictions and the types of data sources you are using. 深入了解Learn more

錯誤:這個資料列沒有足夠空間。Error: There is not enough space for this row.

如果您有大小超過 4 MB 的單一資料列,就可能發生這種情況。This will occur if you have a single row greater than 4 MB in size. 您必須從資料來源判斷那是什麼資料列,並嘗試加以篩選或縮減該資料列的大小。You will need to determine what the row is from your data source and attempt to filter it out or reduce the size for that row.

資料來源Data sources

遺漏資料提供者 - 個人閘道只有 64 位元版本。Missing data provider – The personal gateway is 64-bit only. 必須將資料提供者的 64 位元版本安裝在個人閘道安裝的相同電腦上。It requires a 64-bit version of the data providers to be installed on the same computer where the personal gateway is installed. 例如,如果該資料集的資料來源是 Microsoft Access,您就必須將 64 位元的 ACE 提供者安裝在安裝了個人閘道的相同電腦上。For example, if the data source in the dataset is Microsoft Access, you must install the 64-bit ACE provider on the same computer where you installed the personal gateway.


如果您有 32 位元 Excel,就無法在同一部電腦上安裝 64 位元的 ACE 提供者。If you have 32 bit Excel, you cannot install a 64-bit ACE provider on the same computer.

Access 資料庫不支援 Windows 驗證 - Power BI 目前對於 Access 資料庫僅支援匿名操作。Windows authentication is not supported for Access database - Power BI currently only supports anonymous for Access database. 我們正在研究如何啟用 Access 資料庫的 Windows 驗證。We are working on enabling Windows authentication for Access database.

輸入資料來源認證時登入錯誤 - 如果您在輸入資料來源的 Windows 認證時,出現類似的錯誤,可能是因為您還在使用舊版個人閘道。Sign in error when entering credentials for a datasource - If you get an error similar to this when entering Windows credentials for a data source, you might still be on an older version of the personal gateway. 安裝最新版本的 Power BI Gateway - PersonalInstall the latest version of Power BI Gateway - Personal.

錯誤:選取使用 ACE OLEDB 資料來源的 Windows 驗證時發生登入錯誤 - 在輸入使用 ACE OLEDB 提供者的資料來源的資料來源認證時,如果發生下列錯誤:Error: Sign in error when selecting Windows authentication for a data source using ACE OLEDB - If you get the following error when entering data source credentials for a data source using ACE OLEDB provider:

Power BI 目前不支援使用 ACE OLEDB 提供者之資料來源的 Windows 驗證。Power BI does not currently support Windows authentication for a data source using ACE OLEDB provider.

解決方案:若要解決這個錯誤,您可以選取 [匿名驗證]。Solution: To work around this error, you can select Anonymous authentication. 舊版 ACE OLEDB 提供者的匿名認證相當於 Windows 認證。For legacy ACE OLEDB provider, Anonymous credentials are equivalent to Windows credentials.

磚重新整理Tile refresh

如果您收到儀表板磚重新整理錯誤,請參閱下列文章。If you are receiving an error with dashboard tiles refreshing, please refer to the following article.

為磚錯誤進行疑難排解Troubleshooting tile errors

疑難排解的工具Tools for troubleshooting

重新整理記錄Refresh History

重新整理記錄 可以協助您查看發生了哪些錯誤,以及在需要建立支援要求時提供有用的資料。Refresh History can help you see what errors have occurred, as well as provide useful data if you should need to create a support request. 您可以同時檢視已排程及依需求的重新整理。You can view both scheduled, as well as on demand, refreshes. 以下是取得 重新整理記錄的方式。Here is how you can get to the Refresh History.

  1. 在 Power BI 瀏覽窗格中,於 [資料集] 中選取資料集 > [開啟功能表]> [排程重新整理] 。In the Power BI navigation pane, in Datasets, select a dataset > Open Menu > Schedule Refresh.
  2. 在 [設定...] 中> [排程重新整理] ,選取 [重新整理記錄]。In Settings for... > Schedule Refresh, select Refresh History.

事件記錄檔Event logs

有數個事件記錄檔可以提供資訊。There are several event logs that can provide information. 前兩個為 Data Management GatewayPowerBIGateway,如果您是電腦的系統管理員。The first two, Data Management Gateway and PowerBIGateway, are present if you are an admin on the machine. 如果您不是系統管理員,而且使用個人閘道,就會在 Application 記錄檔內看到記錄項目。If you are not an admin, and you are using the Personal Gateway, you will see the log entries within the Application log.

Data Management GatewayPowerBIGateway 記錄檔位於 Application and Services Logs下。The Data Management Gateway and PowerBIGateway logs are present under Application and Services Logs.

Fiddler 追蹤Fiddler trace

Fiddler 是 Telerik 提供的免費工具,可用來監視 HTTP 流量。Fiddler is a free tool from Telerik that monitors HTTP traffic. 您可以從用戶端電腦使用 Power BI 服務來回查看。You can see the back and forth with the Power BI service from the client machine. 這可能會顯示錯誤和其他相關資訊。This may show errors and other related information.

安裝程式記錄檔Setup Logs

如果 Personal Gateway 無法安裝,您會看到顯示安裝記錄的連結。If the Personal Gateway, fails to install, you will see a link to show the setup log. 這可以顯示有關失敗的詳細資料。This could show you details about the failure. 這些是 Windows 安裝記錄,也稱為 MSI 記錄。These are Windows Install logs, or also knows as MSI logs. 可能相當複雜且難以閱讀。They can be fairly complex and hard to read. 產生的錯誤通常會在底部,但判斷錯誤的原因並非易事。Typically the resulting error will be at the bottom, but determining the cause of the error is not trivial. 原因有可能是不同記錄的錯誤結果,或是記錄中更上層錯誤的結果。It could be a result of errors in a different log, or be a result of an error higher up in the log.

您可以改為前往暫存資料夾 (%temp%) 尋找開頭為 Power_BI_ 的檔案。Alternatively, you can go to your Temp folder (%temp%) and look for files that start with Power_BI_.


%temp% 可能位在暫存資料夾的子資料夾內。Power_BI_ 檔案會在暫存目錄的根目錄中。Going to %temp% may take you to a subfolder of temp. The Power_BI_ files will be in the root of the temp directory. 您可能需要向上一或兩個層級。You may need to go up a level or two.

後續步驟Next steps

進行 Power BI Gateway 的 Proxy 設定Configuring proxy settings for the Power BI Gateways
資料重新整理Data Refresh
Power BI Gateway - PersonalPower BI Gateway - Personal
為磚錯誤進行疑難排解Troubleshooting tile errors
為內部部署資料閘道進行疑難排解Troubleshooting the on-premises data gateway
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