使用 Power BI 連接到 XeroConnect to Xero with Power BI

Xero 是簡單易用的線上會計軟體,專為小型企業所設計。Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses. 您可以運用 Xero 的財務功能加上此 Power BI 內容套件,建立一份高吸睛力的報表。Create compelling visualizations based on your Xero financials with this Power BI content pack. 您的預設儀表板包括許多小型企業計量,例如現金狀況、收入項下開支、利損趨勢、應收帳款天數及投資報酬率。Your default dashboard includes many small business metrics like cash position, revenue vs. expenses, profit loss trend, debtor days and return on investment.

連接至 Power BI 的 Xero 內容套件 或深入了解 Xero 和 Power BI 整合。Connect to the Xero content pack for Power BI or learn more about the Xero and Power BI integration.

如何連接How to connect

  1. 選取左側瀏覽窗格底部的 [取得資料] 。Select Get Data at the bottom of the left navigation pane.

  2. 在 [服務] 方塊中,選取 [取得] 。In the Services box, select Get.

  3. 選取 [Xero] > [取得]。Select Xero > Get.

  4. 請為與 Xero 帳戶建立關聯的組織輸入暱稱。Enter a nickname for the organisation associated with your Xero account. 任何暱稱都可以,這主要是為了協助具有多個 Xero 組織的使用者不致混淆。Anything will do, this is mostly to help users with multiple Xero organizations keep them all straight. 請參閱下列的詳細資訊。See details on below.

  5. 選取 [OAuth] 作為驗證方法,當出現提示時,登入您的 Xero 帳戶,然後選取要連接的組織。For Authentication Method and select OAuth, when prompted sign into your Xero account and select the organisation to connect to. 登入完成後,選取 [登入] 啟動載入程序。Once the login completes, select Sign In to start the loading process.

  6. 一經核准,匯入程序會自動開始。After approving, the import process will begin automatically. 完成時,新的儀表板、報表和模型會出現在瀏覽窗格中。When complete, a new dashboard, report and model will appear in the Navigation Pane. 選取儀表板以檢視匯入的資料。Select the dashboard to view your imported data.

接下來呢?What now?

包含的內容What's included

內容套件儀表板包含磚和涵蓋各種不同領域的計量,使用對應的報表深入了解︰The content pack dashboard includes tiles and metrics that cover a variety of areas, with corresponding reports to learn more:

區域Area 儀表板磚Dashboard Tiles 報表Report
現金Cash 每日現金流量Daily cash flow
現金收入Cash in
現金支出Cash out
帳戶別的期末餘額Closing balance by account
今日期末餘額Closing balance today
銀行帳戶Bank Accounts
客戶Customer 開立發票的銷售Invoiced sales
客戶別的開立發票銷售Invoiced sales by customer
開立發票的銷售成長趨勢Invoiced sales growth trend
到期發票Invoices due
未清應收帳款Outstanding receivables
逾期應收帳款Overdue receivables
供應商Supplier 使用票據之購買Billed purchases
依供應商別的使用票據之購買Billed purchases by supplier
使用票據之購買成長趨勢Billed purchases growth trend
到期票據Bills due
未清應付帳款Outstanding payables
逾期應付帳款Overdue payables
存貨Inventory 產品別的每月銷售額Monthly sales amount by product 存貨Inventory
損益Profit and loss 每月損益Monthly profit and loss
本會計年度淨利Net profit this fiscal year
本月份淨利Net profit this month
最高額支出帳戶Top expense accounts
損益Profit and Loss
資產負債表Balance sheet 總資產Total assets
總負債Total liabilities
資產負債表Balance Sheet
健康情況Health 流動比率Current ratio
毛利率Gross profit percentage
總資產報酬率Return on total assets
總負債對股東權益比率Total liabilities to equity ratio
詞彙和技術提示Glossary and Technical Notes

資料集也包含下列資料表,以自訂您的報表與儀表板︰The dataset also includes the following tables to customize your reports and dashboards:

  • 地址Addresses
  • 警示Alerts
  • 銀行對帳單每日餘額Bank Statement Daily Balance
  • 銀行對帳單Bank Statements
  • 連絡人Contacts
  • 費用報銷Expense Claims
  • 發票單項Invoice Line Items
  • 發票Invoices
  • 項目Items
  • 月末Month End
  • 組織Organisation
  • 試算表Trial Balance
  • Xero 帳戶Xero Accounts

系統需求System requirements

需要下列角色以存取 Xero 內容套件:「標準 + 報表」或「建議程式」。The following roles are required to access the Xero content pack: "Standard + Reports" or "Advisor".

尋找參數Finding parameters

在 Power BI 中提供名稱以供您的組織追蹤。Provide a name for your organisation to track in Power BI. 這可讓您連接到多個不同的組織。This allows you to connect to multiple different organisations. 請注意,您無法多次連接到相同的組織,因為其會影響排定的重新整理。Note that you cannot connect to the same organisation multiple times, as it will affect the scheduled refresh.


  • Xero 使用者必須擁有下列角色,以存取適用於 Power BI 的 Xero 內容套件:「標準 + 報表」或「建議程式」。Xero users must have the following roles to access the Xero content pack for Power BI: "Standard + Reports" or "Advisor". 內容套件依賴以使用者為基礎的權限透過 Power BI 存取報告資料。The content pack relies on the user-based permissions to access reporting data through Power BI.
  • 如果您載入一段時間之後收到失敗,請確認看到該錯誤訊息所需的時間。If you receieve a failure after loading for some time, verify how long it took to see that error message. 請注意,因為 Xero 所提供的存取權杖只在 30 分鐘內有效,所以資料載入所需時間超過該時間範圍的帳戶將會失敗。Note that the access token provided by Xero is only valid for 30min so accounts with more data than can be loaded in that timeframe will fail. 我們正積極改善此問題。We're actively working to improve this.
  • 在載入期間,儀表板上的磚將會處於一般載入狀態。During the load the tiles on the dashboard will be in a generic loading state. 在完整載入完成之前,預期這種狀態不會變更。This is not expected to change until the full load completes. 如果您收到通知,您的載入已完成但磚仍在載入,請嘗試使用儀表板右上角的 ... 重新整理儀表板磚。If you receive a notification that your load completed but the tiles are still loading, try refreshing the dashboard tiles using the ... in the top right of your dashboard.
  • 如果您的內容套件重新整理失敗,請檢查您是否在 Power BI 中超過一次連接到相同的組織。If your content pack fails to refresh, please check if you have connected to the same organisation more than once in Power BI. Xero 只允許每個組織中存在單一使用中連線,如果您連接到同一個組織一次以上,您可能會看到錯誤並指出您的認證無效。Xero only allows a single active connection to an organisation and you may see an error indicating your credentials are invalid if you connect to the same one more than once.
  • 對於類似連接至適用於 Power BI 之 Xero 內容套件的錯誤訊息或載入非常緩慢等問題,先清除快取 / Cookie 並重新啟動瀏覽器,再重新連接至 Power BI。For issues connecting the Xero content pack for Power BI like error messages or very slow load times, first clear the cache / cookies and restart the browser, then reconnect to Power BI.

對於其他問題,如果問題仍然存在,請在 http://support.powerbi.com 提出票證。For other issues, please file a ticket at http://support.powerbi.com if the issue persists.

後續步驟Next steps

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