對適用於 Power BI 的 Cortana 進行疑難排解Troubleshoot Cortana for Power BI

本文是系列文的其中一篇。This article is part of a series. 如果還沒有這麼做,建議您閱讀下列三篇文章。If you haven't already, we recommend reading the following three articles.

文章 1了解 Cortana 與 Power BI 如何搭配運作以搜尋 Power BI 儀表板和報表Article 1: Understand how Cortana and Power BI work together to search for Power BI dashboards and reports

文章 2針對搜尋報表:啟用 Cortana - Power BI - Windows 整合Article 2: For searching reports: enable the Cortana - Power BI - Windows integration

文章 3針對搜尋報表:建立特殊 Cortana 回應卡Article 3: For searching reports: create special Cortana answer cards

如果您在讓 Cortana 與 Power BI 整合時仍遇到問題,就來對地方了。If you're still having problems getting Cortana to integrate with Power BI, you've come to the right place. 請遵循下方步驟以診斷及修正問題。Follow the steps below to diagnose and fix the problem.

為什麼 Cortana 從我的 Power BI 報表或儀表板找不到答案?Why doesn't Cortana find answers from my Power BI reports or dashboards?

  1. 您有 Power BI 帳戶嗎?Do you have a Power BI account? 如果沒有,請免費註冊If not, sign up, it's free.
  2. Cortana 有在運作嗎?Is Cortana working? 您在工作列中有看到 Cortana 圖示嗎?Do you see the Cortana icon in your taskbar?

    當您選取圖示時,開啟的 Cortana 會有可鍵入的欄位嗎?When you select it, does Cortana open with a field in which you can type?

  3. 您在搜尋中使用至少 2 個字組嗎?Did you use at least 2 words in your search? Cortana 需要至少 2 個字組片語,才能在 Power BI 中找到答案。Cortana needs at least 2 word phrases to find answers in Power BI. 請嘗試將 "show" 新增至問題開頭。Try adding "show" to the beginning of your question.
  4. 如果您儀表板的標題有多個字組,則只有在搜尋至少符合兩個字組時,Cortana 才會傳回該儀表板。If your dashboard has a title with more than one word, Cortana will only return that dashboard if your search matches at least two of the words. 針對名為 "Sales FY16" 的儀表板:For a dashboard named "Sales FY16":

    • "show sales"「不會」傳回 Power BI 結果。"show sales" will not return a Power BI result.
    • "show me sales fy16"、"sales fy16"、"show sales fy16" 和 "show me sales f"「將」會傳回 Power BI 結果。"show me sales fy16", "sales fy16", "show sales fy16", and "show me sales f" will return a Power BI result.
    • 新增 "powerbi" 字組會算作 2 個必要字組中的其中一個,因此 "powerbi sales"「會」傳回 Power BI 結果。Adding the words "powerbi" counts as one of the 2 required words, so "powerbi sales" will return a Power BI result.
  5. 您有任何報表或儀表板的存取或編輯權嗎?Do you have access or edit permissions to any reports or dashboards? 若為報表,請確認您嘗試搜尋的內容有回應卡For reports, ensure the content you are attempting to search has an answer card. 針對儀表板,請確定您嘗試搜尋的內容位在 [與我共用]、應用程式工作區或 [我的工作區] 中。For dashboards, ensure the content you are attempting to search is in Shared with me, an app workspace, or My workspace. 使用疑難排解工具,協助找出問題。Use the troubleshooting tool for help identifying the problem.
  6. 您使用的是行動裝置嗎?Are you using a mobile device? 目前,我們只在 Windows 行動裝置上支援 Power BI 與 Cortana 整合。Currently we only support Power BI and Cortana integration on Windows mobile devices.
  7. Cortana 有設定為英文嗎?Is Cortana configured for English? 目前的 Cortana-Power BI 整合僅支援英文。The current Cortana-Power BI integration only supports English. 開啟 Cortana,然後選取齒輪圖示以顯示 [設定]。Open Cortana and select the cog icon to display Settings. 向下捲動到 [Cortana 語言] 並確認其已設為其中一個英文選項。Scroll down to Cortana language and ensure it's set to one of the English options.

    設定 Cortana 語言

  8. 您已經讓 Cortana 使用 100 張以上的報表嗎?Do you have more than 100 reports enabled for Cortana? Cortana 最多只會搜尋 100 個。Cortana only searches up to 100 total. 若要確認您的報表包含在其中,請將其移動或複製到 [我的工作區],因為 Cortana 會優先在那裡搜尋。To ensure that your report is included, move or copy it to your My Workspace because Cortana searches there first.
  9. 或許您只需要給它一點時間。You might just need to give it some time. 當您初次鍵入查詢時,模型可能會「沒反應」。The first time you type a query the model might be cold. 請稍候幾秒,讓資料可以載入記憶體中,然後再試一次。Wait a few seconds so the data can be loaded into memory, and then try again.
  10. 針對儀表板,最多可能需要 24 個小時的時間,Cortana 才能存取它們。For dashboards, it can take up to 24 hours for them to become accessible to Cortana.
  11. 針對報表,將新的資料集或自訂回應卡新增至 Power BI 並允許 Cortana 使用時,Cortana 最多可能需要 30 分鐘的時間,才會開始顯示結果。For reports, when a new dataset or custom answer card is added to Power BI and enabled for Cortana it can take up to 30 minutes for results to begin appearing in Cortana. 登入和登出 Windows 10,或在 Windows 10 中重新啟動 Cortana 程序,都可立即顯示新報表內容。Logging in and out of Windows 10, or otherwise restarting the Cortana process in Windows 10, will allow new report content to appear immediately.
  12. Power BI 系統管理員可以「退出」。Your Power BI Administrator can "opt out". 請與您的系統管理員確認,查看是否為這種情形。Check with your admin to see if this is the case.

僅限報表:為什麼 Cortana 從我的 Power BI 報表找不到答案Reports only: why doesn't Cortana find answers from my Power BI reports

  1. 如果您要在報表中尋找答案,則有任何報表具有 Cortana 回應卡嗎?If you're looking for answers in reports, do you have any reports with Cortana answer cards? 回應卡是 Cortana 在您的 Power BI 報表中找到答案的唯一方法。Answer cards are the only way Cortana can find answers in your Power BI reports. 閱讀在 Power BI 服務及 Power BI Desktop 中建立 Cortana 回應卡,以了解如何建立回應卡。Learn how to create an answer card by reading Create Cortana answer cards in Power BI service and Power BI Desktop.
  2. 您執行的是 Windows 1511 版或更新版本嗎?Are your running Windows version 1511 or later? 開啟 [Windows 設定] 後選取 [系統] > [關於] 以了解。Find out by opening Windows Settings and selecting System > About. 如果不是,請更新您的 Windows 版本。If not, update your version of Windows.
  3. 您的 Windows 和 Power BI 帳戶連線了嗎?Are your Windows and Power BI accounts connected? 這可能會令人困惑。This can be confusing. 請遵循啟用適用於 Power BI 的 Cortana 中的指示。Follow the instructions in Enable Cortana for Power BI.
  4. 已針對 Cortana 啟用基礎資料集嗎?Have the underlying datasets been enabled for Cortana? 可能有同事共用了她已經允許 Cortana 使用的資料集。Maybe a colleague has shared a dataset that she has already enabled for Cortana. 但如果沒有,請了解如何自行讓資料集使用 CortanaBut, if not, learn how to enable datasets for Cortana yourself. 這又快又簡單。It's quick and easy.

僅限儀表板:為什麼 Cortana 從我的 Power BI 儀表板找不到答案Dashboards only: why doesn't Cortana find answers from my Power BI dashboards

  1. 確定已連線至您的公司帳戶。Ensure that you are connected to your work account. Power BI 需要此連線,才能驗證您對資料的存取權限。Power BI needs this connection so that it can authenticate your access permissions to data. 若要確認您是否已連線,或要在未連線時連線至公司帳戶,請使用 Windows 搜尋方塊巡覽至 [連線到公司或學校]。To check that you are connected or if not, to connect your work account, use the Windows search box to navigate to “Connect to work or school”.


  2. 您可以存取 Cortana 嗎?Do you have access to Cortana? 選取 Windows 搜尋方塊,並提供您資訊的 Cortana 存取權限。Select the Windows search box and provide Cortana access permissions to your information.

嘗試 Cortana 疑難排解工具Try the Cortana troubleshooting tool

仍然有問題嗎?Still having trouble? 現在是執行 Cortana 疑難排解工具的好時機,並縮小可能問題的範圍。Now is a good time to run the Cortana troubleshooting tool and narrow down the possible issues.

從報表擷取答案時發生問題嗎?Having trouble retrieving answers from a report?

  1. 針對報表,在執行疑難排解工具之前,請務必將 Cortana 回應卡上的 [頁面層級] 篩選設為 [只可單選]。For reports, before running the troubleshooting tool, make sure to set the Page level filters on your Cortana answer cards to Require single selection. 如需這項作業的說明,請參閱建立 Cortana 回應卡For help doing this see Create Cortana answer cards.
  2. 將 "/cortana/test" 新增到 Power BI 服務 URL 即可開啟疑難排解工具。Open the troubleshooting tool by adding "/cortana/test" to the end of your Power BI service URL. 您的 URL 看起來應該像這樣:Your URL should look similar to this:


    開啟 Cortana 工具

  3. 在 [Utterance] 欄位中,若要對報表進行疑難排解,請鍵入 Cortana 回應卡在 Power BI 索引標籤中顯示的相同名稱In the Utterance field, to troubleshoot reports, type the name of a Cortana answer card exactly as it appears in the Power BI tab.


    Power BI 中的回應卡索引標籤

  4. 有時候,您初次在 [Utterance] 欄位中鍵入內容時,不會有任何反應。Sometimes, the first time you type something into the Utterance field, nothing happens. 請把這當作在啟動系統;您正在讓疑難排解工具知道該啟動了。Think of it as priming the system; you're letting the troubleshooting tool know that it's time to turn on. 剪下並貼上,或重新鍵入 [Utterance] 欄位中。Cut and paste or retype into the Utterance field again. 在本例中,回應卡的名稱為 Cortana storesIn this example, the name of our answer card is Cortana stores. 在工具中貼上或鍵入 Cortana stores,會產生單一結果,顯示在 Interpretations 欄位中。Pasting or typing Cortana stores into the tool produces a single result that displays in the Interpretations field. 按一下以查看 Cortana 視窗中所顯示的回應卡,在此情況下,為 Cortana storesClick to see the answer card displayed in the Cortana window -- in this case, Cortana stores.

    Utterance 欄位中的 Cortana stores

    因為得到了結果,所以我們現在知道 Cortana 已經在 Power BI 中啟用。Because we got a result, we now know that Cortana is enabled in Power BI. 這把問題的範圍縮小到了 Windows 端、或 Cortana 語言設定,或已讓 100 個以上的資料集使用 Cortana。That narrows down the problem to something on the Windows side or the Cortana language setting or having more than 100 datasets enabled for Cortana.

從儀表板擷取答案時發生問題嗎?Having trouble retrieving answers from a dashboard?

尋找已與您共用的儀表板嗎?Looking for a dashboard that has been shared with you? 開啟 [Power BI] > Shared with me,並找到儀表板的名稱。Open Power BI > Shared with me and locate the name of the dashboard. 然後在 [Utterance] 欄位中鍵入該名稱。Then type that name into the Utterances* field.

在 Power BI 中開啟 [Shared with me] (與我共用)

疑難排解工具已知問題Troubleshooting tool known issues

  • 如果工具在第一次時未擷取結果,請改為將查詢貼入 Utterance 文字方塊。If the tool doesn’t fetch the results the first time; instead paste the query into the Utterance text box.
  • 查詢必須有 2 個以上的字。The query must be 2 or more words, by design. 如果您的查詢過短,請加上 "show" 字。If your query is too short, add the word "show".
  • 某些具有介係詞的查詢字串可能無法運作 (例如 sales by item)。Some query strings with prepositions might not work (e.g. sales by item). 請嘗試其他沒有使用介係詞,而且有意義/唯一的查詢字詞。Try different query terms that don't use prepositions and are meaningful/unique.

有其他問題嗎?More questions? 試試 Power BI 社群Try the Power BI Community