編輯或移除儀表板磚Edit or remove a dashboard tile

儀表板「擁有者」與儀表板「取用者」Dashboard owners versus dashboard consumers

當您建立或擁有儀表板時,您會有許多選擇可用來變更該儀表板上的磚的外觀和預設行為。When you create or own a dashboard, you have many options for changing the look and default behavior of the tiles on that dashboard. 請使用下列設定和策略,設計同事的儀表板「取用」體驗。Use the settings and strategies below to design the dashboard consuming experience for your colleagues. 選取磚會開啟基礎報表、自訂 URL 還是不同的儀表板?Will selecting a tile open the underlying report, a custom URL, or a different dashboard? 也許您會新增磚以顯示視訊或串流資料Maybe you'll add a tile that displays a video or streaming data? 您甚至可能會想要建立具有互動式交叉分析篩選器的磚And you might even want to create a tile that has interactive slicers. 身為「建立者」,您有許多選項。As a creator you have many options.

本文章涵蓋下列內容。This article covers the following.

建立新的視覺效果並將它釘選到儀表板Create a new visualization and pin it to the dashboard

  1. 從 IT 費用分析儀表板中,選取 [金額] 磚開啟報表。From the IT Spend Analysis dashboard, select the "Amount" tile to open the report.

  2. 從頂端功能表列選取 [編輯報表],在 [編輯檢視] 中開啟報表。Open the report in Editing view by selecting Edit report from the top menubar.

  3. 選取報表底部的加號 (+),以新增報表頁面。Add a new report page by selecting the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the report.

  4. 從 [欄位] 窗格中,選取 [事實] > [金額] 和 [業務區域] > [業務區域]。From the FIELDS pane, select Fact > Amount and Business Area > Business Area.

  5. 從 [視覺效果] 窗格中,選取環圈圖圖示,將視覺效果轉換為環圈圖。From the VISUALIZATIONS pane, select the Donut chart icon to convert the visualization to a Donut chart.

  6. 選取釘選圖示,然後將環圈圖釘選到 [IT 費用分析] 範例儀表板。Select the pin icon and pin the Donut chart to the IT Spend Analysis sample dashboard.

  7. 出現「成功」訊息時,請選取 [移至儀表板]。When the "Success"message appears, select Go to dashboard. 系統將提示您儲存變更。You will be prompted to save your changes. 選取 [儲存]。Select Save.

移動圖格Move the tile

在儀表板上,找到新的磚。On the dashboard, locate the new tile. 選取並按住圖格,將它拖曳至儀表板畫布的新位置。Select and hold the tile to drag it to a new location on the dashboard canvas.

調整圖格大小Resize the tile

圖格有許多大小:小至 1x1 圖格單位,大至 5x5。You can make tiles many different sizes -- from 1x1 tile units up to 5x5. 選取並拖曳控點 (在右下角) 以調整磚的大小。Select and drag the handle (in the bottom right corner) to resize the tile.

省略符號 (...) 功能表The ellipses (...) menu

  1. 選取磚右上角的省略符號 (...)。Select the ellipses (...) in the upper-right corner of the tile.

  2. 將滑鼠停留在 [帳戶] 磚上,選取省略符號以顯示選項。Hover over the "Account" tile and select the ellipses to display the options. 可用的選項會因磚類型而變。The options available will vary by tile type. 例如,動態磚的可用選項與標準視覺效果磚的可用選項不同。For example, the options available for a live tile are different from options available for a standard visualization tile. 此外,如果已與您共用儀表板 (您不是擁有者),您會有較少的選項。Also, if a dashboard has been shared with you (you are not the owner), you will have fewer options.

  3. 選取 [編輯詳細資料] 以開啟 [磚詳細資料] 視窗。Select Edit details to open the "Tile details" window.

    變更磚的標題和預設行為。Change the title and default behavior of the tile. 例如,您可能會決定當「取用者」選取磚,而不是開啟用來建立該磚的報表時,會改為顯示新的儀表板。For example, you may decide that when a consumer selects a tile, instead of opening the report that was used to create that tile, a new dashboard displays instead.

重新命名圖格Rename the tile

在 [磚詳細資料] 視窗的頂端,將 [標題] 變更為 [花費金額]。At the top of the "Tile details" window, change Title to Amount spent.

根據預設,選取磚通常會回到建立磚的報表或問與答 (如果磚是在問與答中建立的)。By default, selecting a tile usually takes you to the report where the tile was created or to Q&A (if the tile was created in Q&A). 若要連結至某網頁、其他儀表板或報表 (在相同的工作區中)、SSRS 報表或其他線上內容,請新增自訂連結。To link to a webpage, another dashboard or report (in the same workspace), an SSRS report, or other online content - add a custom link.

  1. 在 [功能] 標題下,選取 [設定自訂連結]。Under the Functionality heading, select Set custom link.

  2. 選取 ink to a dashboard or report in the current workspace,然後從下拉式清單中選取。Select Link to a dashboard or report in the current workspace and then select from the dropdown. 在此範例中,我已選取 [人力資源] 範例儀表板。In this example I've selected the Human Resources sample dashboard. 如果您的工作區中還沒有此範例,您可以新增它,再回到此步驟,或是選取不同的儀表板。If you don't have this sample already in your workspace, you can add it and come back to this step, or you can select a different dashboard.

  3. 選取 [ 套用]。Select Apply.

  4. 新的標題會顯示在磚上。The new title displays on the tile. 此外,當您選取磚時,Power BI 會開啟 [人力資源] 儀表板。And, when you select the tile, Power BI opens the Human Resources dashboard.

將圖格釘選至不同的儀表板Pin the tile to a different dashboard

  1. 從省略符號下拉式功能表中,選取 [釘選磚] From the ellipses dropdown menu, select Pin tile .
  2. 決定要將此磚的複本釘選至現有的儀表板還是新的儀表板上。Decide whether to pin a duplicate of this tile to an existing dashboard or to a new dashboard.

  3. 選取 [釘選] 。Select Pin.

刪除圖格Delete the tile

  1. 若要永久從儀表板移除磚,請從省略符號下拉式功能表選取 [刪除磚]To permanently remove a tile from a dashboard, select Delete tile from the ellipses dropdown menu.

  2. 刪除磚不會刪除基礎視覺效果。Deleting a tile does not delete the underlying visualization. 選取 [金額] 磚,開啟基礎報表。Open the underlying report by selecting the "Amount" tile. 開啟報表的最後一頁,查看原始視覺效果未從報表刪除。Open the last page in your report to see that the original visualization has not been deleted from the report.

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