Power BI 服務中的常用儀表板、報告和應用程式Favorite dashboards, reports, and apps in Power BI service

當您將內容設為「我的最愛」時,將可從所有工作區予以存取。When you make content a favorite, you'll be able to access it from all of your workspaces. 我的最愛通常是您最常瀏覽的內容。Favorites are typically the content that you visit most often.


本主題適用於 Power BI 服務,不適用於 Power BI Desktop。This topic applies to Power BI service, and not to Power BI Desktop.

您也可以選取單一儀表板作為 Power BI 服務中的精選儀表板You can also select a single dashboard as a featured dashboard in Power BI service.

將儀表板或報表新增為「我的最愛」Add a dashboard or report as a favorite

觀看 Amanda 將 [我的最愛] 新增至工作區,然後遵循以下影片的逐步指示親自試試看。Watch Amanda add favorites to her workspace, then follow the step-by-step instructions below the video to try it out yourself.

  1. 開啟您常用的儀表板或報表。Open a dashboard or report that you use often. 即使是別人與您共用的內容,也可以設為「我的最愛」。Even content that has been shared with you can be a favorite.
  2. 從 Power BI 服務的右上角,選取 [我的最愛] 或星號圖示 星號圖示From the upper right corner of Power BI service, select Favorite or the star star icon icon.

    [我的最愛] 圖示

    您也可以從工作區 [儀表板] 或 [報表] 內容檢視索引標籤將儀表板或報表設為我的最愛。You can also favorite a dashboard or report from your workspace Dashboards or Reports content view tab.

    具有黃色星號的 [儀表板] 索引標籤

將應用程式新增為「我的最愛」Add an app as a favorite

  1. 從左側瀏覽窗格中,選取 [應用程式]。From the left navpane, select Apps.


  2. 停留在應用程式上以顯示更多詳細資料。Hover over an app to display more detail. 選取星號Select the star 星號圖示 圖示以設為我的最愛。icon to set as a favorite.


使用「我的最愛」Working with favorites

  1. 若要您的最愛,請從任何工作區,選取 [我的最愛] 右邊的彈出式箭號。To acccess your favorites, from any workspace, select the flyout arrow to the right of Favorites. 您可以在這裡選取我的最愛並加以開啟。From here you can select a favorite to open it. 只會列出五個我的最愛 (依字母順序)。Only five favorites are listed (alphabetically). 如果超過五個,請選取 [查看全部] 開啟 [我的最愛] 畫面 (請參閱下文的第 2 點)。If you have more than five, select See all to open the favorites screen (see #2, below).

    [我的最愛] 飛出視窗

  2. 若要查看您已新增為我的最愛的所有內容,請在左側功能窗格中選取 [我的最愛] 或我的最愛 星號圖示To see all the content that you have added as favorites, in the left navpane, select Favorites or the Favorites star icon icon.


    您可以在這裡執行下列動作:開啟、識別擁有者,甚至與同事共用。From here you can take action: open, identify owners, and even share with your colleagues.

移除最愛的內容Unfavorite content

某份報表的使用頻率不再如往常頻繁嗎?No longer use a report as often as you used to? 您可以將其移除最愛。You can unfavorite it. 移除最愛的內容時,其會從 [我的最愛] 清單中移除,但不會從 Power BI 中移除。When you unfavorite content, it is removed from your Favorites list but not from Power BI.

  1. 在左側功能窗格中,選取 [我的最愛] 以開啟 [我的最愛] 畫面。In the left navigation pane, select Favorites to open the Favorites screen.

    [我的最愛] 畫面

  2. 選取內容旁的黃色星星即可移除最愛。Select the yellow star next to the content to unfavorite.

注意︰您也可以將儀表板、報表或應用程式本身移除最愛。NOTE: You can also unfavorite a dashboard, report, or app itself. 只要開啟並取消選取黃色圖示就可以了。Just open and de-select the yellow icon.

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