Power BI 服務中的精選儀表板Featured dashboards in Power BI service

許多使用者會有一個比其他任何儀表板更常瀏覽的儀表板。Many of us have one dashboard that we visit more than any others. 這可能是用來執行業務的儀表板,或可能是包含來自許多不同儀表板和報告之圖格彙總的儀表板。It might be the dashboard we use to run our business, or it might be a dashboard that contains an aggregation of tiles from many different dashboards and reports.


當您將儀表板選取為 [精選] 時,每次開啟 Power BI 服務時,都會開啟服務並顯示該儀表板。When you select a dashboard as featured, each time you open Power BI service, it will open with that dashboard displayed.

您也可以選取幾個儀表板,並將其設定為「我的最愛」。You can also select a few dashboards and set them as favorites. 請參閱我的最愛儀表板See Dashboard favorites.


本主題適用於 Power BI 服務,不適用於 Power BI Desktop。This topic applies to Power BI service, and not to Power BI Desktop.

如果您尚未設定精選儀表板,Power BI 將會開啟到您上次使用的儀表板。If you haven't yet set a featured dashboard, Power BI will open to the last dashboard you used.

觀賞 Amanda 如何建立精選儀表板,然後遵循影片下方的指示親自試試看。Watch Amanda create a featured dashboard and then follow the instructions below the video to try it out yourself.

  1. 開啟您想要設為 [精選] 的儀表板。Open the dashboard that you'd like to set as Featured.
  2. 在上方瀏覽列中,您將會看到 [設為精選儀表板] 或只有精選圖示 精選圖示In the top navbar, you'll either see Set as featured or just the featured featured icon icon. 選取任一個。Select either one.


  3. 確認您的選擇。Confirm your selection.


當然,如果您稍後改變心意,可以將新的儀表板設為精選儀表板。Of course, if you change your mind later you can set a new dashboard as the featured dashboard.

  1. 遵循上述步驟 1 和 2。Follow steps 1 and 2 from above.


  2. 選取 [設為精選儀表板]。Select Set as featured. 將儀表板移除精選並不會將其從您的工作區中移除。Un-featuring a dashboard does not remove it from your workspace.


如果您決定不想要將任何儀表板指定為精選,以下是取消精選儀表板的方式。If you decide that you don't want any dashboard to be designated as featured, here's how to un-feature a dashboard.

  1. 開啟目前的精選儀表板。Open the currently-featured dashboard.
  2. 在頂端功能表列中,選取 [停用精選儀表板]。In the top menubar, select Disable featured.


現在 Power BI 會開啟到您上次使用的儀表板。Now Power BI will open to the last dashboard you used.

後續步驟Next steps

將儀表板設為最愛Favorite a dashboard

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