儀表板資料分類Dashboard data classification

每個儀表板各不相同,而且隨著您所連接的資料來源不同,您可能會發現您和與您一起共用儀表板的同事,必須依據資料敏感性的不同,而採取不同的預防措施。Every dashboard is different, and depending on the data source you are connecting to, you will likely find that you and the colleagues you share with will need to take different precautions depending on the sensitivity of the data. 有一些儀表板應禁止與公司外部的人員共用或禁止列印,有一些則可任意共用。Some dashboards should never be shared with those outside your company or printed out, while others can be shared freely. 透過儀表板資料分類,您就能提醒共用您儀表板的使用者,注意其應遵守的安全性層級。By using dashboard data classification, you will be able to raise awareness with those viewing your dashboards about what level of security should be used. 您可以使用您公司 IT 部門所定義的分類來標記儀表板,讓檢視內容的每個人對於該資料的敏感性都能有相同的認知。You can tag your dashboards with classifications defined by your company’s IT department, so everyone viewing the content will have the same level of understanding around the sensitivity of the data.

資料分類標記Data classification tags

資料分類標記會顯示在儀表板名稱旁,讓檢視該儀表板的人都能知道該儀表板及其所含資料所應套用的安全性層級。Data classification tags show up next to the dashboard name, letting anyone viewing it know the level of security that should be applied to the dashboard and the data it contains.

其也會顯示在您「我的最愛」清單中的儀表板磚旁。It will also show up next to the dashboard tile in your Favorites list.

當您將游標暫留在標記時,會隨即顯示該分類的完整名稱。When you hover over the tag, you will see the full name of the classification.

系統管理員也可為標記設定 URL,以提供其他資訊。Admins can also set an URL for a tag to provide additional information.


有一些分類類型在儀表板上可能不會顯示為標記,視系統管理員的分類設定而定。Depending the classification settings set by your admin, some classification types may not show as a tag on the dashboard. 若您是儀表板擁有者,隨時都能從儀表板的設定下查看儀表板分類類型。If you are a dashboard owner, you can always check your dashboard classification type under the dashboard settings.

設定儀表板的分類Setting a dashboard’s classification

您的公司如有啟用資料分類,所有儀表板在一開始時,都會使用預設的分類類型,但儀表板擁有者可以依據您的儀表板安全性層級需要而變更該分類。If data classification is turned on for your company, all dashboards start out with a default classification type, but as a dashboard owner, you can change the classification to match your dashboards security level.

若要變更分類類型,請執行下列作業。To change the classification type, do the following.

  1. 選取儀表板名稱旁的省略符號,然後選取 [設定],以前往儀表板設定。Go to the dashboard settings by selecting the ellipsis next to the dashboard name and select Settings.

  2. 您可以在儀表板設定下,查看儀表板目前的分類,並使用下拉式清單變更分類類型。Under Dashboard settings, you will be able to see the current classification for your dashboard and use the drop down to change the classification type.

  3. 完成時,請選取 [套用]。Select Apply when finished.

套用變更之後,所有與您共用儀表板的人員都會在下次重新載入儀表板時看到這項更新。After you apply the change, anyone you shared with will see the update the next time they reload the dashboard.

以系統管理員身分處理資料分類標記Working with data classification tags as an admin

資料分類由全域系統管理員為組織設定。Data classification is set up by the global admin for your organization. 若要開啟資料分類,請執行下列作業。To turn data classification on, do the following.

  1. 選取設定齒輪,然後選取 [管理入口網站]。Select the Settings gear and select Admin Portal.

  2. 將 [租用戶設定] 索引標籤內的 [儀表板及報表的資料分類] 切換成 [開啟]。Switch Data classification for dashboards and reports to on within the Tenant settings tab.

開啟之後,將會顯示表單,讓您為組織建立各種分類。Once turned on, you will be presented with a form to create the various classifications in your organization.

每個分類在儀表板上都有其名稱簡稱Each classification has a name and a shorthand which will appear on the dashboard. 您可以選取 [顯示標記],指定是否要在儀表板上顯示標記的簡稱。For each classification, you can decide if the shorthand tag will appear on the dashboard or not by selecting Show tag. 若決定不在儀表板上顯示分類類型,儀表板擁有者仍能透過查看儀表板設定來檢視類型。If you decide not to show the classification type on the dashboard, the owner will still be able to see the type by checking the dashboard settings. 此外還可選擇是否要新增 URL,將組織的分類方針與使用需求的詳細資訊加入其中。Additionally, you can optionally add a URL that contains more information about your organization’s classification guidelines and usage requirements.

最後,您必須決定預設的分類類型。The last thing you need to decide is which classification type will be the default.

當您將您的分類類型填入表單之後,請選取 [套用] 儲存變更。Once you fill in the form with your classification types, select Apply to save the changes.

此時,所有儀表板皆會指派以預設分類,而儀表板擁有者也可於此時將分類類型更新成內容適合的分類。At this point, all dashboards will be assigned the default classification, and dashboard owners will now be able to update the classification type to the one appropriate for her content. 您日後可以返回此處新增或移除分類類型,或是變更預設值。You can return here in the future to add or remove classification types or change the default.


當您返回此處執行變更時,請注意下列幾項重點:There are a few important things to remember when you come back to make changes:

  • 若關閉資料分類,所有標記皆會消失。If you turn data classification off, none of the tags are remembered. 若決定之後要再重新開啟,必須重新標記。You will need to start over if you decide to turn it back on later.
  • 若移除了分類類型,所有指派給該移除分類類型的儀表板,都會再指派以預設值,直到擁有者重新加以設定才會改變。If you remove a classification type, any dashboards assigned the removed classification type will be assigned back to the default until the owner goes and sets it again.
  • 若變更預設值,所有擁有者未指派以分類類型的儀表板,將會變更為新的預設值。If you change the default, all dashboards that weren’t already assigned a classification type by the owner will change to the new default.