Power BI 的全螢幕模式Full screen mode in Power BI

什麼是全螢幕模式?What is full screen mode?


顯示內容 (儀表板、報表頁面、磚和視覺效果) 而不受功能表和導覽按鈕的干擾。Display your content (dashboards, report pages, tiles, and visualizations) without the distraction of menus and navigation bars. 您可隨時取得內容的完整檢視,而不含其他無關項目。You get an unadulterated, full view of your content at a glance, all the time. 這有時稱為電視模式。This is sometimes referred to as TV Mode. 全螢幕模式中可用的功能會因內容而異。The functionality available in full screen mode varies by content.

全螢幕模式的部分用法如下:Some uses for full screen mode are:

  • 在會議或研討會中呈現您的儀表板、磚、視覺效果或報表presenting your dashboard, tile, visual, or report at a meeting or conference
  • 在辦公室的專用大螢幕或投影機上顯示displaying in an office on a dedicated large screen or projector
  • 在小螢幕上檢視viewing on a small screen
  • 以鎖定模式檢閱 -- 您可以透過觸控螢幕或用滑鼠點選磚,而不需要開啟基礎報表或儀表板reviewing in locked mode -- you can touch the screen or mouse over tiles without opening the underlying report or dashboard

注意:全螢幕模式與焦點 (顯出) 模式不同。NOTE: Full screen mode is different from Focus (pop out) mode.

觀看 Amanda 以全螢幕模式開啟及巡覽其儀表板,然後套用一些 URL 參數以控制預設顯示。Watch Amanda open and navigate her dashboard in full screen mode and then apply some URL parameters to control the default display. 然後遵循影片下方的逐步指示親自試試看。Then follow the step-by-step instructions below the video to try it out yourself.

全螢幕模式的儀表板和報表頁面Dashboards and report pages in full screen mode

  1. 從儀表板或報表上方的 Power BI 功能表列,選取全螢幕圖示 全螢幕圖示From the Power BI menu bar above your dashboard or report, select the full screen icon full screen icon . 儀表板畫布或報表頁面隨即填滿整個畫面。Your dashboard canvas or report page fills the entire screen. 下方為儀表板範例。The example below is a dashboard.


  2. 全螢幕模式中有數個功能表選項。In full screen mode, you have several menu options. 若要顯示功能表,只要移動滑鼠或游標即可。To reveal the menu, just move your mouse or cursor.

    儀表板的功能表Menu for dashboards

    報表頁面的功能表Menu for report pages

    上一頁圖示 Back icon
    使用 [上一頁] 按鈕可導覽至瀏覽器中的上一頁。Use the Back button to navigate to the previous page in your browser. 如果上一頁是 Power BI 頁面,則也會以全螢幕模式顯示。If the previous page was a Power BI page, it too will display in full screen mode. 全螢幕模式會持續到您關閉全螢幕為止。Full screen mode will persist until you exit out.

    使用此按鈕可列印全螢幕模式的儀表板或報表頁面。Use this button to print your dashboard or report page in full screen mode.

    全螢幕圖示 Fit to screen icon
    使用 [全螢幕] 按鈕可用最大的大小顯示儀表板,而無須使用捲軸。Use the Fit to screen button to display your dashboard at the largest size possible without resorting to scrollbars.


    符合寬度圖示 Fit to width icon
    有時候您會不在意捲軸,但希望儀表板能填滿整個可用空間的寬度。Sometimes you don't care about scrollbars, but want the dashboard to fill the entire width of the available space. 選取 [符合寬度] 按鈕。Select the Fit to width button.


    在全螢幕報表中,可使用這些箭頭在報表的頁面間移動。In full screen reports, use these arrows to move between the pages in the report.

  3. 若要結束全螢幕模式,請選取結束全螢幕圖示。To exit full screen mode, select the Exit full screen icon.

全螢幕模式的視覺效果和儀表板磚Visualizations and dashboard tiles in full screen mode

  1. 若要以全螢幕模式顯示儀表板磚和報表視覺效果,必須先使用已是焦點模式的磚或視覺效果。To display dashboard tiles and report visualizations in full screen mode, you must start with that tile or visualization already in Focus mode.

  2. 然後,選取該磚或Then, select the Full screen icon 視覺效果的全螢幕 圖示。for that tile or visual. 磚或視覺效果就會顯示為沒有功能表或導覽列的全螢幕。The tile or visual will display full screen without menus or navigation bars.

後續步驟Next steps

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焦點模式Focus mode

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