開始使用色彩格式和軸屬性Getting started with color formatting and axis properties

Power BI 中,您可以變更資料數列、資料點、甚至視覺效果背景的色彩。In Power BI, you can change the color of data series, data points, and even the background of visualizations. 您也可以變更 x 軸和 y 軸的顯示方式,讓您完全掌控儀表板和報表的顯示方式。You can also change how the x-axis and y-axis are presented, providing you with full control of how your dashboards and reports appear.

若要開始,請從 [我的工作區] 窗格選取 [報表] 。To get started, select a Report from the My Workspace pane. 然後從上方的功能表區域選取 [編輯報表] 。Then from the top menu area, select Edit Report.

當您編輯報表並選取了視覺效果時,[視覺效果] 窗格會隨即出現,讓您新增或變更視覺效果。When you’re editing a report and you have a visualization selected, the Visualizations pane appears which lets you add or change visualizations. 可用視覺效果的正下方有三個圖示:欄位圖示 (堆疊的橫條)、格式圖示 (滾筒筆刷) 和分析圖示 (放大鏡)。Directly below the available visualizations are three icons: the Fields icon (a stack of bars), the Format icon (a roller brush), and the Analytics icon (a magnifying glass). 在下圖中,選取了欄位圖示 (圖示下方黃色列所指出)。In the image below the Fields icon is selected, indicated by a yellow bar below the icon.

當您選取 [格式] 時,圖示下的區域會顯示目前所選視覺效果可用的色彩及軸自訂內容。When you select Format, the area below the icon displays the color and axis customizations available for the currently selected visualization.

您可以自訂每個視覺效果的許多項目:You can customize many elements of each visualization:

  • 圖例Legend
  • X 軸X-axis
  • Y 軸Y-axis
  • 資料色彩Data colors
  • 資料標籤Data labels
  • 圖形Shapes
  • 繪圖區Plot area
  • 標題Title
  • 背景Background
  • 鎖定長寬Lock aspect
  • 框線Border


您看不到每個視覺效果類型的所有這些項目。You won’t see all these elements with each visualization type. 您選取的視覺效果會影響可用的自訂,例如,如果選取圓形圖就不會看到 X 軸,因為圓形圖沒有 X 軸。The visualization you select will affect which customizations are available; for example, you won’t see an X-Axis if you have a pie chart selected because pie charts don’t have an X-axis.

另請注意,如果未選取任何視覺效果,圖示的位置上就會出現 [篩選],讓您將篩選套用至頁面上的所有視覺效果。Also note that if you don’t have any visualization selected, Filters appears in place of the icons, which lets you apply filters to all visualizations on the page.

讓我們看看一些範例:一個使用色彩,另一個變更軸屬性。Let’s show a couple examples: one working with colors, the other changing the properties of an axis. 從這裡開始,您應該有準備一整天要自訂色彩、軸和標籤。From there, you should be ready to customize colors, axes, and labels all day long.

使用色彩Working with colors

讓我們一步步完成自訂圖表色彩的必要步驟。Let’s walk through the steps necessary to customize colors on a chart.

  1. 我從報表畫布中選擇了 [群組直條圖] 。I select a Clustered Column Chart from the report canvas.
  2. 接下來,我選擇 格式 圖示來顯示可用的自訂項目。Next, I choose the Format icon to show the available customizations.
  3. 然後選取 [資料色彩] 自訂左邊的小型向下箭號。Then I select the small down arrow to the left of the Data Colors customization. 這會顯示我自訂 [資料色彩] 的方式,以及我選取的視覺效果的特定選項。This will show how I can customize the Data Colors, with options that are specific to the visualization I’ve selected.
  4. 向下展開 [資料色彩] 會顯示其可用的自訂項目。Data Colors expands downward to show its available customizations.

讓我們進行一些變更。Let’s make some changes. 我可以選取色彩旁邊的向下箭號,變更每個可用的資料數列。I can select the down arrow next to the color to make changes on each available data series. [Cost of living](生活花費) 我想用黃色,[Weather](天氣) 我想變橙色,而 [Community well-being](社區幸福感) 就用綠色。I’ll make Cost of living yellow, Weather I’ll turn orange, and Community well-being will be green. 下列畫面顯示我在最後一個步驟中變更 [生活花費] 。The following screen shows me at the last step, changing Cost of living.

下圖顯示這些變更。The changes are shown in the image below. 哇,多鮮亮的圖表啊。Wow, that’s a bright chart. 以下是使用色彩時值得注意的幾個有用的項目。Here are a few useful elements to note about working with colors. 接下來的畫面也會顯示下列清單中的數字,指出可以存取或變更這些有用項目的位置。The numbers in the following list are also shown on the following screen, indicating where these useful elements can be accessed or changed.

  1. 不喜歡這些色彩嗎?Don’t like the colors? 沒問題,只要選取 [還原為預設值] ,所有選項就會還原為預設的設定。No problem, just select Revert to default and your selection reverts to the default settings. 您可針對一種色彩或整個視覺效果這麼做。You can do that for one color, or for the entire visualization.
  2. 想要調色盤中沒有的色彩嗎?Want a color you don’t see in the palette? 只要選取 [自訂色彩] ,然後從色譜中選擇即可。Just select Custom color, and choose from the spectrum.

對剛才的變更不興奮激動?Not crazy about the change you just made? 請使用 CTRL+Z 復原,就像您以前習慣的。Use CTRL+Z to undo , just like you’re used to doing.

變更軸屬性Changing axis properties

修改 X 軸或 Y 軸通常很有用。It’s often useful to modify the X-axis or the Y-axis. 其方法與處理色彩類似,您可以選取要變更的軸左邊的向下箭號圖示來修改座標軸,如下圖所示。Similar to working with colors, you can modify an axis by selecting the down-arrow icon to the left of the axis you want to change, as shown in the following image.

如果想要摺疊 [X 軸] 選項,只要選取 [X 軸] 旁邊的向上箭號圖示即可。If you want to collapse the X-Axis options, just select the up arrow icon beside X-Axis.

您可以切換 [X 軸] 旁邊的選項按鈕,將 X 軸標籤整個移除。You can remove the X-axis labels entirely, by toggling the radio button beside X-Axis. 也可以選取 [標題] 旁邊的選項按鈕,選擇開啟或關閉軸標題。You can also choose whether to turn axis titles on or off by selecting the radio button next to Title.

有各種色彩可供選擇,還有更多自訂項目可以套用至您的 Power BI 報表和儀表板。There are all sorts of colors to choose from, and many more customizations you can apply to your Power BI reports and dashboards.


當選取格式圖示時,Power BI Desktop 也會提供這些可用的色彩、軸和相關的自訂項目。These color, axis, and related customizations available when the Format icon is selected are also available in Power BI Desktop.

下一個步驟Next step

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