Power BI Desktop 的 Google Analytics 連接器Google Analytics connector for Power BI Desktop


Power BI Desktop 中的 Google Analytics (分析) 內容套件和連接器仰賴 Google Analytics (分析) 核心報告 API。The Google Analytics content pack and the connector in Power BI Desktop rely on the Google Analytics Core Reporting API. 因此,功能與可用性可能會隨著時間遷移而變化。As such, features and availability may vary over time.

您可以使用 Google Analytics (分析) 連接器連接 Google Analytics 資料。You can connect to Google Analytics data using the Google Analytics connector. 若要連接,請遵循下列步驟:To connect, follow these steps:

  1. Power BI Desktop 中,從 [主資料夾] 功能區索引標籤選取 [取得資料]。In Power BI Desktop, select Get Data from the Home ribbon tab.
  2. 在 [取得資料] 視窗中,從左窗格的類別中選取 [其他] 。In the Get Data window, select Other from the categories in the left pane.
  3. 從右窗格的選項中選取 [Google Analytics] 。Select Google Analytics from the selections in the right pane.
  4. 在視窗底部選取 [連接] 。At the bottom of the window, select Connect.

您會看到系統提示的對話方塊,說明連接器是協力廠商服務,功能和可用性可能會隨著時間遷移而改變及其他相關事項。You're prompted with a dialog that explains that the connector is a Third-Party Service, and warns about how features and availability may change over time, and other clarifications.

選取 [繼續] 時,系統會提示您登入 Google Analytics (分析)。When you select Continue, you're prompted to sign in to Google Analytics.

當您輸入認證時,系統會提示您 Power BI 想要離線存取。When you enter your credentials, you're prompted that Power BI would like to have offline access. 這是您使用 Power BI Desktop 存取 Google Analytics (分析) 資料的方式。This is how you use Power BI Desktop to access your Google Analytics data.

只要接受,Power BI Desktop 就會顯示您目前為登入狀態。Once you accept, Power BI Desktop shows that you're currently signed in.

選取 [連接],Google Analytics (分析) 資料即連接至 Power BI Desktop 並載入資料。Select Connect, and your Google Analytics data is connected to Power BI Desktop, and loads the data.

應用程式開發介面的變更Changes to the API

雖然我們嘗試一有變更即發行更新,但是應用程式開發介面變更的方式可能會影響我們產生查詢的結果。Although we attempt to release updates in accordance with any changes, the API may change in a way that affects the results of the queries we generate. 在某些情況下,可能不再支援某些查詢。In some cases, certain queries may no longer be supported. 由於這種相依性,我們無法保證您使用這個連接器的查詢結果。Due to this dependency we cannot guarantee the results of your queries when using this connector.

如需 Google Analytics (分析) API 變更的詳細資訊,請參閱其變更記錄.More details on changes to the Google Analytics API can be found in their changelog.