適用於美國政府客戶的 Power BIPower BI for US Government customers

Power BI 服務Office 365 美國政府社群訂閱中具有適用於美國政府客戶的版本。The Power BI service has a version available for United States Government customers as part of the Office 365 US Government Community subscriptions. 本文所討論的 Power BI 服務版本專為美國政府客戶而設計,並且獨立且不同於商用版本的 Power BI 服務The Power BI service version discussed in this article is specifically designed for US Government customers, and is separate and different from the commercial version of the Power BI service.

下列各節說明可用於美國政府版本 Power BI 服務的「功能」、釐清一些「限制」、列出常見問題集 (FAQ) 和回答 (包括如何註冊),並提供詳細資訊的連結。The following sections describe the features available to the US Government version of the Power BI service, clarifies some of the limitations, lists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers (including how to sign up), and provides links for more information.

適用於美國政府的 Power BI 功能Features of Power BI US Government

請務必注意 [Power BI 美國政府] 只能作為 [Pro 授權],而不能作為免費授權。It's important to note that Power BI US Government is only available as a Pro license, and is not available as a Free license. Power BI 服務的某些功能適用於服務的 Power BI 美國政府版本。Certain features of the Power BI service are available in the Power BI US Government version of the service.

Power BI 美國政府客戶可以使用下列功能,因為它們套用至 Pro 授權功能︰The following features are available to Power BI US Government customers, as they apply to Pro license functionality:

  • 建立和檢視儀表板和報表Create and view dashboards and reports
  • 資料容量限制Data capacity limits
  • 排程的資料重新整理Scheduled data refresh
  • 可重新整理的小組儀表板Refreshable team dashboards
  • 共用和管理存取控制的 Active Directory 群組Active Directory groups for sharing and managing access control
  • 從 Excel、CSV 和 Power BI Desktop 檔案匯入資料和報表Import data and reports from Excel, CSV, and Power BI Desktop files
  • 資料管理閘道Data Management Gateway
  • Power BI 的所有資料在 Azure SQL 和 Blob 儲存體中都已加密All data is encrypted in both Azure SQL and Blob Storage for Power BI
  • 使用內容套件連接至服務Connect to services with content packs

政府和公用 Azure 雲端服務之間的連線Connectivity between Government and Public Azure Cloud services

Azure 分散於多個雲端。Azure is distributed among multiple clouds. 根據預設,會允許租用戶以開啟對雲端特定執行個體的防火牆規則,但跨雲端網路不同,且需要開啟特定的防火牆規則,以便在服務之間通訊。Be default, tenants are allowed to open firewall rules to a cloud-specific instance, but cross-cloud networking is different and requires opening specific firewall rules to communicate between services. 如果您是 Power BI 客戶,而且在公用雲端中有需要存取的現有 SQL 執行個體,您必須在 SQL 中開啟對 Azure 政府雲端 IP 空間的特定防火牆規則,針對下列資料中心:If you are a Power BI customer and you have existing SQL instances in the public cloud which you need to access, you must open specific firewall rules in SQL to the Azure Government Cloud IP space, for the following datacenters:

  • USGov 愛荷華USGov Iowa
  • USGov 維吉尼亞USGov Virginia
  • USGov 德州USGov Texas
  • USGov 亞歷桑那USGov Arizona

公用雲端中的 IP 空間可供使用,但對於政府雲端,您必須開啟 Azure 支援票證以要求上述所列資料中心的 IP 範圍。In the public cloud the IP spaces are available, but for the government cloud, you must open an Azure Support ticket to request the IP ranges for the above listed datacenters.

適用於美國政府的 Power BI 限制Limitations of Power BI US Government

Power BI 服務商用版本中可用的部分功能「不」可用於美國政府客戶的 Power BI 服務Some of the features that are available in the commercial version of the Power BI service are not available in the Power BI service for US Government customers. Power BI 小組積極地將這些功能提供給美國政府客戶,並且會在這些功能可用時更新本文。The Power BI team is actively working on making these features available to US Government customers, and will update this article when these features become available.

  • Power BI 美國政府只能作為 Pro 授權。Power BI US Government is only available as a Pro license. 在系統管理入口網站中進行的任何 Power BI (免費) 授權參考 (或使用者身分) 都是在商用 Power BI 服務雲端中執行。Any references to Power BI (Free) licenses in an admin portal (or as users) are running in a commercial Power BI service cloud.
  • 稽核 - 稽核不會在 Office 365 安全性和合規性的入口網站進行。Auditing - auditing is not available through the Office 365 Security and Compliance portal.
  • Cortana 中的 Power BI 內容 - Power BI 結果不會顯示在 Cortana 搜尋結果中,其中包括適用於您的 Power BI 內容 (儀表板、報表、應用程式) 的結果,以及顯示特定關鍵字之 Cortana 最佳化報表頁面的結果。Power BI content in Cortana - Power BI results will not show up in Cortana search results, which includes results for your Power BI content (dashboards, reports, apps) as well as results that show Cortana-optimized report pages for specific keywords.
  • 外部使用者共用 - 只允許在 Power BI 租用戶內共用,您無法和 Power BI 租用戶以外的使用者共用。External user sharing - sharing is allowed within a Power BI tenant only; you cannot share with users outside of your Power BI tenant.

如果您已將 Power BI 免費授權指派給您的帳戶,則這些帳戶會在 Power BI 服務的商用版本中執行,而不是 Power BI 美國政府供應項目的一部分。If you have Power BI Free licenses assigned to your account, those accounts are running in a commercial version of the Power BI service, and are not part of the Power BI US Government offering. 針對這些免費帳戶,您可能會遇到下列問題︰For those Free accounts, you may encounter the following issues:

  • 無法驗證閘道、行動裝置和電腦Gateway, Mobile, and Desktop can’t authenticate
  • 您無法存取 Azure 商業資料來源You cannot access Azure commercial data sources
  • PBIX 檔案必須以手動方式從商用版本上傳PBIX files must be manually uploaded from commercial
  • 沒有 Power BI mobile appsPower BI mobile apps are not available

若要解決問題,請連絡您的客戶代表。To resolve issues, please contact your account representative.

美國政府版本的 Power BI 服務常見問題集 (FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the US Government version of the Power BI service

下列問題 (及回答) 可協助您快速取得所需的服務相關資訊。The following questions (and answers) are provided to help you quickly get information you need about the service.

問︰如何移轉我的商用 Power BI 資料到美國政府的 Power BI 服務Question: How do I migrate my commercial Power BI data to the Power BI service for US Government?

答︰您的系統管理員必須在不同的美國政府特定訂閱中建立 Power BI 的新執行個體。Answer: Your admin must create a new instance of Power BI under a separate, US Government-specific subscription. 然後,您就可以在適用於美國政府的 Power BI 服務中複寫您的商用資料、移除您的商用授權,並將現有的網域與新的美國政府特定服務相關聯。You can then replicate your commercial data in the Power BI service for US Government, remove your commercial license, and associate your existing domain to the new US Government-specific service.

問︰為什麼我無法連線到特定的內容套件?Question: Why can't I connect to a specific content pack?

答︰您需要先確定您的訂閱已啟用,才能連線到該內容套件。Answer: You need to ensure your subscription is enabled before connecting to that content pack.

問︰我要興趣為我的美國政府組織取得 Power BIQuestion: I'm interested in getting Power BI for my US Government organization. 如何開始使用?How do I get started?

答︰註冊 (通常稱為「上架」) 可能會根據您現有的授權和訂閱而不同。Answer: Signing up (often called onboarding) might differ based on your existing license and subscription. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱註冊適用於美國政府的 Power BI 一文。See the Sign Up for Power BI US Government article for more information.

問︰連接到美國政府 Power BI 的 URL,與商用 Power BI URL 不同嗎?Question: Is the URL for connecting to Power BI for US Government different than the commercial Power BI URL?

答︰是的,URL 會不同。Answer: Yes, the URLs are different. 下表顯示每個 URL:The following table shows each URL:

商用版本 URLCommercial version URL 美國政府版本 URLUS Government version URL
https://app.powerbi.com/https://app.powerbi.com/ https://app.powerbigov.ushttps://app.powerbigov.us

後續步驟Next steps

您可以使用 Power BI 執行各種作業。There are all sorts of things you can do with Power BI. 如需詳細資訊和學習,包括說明如何註冊服務的文章,請參閱下列資源︰For more information and learning, including an article that shows you how to sign up for the service, check out the following resources: