Power BI 支援的深入解析類型Types of insights supported by Power BI

深入解析如何運作?How does Insights work?

Power BI 可快速地搜尋資料集的不同子集,同時套用一組複雜的演算法來探索潛在相關的深入剖析資訊。Power BI quickly searches different subsets of your dataset while applying a set of sophisticated algorithms to discover potentially-interesting insights. Power BI 會在分配的時間內盡可能掃描資料集。Power BI scans as much of a dataset as possible in an allotted amount of time.

您可以針對資料集或儀表板圖格執行深入解析。You can run insights against a dataset or dashboard tile.

我們可以尋找哪些類型的深入剖析資訊?What types of insights can we find?

以下是我們所使用的一些演算法:These are some of the algorithms we use:

類別極端值 (上/下)Category outliers (top/bottom)

針對模型中的量值,醒目提示維度的一或兩個成員值大於維度的其他成員值的情況。Highlights cases where, for a measure in the model, one or two members of a dimension have much larger values than other members of the dimension.


變更時間序列中的點Change points in a time series

醒目提示資料時間序列中的趨勢明顯變更的情況。Highlights when there are significant changes in trends in a time series of data.



偵測當根據資料集中的某個維度繪製多個量值時,多個量值彼此之間顯示相互關聯的情況。Detects cases where multiple measures show a correlation between each other when plotted against a dimension in the dataset.


低變異數Low Variance

偵測到資料點距離平均值不遠的情況。Detects cases where data points are not far from the mean.


多數 (主要因素)Majority (Major factors)

尋找當總值由另一個維度分解時,其多數可能歸因於單一因素的情況。Finds cases where a majority of a total value can be attributed to a single factor when broken down by another dimension.


偵測時間序列資料中的向上或向下趨勢。Detects upward or downward trends in time series data.


時間序列中的季節性Seasonality in time series

尋找時間序列資料中的週期模式,例如每週、每月或每年的季節性。Finds periodic patterns in time series data, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly seasonality.


穩定佔有率Steady share

醒目提示子值的部分相對於跨連續變數的整體父值有父子相互關聯的情況。Highlights cases where there is a parent-child correlation between the share of a child value in relation to the overall value of the parent across a continuous variable.


時間序列極端值Time series outliers

針對跨時間序列的資料,偵測特定日期或時間值明顯不同於其他日期/時間值的情況。For data across a time series, detects when there are specific dates or times with values significantly different than the other date/time values.


後續步驟Next steps

Power BI 深入解析Power BI insights

如果您擁有資料集,請針對深入解析將它最佳化If you own a dataset, optimize it for insights

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