建立及發佈 Power BI 組織內容套件 (教學課程)Create and publish a Power BI organizational content pack (tutorial)


尚未聽過新的「應用程式」嗎?Have you heard about the new apps yet? 應用程式是在 Power BI 中將內容散發給大量對象的新方式。Apps are the new way to distribute content to large audiences in Power BI. 建議使用應用程式,而非組織內容套件或唯讀工作區。We recommend using apps instead of organizational content packs or read-only workspaces. 深入了解應用程式Learn more about apps.

在本教學課程中,您將建立組織內容套件、提供特定群組的存取權,並將該套件發行至 Power BI 上的組織內容套件庫。In this tutorial you create an organizational content pack, give access to a specific group, and publish it to your organization's content pack library on Power BI.

建立內容套件與共用儀表板或對群組中的儀表板共同作業不同。Creating content packs is different from sharing dashboards or collaborating on them in a group. 閱讀應該如何共同作業和共用儀表板和報表?,來為您的情況決定最佳選項。Read How should I collaborate on and share dashboards and reports? to decide on the best option for your situation.


建立組織內容套件需要用到您和同事的 Power BI Pro 帳戶Creating an organizational content pack requires a Power BI Pro account for you and your colleagues.

假設您是 Contoso 發佈經理,而且您正在為新產品上市作準備。Imagine you're the Release Manager at Contoso and you're getting ready for a new product launch. 您已建立儀表板與報表,想要與管理產品上市的其他員工共用。You've created a dashboard with reports that you'd like to share with the other employees managing the launch. 您需要有方法將儀表板及報表作為解決方案封裝,供您的同事使用。You want a way to package up the dashboard and reports as a solution for your colleagues to use.

想要跟著做嗎?Want to follow along? Power BI 服務 移至 [取得資料] > [範例] > [商機分析範例] > [連接],取得自己的複本。In the Power BI service, go to Get Data > Samples > Opportunity Analysis Sample > Connect to get your own copy.

  1. 在左側瀏覽窗格中選取 [ 商機分析範例 ] 儀表板。In the left navigation pane, select the Opportunity Analysis Sample dashboard.
  2. 從上方導覽列中,選取齒輪圖示 > 建立內容套件From the top navigation bar, select the cog icon > Create content pack.
  3. 在 [建立內容套件] 視窗中,輸入下列資訊。In the Create Content Pack window, enter the following information.

    請記住,組織內容套件庫最後可能會含有上百個內容套件,發佈給組織或群組。Keep in mind that your organization's content pack library could end up with hundreds of content packs published for the organization or for groups. 花點時間來提供內容套件有意義的名稱、新增合適的描述,以及選取適當的對象。Take time to give your content pack a meaningful name, to add a good description, and to select the right audience. 使用的描述必須讓內容套件可輕易透過搜尋尋找。Use words that will make your content pack easy to find via search.

    1. 選取 [特定群組],輸入完整的個人電子郵件地址、Office 365 群組、通訊群組或安全性群組。Select Specific Groups and enter the full email addresses for individuals, Office 365 groups, distribution groups, or security groups. 例如:For example:

      salesmgrs@contoso.com; sales@contoso.comsalesmgrs@contoso.com; sales@contoso.com

      在本教學課程中,請試著使用您自己或群組的電子郵件地址。For this tutorial, try using your own or your group's email address.

    2. 將內容套件命名為銷售商機Name the content pack Sales Opportunities.


      請考慮將儀表板名稱包含在內容套件名稱中。Consider including the name of the dashboard in the name of the content pack. 如此一來,當您的同事連接到您的內容套件之後,就能更輕鬆地找到儀表板。That way, your colleagues will find the dashboard more easily after they connect to your content pack.

    3. 建議:新增描述Recommended: Add a description. 這有助於同事更輕鬆地找到所需的內容套件。This helps coworkers more easily find the content packs that they need. 除了描述之外,還新增同事可能用來搜尋此內容套件的關鍵字。Besides a description, add keywords your coworkers might use to search for this content pack. 另外加上連絡資訊,萬一您的同事有疑問或需要協助時可派上用場。Include contact information in case your coworkers have a question or need help.

    4. 上傳映像或標誌,讓群組成員更輕鬆地尋找內容套件 — 掃描映像的速度會比尋找文字更快。Upload an image or logo to make it easier for group members to find the content pack — it's faster to scan for an image than it is to find text. 我們在下面的螢幕擷取畫面中使用商機計數 100% 直條圖磚的映像。We used an image of the Opportunity Count 100% column chart tile in the screen shot below.

    5. 選取 [商機分析範例] 儀表板,將它加入內容套件。Select the Opportunity Analysis Sample dashboard to add it to the content pack. Power BI 會自動加入相關聯的報表和資料集。Power BI automatically adds the associated report and dataset. 如果您要的話,您可以新增其他項目。You can add others, if you want.


      只會列出可以編輯的儀表板、報表、資料集和活頁簿。Only the dashboards, reports, datasets, and workbooks that you can edit are listed. 因此,任何已與您共用的資源不會列在清單中。Thus, any that were shared with you aren't in the list.

    6. 如果您有 Excel 活頁簿,這些活頁簿會顯示在 [報表] 下方,並有 Excel 圖示。If you have Excel workbooks, you see them under Reports, with an Excel icon. 您也可以將它們加入內容套件中。You can add them to the content pack, too.


      如果群組的成員無法檢視 Excel 活頁簿,您可能需要在商務用 OneDrive 中與他們共用活頁簿If members of the group can't view the Excel workbook, you may need to share the workbook with them in OneDrive for Business.

  4. 選取 [發佈] 將內容套件加入群組的組織內容套件庫。Select Publish to add the content pack to the group's organizational content pack library.

    成功發佈之後,您可以看到成功訊息。You see a success message when it publishes successfully.

  5. 當您的群組成員移至 [取得資料] > [我的組織] 時,他們可點選搜尋方塊並輸入「銷售商機」。When members of your group go to Get Data > My Organization, they tap in the search box and type "Sales Opportunities".

  6. 他們會看到您的內容套件。They see your content pack.


    您的瀏覽器中顯示的 URL 是此內容套件的專屬位址。The URL displayed in your browser is an unique address for this content pack. 想通知同事這個新的內容套件?Want to tell your coworkers about this new content pack? 您可以將 URL 貼入電子郵件。Paste the URL into an email.

  7. 他們選取 [連接] 後,即可檢視和使用您的內容套件They select Connect, and now they can view and work with your content pack.

後續步驟Next steps