從 Excel 2016 發佈至 Power BIPublish to Power BI from Excel 2016

在 Excel 2016 中,您可以將 Excel 活頁簿發佈至 Power BI 網站,並在此根據活頁簿的資料建立互動性極高的報表和儀表板。With Excel 2016, you can publish your Excel workbooks right to your Power BI site, where you can create highly interactive reports and dashboards based on your workbook’s data. 然後,您就可以與組織中的其他人分享深入解析。You can then share your insights with others in your organization.

在繼續討論前,請記住以下幾點︰Before we go any further, there are few things to keep in mind:

  • 您的活頁簿必須先儲存到商務用 OneDrive,才能發佈至 Power BI。Before you can publish to Power BI, your workbook must be saved to OneDrive for Business.
  • 您用來登入 Office、商務用 OneDrive 和 Power BI 的帳戶必須是相同的帳戶。The account you use to sign in to Office, OneDrive for Business, and Power BI must be the same account.
  • 您無法發佈空白活頁簿,或是未含任何 Power BI 支援內容的活頁簿。You cannot publish an empty workbook or a workbook that doesn’t have any Power BI supported content.
  • 您無法發佈加密或受密碼保護的活頁簿,或是使用資訊保護管理的活頁簿。You cannot publish encrypted or password protected workbooks, or workbooks with Information Protection Management.
  • 發佈到 Power BI 需要啟用新式驗證 (預設值)。Publishing to Power BI requires modern authentication be enabled (default). 如果停用,[檔案] 功能表就無法使用 [發佈] 選項。If disabled, the Publish option is not available from the File menu.

發佈 Excel 活頁簿To publish your Excel workbook

在 Excel 中,選取 [檔案] > [發佈]。In Excel, select File > Publish.

本機檔案發佈Local file publishing

從 2017 年 2 月更新開始,Excel 2016 支援發佈本機 Excel 檔案。Starting in the February 2017 update, Excel 2016 supports publishing of local Excel files. 您不需要將這些檔案儲存至商務用 OneDrive 或 SharePoint Online。They do not need to be saved to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.


只有具有 Office 365 訂閱的 Excel 2016 才會看到發佈本機檔案的體驗。Only Excel 2016 with an Office 365 subscription will see the experience to publish with local files. Excel 2016 獨立安裝仍會有僅限「發佈」的行為,而需要將 Excel 活頁簿儲存至商務用 OneDrive 或 SharePoint Online。Excel 2016 standalone installation will still have the "Publish" only behavior which requires the excel workbook be saved to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.

當您選取 [發佈] 時,您將能夠選取想要發佈的目標工作區。When you select Publish, you will be able to select the workspace you want to publish to. 這可以是您有權存取的個人或群組工作區。This can be your personal or group workspace that you have access to.

您有兩個關於如何將活頁簿放入 Power BI 的選項。you’ll get two options on how to get your workbook into Power BI.

發佈後,它會在 Power BI 中以複本形式保留,並與本機檔案分開置放。Once published, it is kept as a copy in Power BI, separate from teh local file. 如果您想要在 Power BI 中更新檔案,您需要重新發佈已更新的版本。If you want to update the file in Power BI, you need to publish the updated version again. 您可以重新整理資料,並設定 Power BI 活頁簿或資料集的排程重新整理。You can refresh teh data and set scheduled refresh on the workbook or the dataset in Power BI.

從獨立式 Excel 發佈Publishing from Excel Standalone

如果您的活頁簿尚未儲存到 OneDrive,您必須先儲存到這個位置。If your workbook isn’t already saved to OneDrive, you’ll need to save it there first. 選取 [儲存至雲端],然後選擇商務用 OneDrive 中的一個位置。Select Save to Cloud and choose a location in OneDrive for Business.

您的活頁簿儲存到 OneDrive 後,當您選取 [發佈] 時,就會有兩個選項可將活頁簿放入 Power BI。Once your workbook is saved to OneDrive, when you select Publish, you’ll get two options on how to get your workbook into Power BI.

將活頁簿上傳至 Power BIUpload your workbook to Power BI

當您選擇此選項時,您的活頁簿會顯示在 Power BI 中,就像是在 Excel Online 中一樣。When you choose this option, your workbook will appear in Power BI just like it would in Excel Online. 但不同於 Excel Online,您有一些很棒的功能,可協助您將工作表中的項目釘選到儀表板。But, unlike Excel Online, you’ll have some great features to help you pin elements from your worksheets to dashboards.

您無法編輯在 Power BI 中開啟的活頁簿,但如果您需要進行一些變更,您可以選取 [編輯],然後選擇在 Excel Online 中編輯活頁簿,或在電腦上以 Excel 開啟活頁簿。You can’t edit your workbook in when open in Power BI, but if you need to make some changes, you can select Edit, and then choose to edit your workbook in Excel Online or open it in Excel on your computer. 您所做的任何變更都會儲存到 OneDrive 上的活頁簿。Any changes you make are saved to the workbook on OneDrive.

上傳時,不會在 Power BI 中建立任何資料集。When you upload, no dataset is created in Power BI. 您的活頁簿會顯示在工作區功能窗格的 [報表] 中。Your workbook will appear in Reports, in your workspace navigation pane. 上傳至 Power BI 的活頁簿會有特殊的 Excel 圖示,將其識別為已上傳的 Excel 活頁簿。Workbooks uploaded to Power BI have a special Excel icon, identifying them as Excel workbooks that have been uploaded.

如果您只有工作表中的資料,或是有想要在 Power BI 中查看的樞紐分析表和圖表,請選擇此選項。Choose this option if you only have data in worksheets, or you have PivotTables and Charts you want to see in Power BI. 在 Excel 中從 [發佈至 Power BI] 使用 [上傳],相當於在瀏覽器中從 Power BI 使用 [取得資料] > [檔案] > [商務用 OneDrive] > [在 Power BI 中連接、管理及檢視 Excel]。Using Upload from Publish to Power BI in Excel is pretty much the same as using Get Data > File > OneDrive for Business > Connect, Manage and View Excel in Power BI from Power BI in your browser.

將活頁簿資料匯出至 Power BIExport workbook data to Power BI

當您選擇此選項時,資料表及/或資料模型中任何支援的資料都會匯出至 Power BI 中的新資料集。When you choose this option, any supported data in tables and/or a data model are exported into a new dataset in Power BI. 如果您有任何 Power View 工作表,則會在 Power BI 中重新建立為報表。If you have any Power View sheets, those will be re-created in Power BI as reports.

您可以繼續編輯活頁簿。You can continue editing your workbook. 當您儲存變更後,這些變更通常會在一小時內與 Power BI 中的資料集同步處理。When your changes are saved, they’ll be synchronized with the dataset in Power BI, usually within about an hour. 如果您需要立即同步處理,您可以再次直接選取 [發佈] 立即匯出變更。If you need more immediate gratification, you can just select Publish again, and your changes are exported right then and there. 您在報表和儀表板中的任何視覺效果也會更新。Any visualizations you have in reports and dashboards will be updated, too.

如果您使用 [取得和轉換資料] 或 Power Pivot 將資料載入資料模型,或是您的活頁簿具有想要在 Power BI 中查看的 Power View 工作表及視覺效果,請選擇此選項。Choose this option if you’ve used Get & Transform data or Power Pivot to load data into a data model, or if your workbook has Power View sheets with visualizations you want to see in Power BI.

在 Excel 中從 [發佈至 Power BI] 使用 [匯出],相當於在瀏覽器中從 Power BI 使用 [取得資料] > [檔案] > [商務用 OneDrive] > [將 Excel 資料匯出至 Power BI]。Using Export from Publish to Power BI in Excel is pretty much the same as using Get Data > File > OneDrive for Business > Export Excel data into Power BI from Power BI in your browser.


當您選擇任何一個選項時,Excel 會使用您目前的帳戶登入 Power BI,然後將您的活頁簿發佈至 Power BI 網站。When you choose either option, Excel will sign in to Power BI with your current account, and then publish your workbook to your Power BI site. 請注意 Excel 中的狀態列。Keep an eye on the status bar in Excel. 它會顯示目前的進度。It shows how things are going.

完成時,即可直接從 Excel 移至 Power BI。When complete, you can go to Power BI right from Excel.

後續步驟Next steps

Power BI 的 Excel 資料Excel data in Power BI
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