從 Power BI 將報表匯出至 PowerPoint (預覽)Export reports from Power BI to PowerPoint (Preview)

有了 Power BI,您現在可以將報表發佈至 Microsoft PowerPoint,並根據 Power BI 報表輕鬆地建立投影片組。With Power BI, you can now publish your report to Microsoft PowerPoint, and easily create a slide deck based on your Power BI report. 當您匯出至 PowerPoint 時會發生下列狀況︰When you export to PowerPoint, the following occurs:

  • Power BI 報表中的每個頁面都會變成 PowerPoint 的個別投影片Each page in the Power BI report becomes an individual slide in PowerPoint
  • Power BI 報表中的每個頁面都會匯出成 PowerPoint 中的單一高解析度影像Each page in the Power BI report is exported as a single high resolution image in PowerPoint
  • Power BI 報表中的文字方塊會變成 PowerPoint 的可編輯文字方塊Text boxes in the Power BI report become editable text boxes in PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint 中會建立連結至 Power BI 報表的連結A link is created in PowerPoint that links to the Power BI report

Power BI 報表匯出到 PowerPoint 很簡單。Getting your Power BI report exported into PowerPoint is easy. 只要遵循下一節中列出的步驟即可。Just follow the steps outlined in the next section.

如何將 Power BI 報表匯出至 PowerPointHow to export your Power BI report to PowerPoint

在 Power BI 服務中,選取左導覽窗格的 [報表] 區段以展開該區段,然後選取您的報表使其顯示在畫布上。In the Power BI service, select the Reports section in the left navigation pane to expand that section, then select your report to display it on the canvas. 如果報表位在 [我的工作區] 區段或 [我的最愛],您也可以從中選取報表。You can also select a report from your My Workspace section, or your Favorites, if the report is in either of those locations.

當您要匯出至 PowerPoint 的報表顯示在畫布上時,請從 Power BI 服務的功能表列中選取 [檔案] > [匯出至 PowerPoint (預覽)] ,如下圖所示。When the report you want to export to PowerPoint is displayed on the canvas, select File > Export to PowerPoint (Preview) from the menu bar in the Power BI service, as shown in the following image.

您會在 Power BI 服務瀏覽器視窗的右上角,看到報表正匯出至 PowerPoint 的通知橫幅。You'll see a notification banner in the upper right corner of the Power BI service browser window that the report is being exported to PowerPoint. 這可能需要幾分鐘的時間,而您可以在報表匯出時繼續使用 Power BI 工作。This might take a few minutes, and you can continue to work in Power BI while the report is being exported.

完成後,通知橫幅隨即變更,讓您知道 Power BI 服務已完成匯出程序。Once complete, the notification banner changes to let you know that the Power BI service has finished the export process.

您可以在瀏覽器顯示下載檔案的位置取得檔案。Your file is then available where your browser displays downloaded files. 在下圖中,是以瀏覽器視窗底部的下載橫幅方式顯示。In the following image, it's shown as a download banner along the bottom of the browser window.

就是這麼簡單。And that's all there is to it. 您可以下載檔案、使用 PowerPoint 開啟檔案,然後像您處理任何其他 PowerPoint 簡報一樣修改或加強檔案。You can download the file, open it with PowerPoint, and then modify or enhance it just like you would any other PowerPoint deck.

查看已匯出的 PowerPoint 檔案Checking out your exported PowerPoint file

當您開啟 Power BI 匯出的 PowerPoint 檔案時,您會發現一些很棒又實用的元素。When you open the PowerPoint file that Power BI exported, you find a few cool and useful elements. 請看下圖,然後查看下方說明其中幾項優異功能的編號項目。Take a look at the following image, then check out the numbered elements below that describe some of those cool features.

  1. 投影片組的第一頁包含您的報表名稱及連結,讓您在 Power BI 中檢視作為投影片組基礎的報表。The first page of the slide deck includes the name of your report, and a link so that you can View in Power BI the report on which the slide deck is based.
  2. 您也會獲得一些有關報表的實用資訊,包括匯出報表所依據的「上次資料重新整理」,以及「下載於」時間和日期,也就是 Power BI 報表匯出為 PowerPoint 檔案的日期和時間。You get some useful information about the report, too, including the last data refresh on which the exported report is based, and the downloaded at time and date, which is the time and date when the Power BI report was exported into a PowerPoint file.
  3. 每張報表頁面都是一張個別的投影片,如左導覽窗格中所示。Each report page is a separate slide, as shown in the left navigation pane.
  4. 已發行的報表會根據您 Power BI 設定中的語言來進行轉譯,否則會根據您的瀏覽器地區設定來進行轉譯。Your published report is rendered in the language according to your Power BI settings, or otherwise by the locale setting of your browser. 若要查看或設定語言喜好設定,請選取齒輪圖示 > [設定] > [一般] > [語言]To see or set your language preference, select the cog icon > Settings > General > Language. 如需地區設定的資訊,請參閱 Power BI 支援的語言與國家/地區For locale information, see Supported languages and countries/regions for Power BI.
  5. PowerPoint 簡報包含了一張封面投影片,其中有正確時區的匯出時間。The PowerPoint presentation includes a cover slide with the exported time in the correct time zone.

當您瀏覽個別的投影片時,您會發現每個報表頁面都是獨立的影像。When you go into an individual slide, you'll notice that each report page is an independent image.


每個報表頁面擁有一個視覺效果是新的行為。Having one visual for each report page is new behavior. 先前的行為 (針對每個視覺效果提供獨立的影像) 已不再實作。The previous behavior, which provided an independent image for each visual, is no longer implemented.

您可在此隨意處理 PowerPoint 簡報或任何高解析度影像!What you do with your PowerPoint deck from there, or any of the high resolution images, is up to you!


使用 [匯出至 PowerPoint] 功能時,需牢記幾項考量與限制。There are a few considerations and limitations to keep in mind when working with the Export to PowerPoint feature.

  • 目前不支援 R 視覺效果R visuals are not currently supported. 任何這類的視覺效果都會作為空白影像匯出至 PowerPoint,並顯示一個錯誤訊息,指出目前並不支援該視覺效果。Any such visuals are exported as a blank image into PowerPoint with an error message that states the visual is not supported.
  • 目前已支援經認證自訂視覺效果Custom visuals that have been certified are supported. 如需認證自訂視覺效果,包括如何使自訂視覺效果獲得認證的詳細資訊,請參閱認證自訂視覺效果For more information on certified custom visuals, including how to get a custom visual certified, see getting a custom visual certified. 任何未經認證的自訂視覺效果目前都不支援,其將會作為空白影像匯出至 PowerPoint,並顯示一個錯誤訊息,指出目前並不支援該視覺效果。Custom visuals that have not been certified are not supported, and are exported as a blank image into PowerPoint with an error message that states the visual is not supported.
  • 支援認證的自訂視覺效果Certified custom visuals are supported. 認證的自訂視覺效果已獲核准可搭配 Power BI 使用,且符合特定的程式碼需求,並已通過嚴格的安全性測試。A certified custom visual has been approved for use with Power BI, meets certain code requirements, and has passed strict security tests. 您可以深入了解認證的自訂視覺效果You can learn more about certified custom visuals.
  • 目前無法匯出超過 15 頁的報表。Reports with more than 15 report pages can't currently be exported.
  • 將報表匯出至 PowerPoint 的程序需時數分鐘,請耐心等候。The process of exporting the report to PowerPoint may take a few minutes to complete, so please be patient. 影響所需時間的因素,包括報表結構及 Power BI 服務目前的負載。Factors that can impact the time required include the structure of the report, and the current load on the Power BI service.
  • 如果 Power BI 服務不提供 [匯出至 PowerPoint (預覽)] 功能表項目,有可能是因為租用戶系統管理員停用了此功能。If the Export to PowerPoint (Preview) menu item isn't available in the Power BI service, it's likely because your tenant administrator has disabled the feature. 如需詳細資訊,請連絡您的租用戶系統管理員。Please contact your tenant administrator for details.
  • 背景影像會按圖表的周框區域剪裁。Background images will be cropped with the chart's bounding area. 強烈建議您先移除背景影像,再匯出至 PowerPoint。It's highly recommended that you remove background images before exporting to PowerPoint.
  • 目前不支援匯出至 PowerPoint 時的工作階段內互動,例如反白顯示和篩選、向下鑽研等等。In-session interactivity such as highlighting and filtering, drill-down, and so on, are not yet supported when exporting to PowerPoint. 匯出的 PowerPoint 會顯示原來儲存在報表中的視覺效果。The exported PowerPoint shows the original visuals as they were saved in the report.
  • PowerPoint 中的頁面一律會以標準的 9:16 大小建立,而不論 Power BI 報表中的原始頁面大小或維度為何。Pages in PowerPoint are always created in the standard 9:16 size, regardless of the original page sizes or dimensions in the Power BI report.
  • Power BI 租用戶網域外部使用者擁有的報表 (例如,組織外部某人所擁有並與您共用的報表) 無法發行至 PowerPoint。Reports that are owned by a user outside your Power BI tenant domain (such as, a report owned by someone outside your organization, and shared with you) cannot be published to PowerPoint.
  • 如果您與組織外部的某人 (也就是不在您 Power BI 租用戶中的使用者) 共用儀表板,該使用者會無法將與共用儀表板的相關報表匯出至 PowerPoint。If you share a dashboard with someone outside of your organization (and thereby, a user who is not in your Power BI tenant), that user will not be able to export the shared dashboard's associated reports to PowerPoint. 舉例來說,如果您是 aaron@contoso.com,您可以和 david@cohowinery.com 共用。但是 david@cohowinery.com 無發將相關報表匯出至 PowerPoint。For example, if you are aaron@contoso.com, you can share with david@cohowinery.com. But david@cohowinery.com cannot export the associated reports to PowerPoint.
  • 如先前所述,每個報表頁面會匯出為 PowerPoint 檔中的單一影像。As previously mentioned, each report page is exported as a single image in the PowerPoint file.
  • Power BI 服務會使用您的 Power BI 語言設定作為 PowerPoint 的輸出語言。The Power BI service uses your Power BI language setting as the language for the PowerPoint export. 若要查看或設定語言喜好設定,請選取齒輪圖示 > [設定] > [一般] > [語言]To see or set your language preference, select the cog icon > Settings > General > Language.
  • 匯出的 PowerPoint 檔案,其封面投影片上的下載於時間,會設定為匯出當時您電腦的時區。The Downloaded at time on the cover slide for the exported PowerPoint file is set to your computer's time zone at the time of the export.

後續步驟Next steps

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