Power BI 服務中的 [最近] 內容Recent content in Power BI service

什麼是最近內容What is recent content

最近內容是您瀏覽的最後一個項目,最大值上限為 20 個項目。Recent content is the last items you visited, up to a maximum of 20 items. 這些包含:所有工作區中的儀表板、報表、應用程式和活頁簿。These include: dashboards, reports, apps, and workbooks across all of your workspaces.

觀看 Amanda 示範如何填入 [最近] 內容清單,然後遵循以下影片中的逐步指示,自己試試看。Watch Amanda demonstrate how Recent content lists are populated, then follow the step-by-step instructions below the video to try it out yourself.

顯示最近內容Display recent content

若要查看您最近瀏覽過的五個項目,請從左側導覽中選取 [最近] 右側的箭號。To see your five most-recently visited items, from the left navigation, select the arrow to the right of Recent. 您可以從這裡選取最近內容,加以開啟。From here you can select recent content to open it. 只會列出五個最新的項目。Only the five most-recent items are listed.

如果您最近瀏覽過項目超過五個,請選取 [See all](查看全部) 以開啟 [最近] 畫面 (請參閱下面)。If you have more than five recently-visited items, select See all to open the Recent screen (see below). 您也可以從左側導覽中選取 [最近] 或最近 圖示。You can also select Recent, or the Recent icon, from the left nav.

您可以在這裡與內容互動,就像在個別儀表板報表活頁簿索引標籤以及在應用程式畫面上互動一樣。From here you can interact with the content as you would on the individual Dashboards, Reports, and Workbooks tabs, and on the Apps screen.

後續步驟Next steps

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