Power BI 服務中的資料警示Data alerts in Power BI service

設定警示,以在儀表板中的資料變更時超出您所設定的限制時通知您。Set alerts to notify you when data in your dashboards changes beyond limits you set.

如果您擁有 Power BI Pro 授權,或已從 Premium容量與您共用儀表板,則可以設定圖格的警示。You can set alerts on tiles if you have a Power BI Pro license, or if a dashboard has been shared with you from a Premium capacity. 只可在從報告視覺效果釘選的圖格上,為量測計、KPI 和卡片設定警示。Alerts can only be set on tiles pinned from report visuals, and only on gauges, KPIs and cards. 可以對從報表釘選到儀表板的串流資料集上所建立的視覺效果,設定警示,但不可對使用 [新增磚] > [自訂串流資料] 直接於儀表板上建立的串流磚,設定警示。Alerts can be set on visuals created from streaming datasets that have been pinned from a report to a dashboard, but cannot be set on streaming tiles created directly on the dashboard using Add tile > Custom streaming data.

即使將儀表板分享給他人共用,仍只有您才能查看您所設定的警示。Only you can see the alerts you set, even if you share your dashboard. 資料警示會在平台之間完全同步處理;請在 Power BI 行動裝置應用程式和 Power BI 服務中設定和檢視資料警示。Data alerts are fully synchronized across platforms; set and view data alerts in the Power BI mobile apps and in the Power BI service. 其不適用於 Power BI Desktop。They are not available for Power BI Desktop. 警示還可以透過 Microsoft Flow 進行自動化及整合 - 動手試試看Alerts can even be automated and integrated with Microsoft Flow - try it out yourself.



資料驅動的警示通知會提供資料的相關資訊。Data-driven alert notifications provide information about your data. 如果您在行動裝置上檢視 Power BI 資料,而該裝置遭竊,建議您使用 Power BI 服務關閉所有資料驅動的警示規則。If you view your Power BI data on a mobile device and that device gets stolen, we recommend using the Power BI service to turn off all data-driven alert rules.

在 Power BI 服務中設定資料警示Set data alerts in Power BI service

觀看 Amanda 在她的儀表板上將某些警示新增至磚。Watch Amanda add some alerts to tiles on her dashboard. 然後遵循影片下方的逐步指示親自試試看。Then follow the step-by-step instructions below the video to try it out yourself.

此範例使用零售版 Analysis 範例儀表板。This example uses a card tile from the Retail Analysis sample dashboard.

  1. 啟動儀表板。Start on a dashboard. 選取儀表板量測計、KPI 或卡片磚中的省略符號。From a dashboard gauge, KPI, or card tile, select the ellipses.

    [商店數總計] 磚

  2. 選取鈴鐺圖示 警示圖示,以為 [商店數總計] 新增一或多個警示。Select the bell icon Alert icon to add one or more alerts for Total stores.

  3. 若要開始,請選取 [+ 新增警示規則],確定已將滑桿設為 [開啟],並為您的警示提供標題。To start, select + Add alert rule, ensure the slider is set to On, and give your alert a title. 磚可幫助您輕鬆地辨識警示。Titles help you easily recognize your alerts.

    [管理警示] 視窗

  4. 向下捲動並輸入警示的詳細資料。Scroll down and enter the alert details. 在此範例中,我們要建立警示,在商店數總計超過 100 家時通知我們。In this example we'll create an alert that notifies us once a day if the number of total stores goes above 100. 警示會出現在我們的通知中心內。Alerts will appear in our Notification center. 我們也同樣設定讓 Power BI 傳送電子郵件給我們。And we'll have Power BI send us an email as well.

    在 [管理警示] 視窗中設定 [臨界值]

  5. 選取 [儲存]。Select Save.

接收警示Receiving alerts

當正在追蹤的資料達到您所設定的其中一個臨界值時,會出現一些連鎖反應。When the data being tracked reaches one of the thresholds you've set, several things will happen. 首先,Power BI 會檢查自傳送上個警示之後的經過時間,是否已超過 1 小時或 24 小時 (取決於您選取的選項)。First, Power BI checks to see if it's been more than an hour or more than 24 hours (depending on the option you selected) since the last alert was sent. 只要資料超過臨界值,您就會收到警示。As long as the data is past the threshold, you'll get an alert.

接下來,Power BI 會傳送警示到您的通知中心,並選擇性寄送電子郵件。Next, Power BI sends an alert to your notification center and, optionally, in email. 每個警示都包含資料的直接連結。Each alert contains a direct link to your data. 選取連結可以查看相關的磚,您可以在其中探索、共用以及深入了解。Select the link to see the relevant tile where you can explore, share, and learn more.

  1. 您如有設定傳送電子郵件警示,將會在收件匣中看到類似如下所述的狀況。If you've set the alert to send you an email, you'll find something like this in your Inbox.


  2. Power BI 會在您的通知中心新增一則訊息,並將新的警示圖示加入適用的磚 。Power BI adds a message to your Notification center and adds a new alert icon to the applicable tile.

    Power BI 服務中的通知圖示

  3. 若要查看警示詳細資料,請開啟您的通知中心。Open your Notification center to see the alert details.



    警示只對重新整理的資料有作用。Alerts only work on data that is refreshed. 當資料重新整理時,Power BI 會檢查該資料有無設定警示。When data refreshes, Power BI looks to see if an alert is set for that data. 若資料已達警示臨界值,便會觸發警示。If the data has reached an alert threshold, an alert is triggered.

管理警示Managing alerts

有許多方式可以管理您的通知,分別是從儀表板的圖格本身、從 Power BI 的 [設定] 功能表,以及在 iPhone 的 Power BI 行動裝置應用程式Windows 10 的 Power BI 行動裝置應用程式個別的圖格上。There are many ways to manage your alerts: From the dashboard tile itself, from the Power BI Settings menu, on an individual tile in the Power BI mobile app on the iPhone or in the Power BI mobile app for Windows 10.

從磚本身From the tile itself

  1. 當您需要變更或移除磚的警示時,請選取鈴鐺圖示 警示圖示,以重新開啟 [管理警示] 視窗。If you need to change or remove an alert for a tile, re-open the Manage alerts window by selecting the bell icon Alert icon. 您為該磚設定的所有警示皆會顯示。All the alerts that you've set for that tile are displayed.

    [管理警示] 視窗..

  2. 若要修改警示,請選取警示名稱左側的箭號。To modify an alert, select the arrow to the left of the alert name.


  3. 若要刪除警示,請選取警示名稱右側的垃圾桶。To delete an alert, select the trashcan to the right of the alert name.


從 Power BI 的 [設定] 功能表From the Power BI settings menu

  1. 從 Power BI 功能表列選取齒輪圖示。Select the gear icon from the Power BI menubar.


  2. 選取 [設定] 下的 [警示]。Under Settings select Alerts.

    [設定] 視窗的 [警示] 索引標籤

  3. 您可以在此處開啟及關閉警示、開啟 [管理警示] 視窗執行變更,或是刪除警示。From here you can turn alerts on and off, open the Manage alerts window to make changes, or delete the alert.

提示與疑難排解Tips and troubleshooting

  • 目前警示對於具有日期/時間量值的 Bing 磚或卡片磚無效。Alerts are currently not supported for Bing tiles, or card tiles with date/time measures.
  • 警示只適用於數值資料類型。Alerts only work with numeric data types.
  • 警示只對重新整理的資料有作用。Alerts only work on data that is refreshed. 警示對靜態資料毫無作用。They do not work on static data.
  • 如果已建置了 KPI/卡片/量測計報表視覺效果,然後又將該視覺效果釘選至儀表板,則警示只會對串流資料集產生作用。Alerts will only work on streaming datasets if you build a KPI/card/gauge report visual and then pin that visual to the dashboard.

後續步驟Next steps

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在行動裝置上設定資料警示 Set data alerts on your mobile device
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