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Power BI 有 YouTube 頻道喔!We have a YouTube channel for Power BI! 您可以瀏覽我們的頻道;如果您剛開始使用 Power BI,Analyze & Visualize Data with Power BI 播放清單是很好的起點.You can visit our channel and, if you're new to Power BI a good place to start is the Analyze and Visualize data with Power BI playlist.

以下是一些該播放清單中的影片,能讓您快速入門。Here are a few videos from that playlist to get you started.

  • Power BI 服務和 Power BI Desktop 的概觀。Overview of Power BI service and Power BI Desktop.

  • 共同合作與共用。Collaborating and sharing.

  • Power BI 行動版概觀Overview of Power BI mobile

  • 適用於開發人員的 Power BIPower BI for developers

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請查看以下收集的來源和內容來觀賞更多影片。Check out the following collection of sources and content for more videos.

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