API 連接器概觀 (PowerApps)API connector overview (PowerApps)

API 連接器是包裝在 REST API 外的 OpenAPI (Swagger) 架構的包裝器,可讓基礎服務聯繫到 Microsoft FlowPowerAppsLogic AppsAn API connector is an OpenAPI (Swagger) based wrapper around a REST API that allows the underlying service to talk to Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and Logic Apps. 它可讓使用者連線其帳戶,並利用一組預先建立的觸發程序動作建置其應用程式和工作流程。It provides a way for users to connect their accounts and leverage a set of pre-built triggers and actions to build their apps and workflows.

身為獨立軟體廠商 (ISV)SaaS 服務擁有者,您可以建置連接器,為您的使用者啟用各種商務和產能的案例。As an Independent software vendor (ISV) or SaaS service owner, you can build connectors to enable a wide range of business and productivity scenarios for your users. 連接器可協助您超越一組明確的整合,並增加服務的存取、可測知性和使用。A connector helps you to go beyond a definite set of integrations, and increase the reach, discoverability, and usage of your service.


若要建置和提交連接器,您的服務必須符合下列需求︰To build and submit a connector, your service must meet the following requirements:

  • 最適合搭配 Microsoft Flow、PowerApps 和 Logic Apps 的商務使用者案例Business user scenario that fits well with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and Logic Apps
  • 公開可用的服務,並具有穩定的 REST APIPublicly available service with stable REST APIs

建置您的連接器Build your connector

建置 API 連接器的第一個步驟,是建立功能完整的自訂連接器。The first step to building an API Connector is to build a fully functional custom connector. 自訂連接器的運作和 API 連接器完全相同,但自訂連接器的使用者僅限於其作者和作者租用戶內的特定使用者。A custom connector operates exactly like an API connector but it is limited in availability to its author and specific users within the author's tenant.

連接器的建置程序有多個步驟:The process to build a connector involves multiple steps:

API 連接器撰寫步驟

深入了解如何開發 API 連接器。Learn more about how to develop an API connector.

提交認證Submit for certification

在您建立連接器之後,要提交連接器等待認證。After you've built a connector, you submit it for certification. Microsoft 會檢閱發行前的連接器,這是我們的第三方認證程序的一部分。As part of our third party certification process, Microsoft reviews the connector before publishing.

此程序會驗證您的連接器在 Microsoft Flow 和 PowerApps 中的功能,並檢查技術和內容的合規性。This process validates the functionality of your connector in Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, and checks for technical and content compliance.

深入了解提交連接器等待認證及發行的程序。Learn more about the process to submit your connector for certification and publishing.

取得支援Get support

有關上架和開發的支援,請寄電子郵件至 condevhelp@microsoft.com。此帳戶受到主動監視及管理。For onboarding and development support, please email condevhelp@microsoft.com. This account is actively monitored and managed. 開發人員的查詢和事件很快就會被發送給適當的小組。Developer queries and incidents will quickly find their way to the appropriate team.