PowerApps 中的資料行控制項Column control in PowerApps

提供資料表控制項中單一欄位的顯示體驗。Provides the display experience for a single field in a Data table control.


資料表控制項以表格格式顯示資料集,而以表格格式顯示的每個資料行是由資料行控制項表示。The Data table control shows a dataset in a tabular format, and each column in that tabular format is represented by a Column control. 資料行控制項提供屬性,讓應用程式製作者可以用來自訂資料行的外觀和行為。The Column control provides properties that the app maker can use to customize the appearance and behavior of the column.


現已推出Now available

  • 變更資料行控制項的寬度。Change the width of a Column control.
  • 變更資料行控制項的文字。Change the text for a Column control.
  • 按一下或點選資料行控制項中的值以進行瀏覽。Navigate by clicking or tapping the value in a Column control.

無法使用Not yet available

  • 自訂資料行控制項的樣式。Customize the styling of a Column control.

已知問題Known issues

  • Visible 屬性還無法運作。The Visible property doesn't work yet.


  • DisplayName – 出現在資料行標頭的文字。DisplayName – The text that appears in the header for the column.


    這個屬性即將重新命名為 HeaderTextThis property will soon be renamed HeaderText.

  • IsHyperlink – 一個值,指出資料行中的資料是否應該加上底線以表示它是超連結。IsHyperlink – A value that indicates whether the data in the column should be underlined to indicate that it's a hyperlink.
  • Width資料行控制項左邊緣與右邊緣之間的距離。Width – The distance between the Column control’s left and right edges.


調整資料行大小Resize a column

  1. 建立空白的平板電腦應用程式。Create a blank tablet app.
  2. 在 [插入] 索引標籤上,按一下或點選 [資料表],然後調整資料表控制項的大小,使其涵蓋整個畫面。On the Insert tab, click or tap Data table, and then resize the Data table control so that it covers the whole screen.
  3. 在右窗格中,按一下或點選 [未選取任何資料來源] 右側的向下箭頭,然後按一下或點選 [新增資料來源]。In the right pane, click or tap the down arrow to the right of No data source selected, and then click or tap Add a data source.
  4. 在連線清單中,按一下或點選 Common Data Service 資料庫的連線。In the list of connections, click or tap the connection for your Common Data Service database.
  5. 在實體清單中,按一下或點選 [帳戶],然後按一下或點選 [連接]。In the list of entities, click or tap Account, and then click or tap Connect.

    資料表控制項會初始化,並且顯示一組預設欄位。The Data table control is initialized and shows a set of default fields.

  6. 按一下或點選 [全名] 資料行。Click or tap the Full name column.


  7. 拖曳右邊的裝飾項以調整欄位的大小。Drag the adorner on the right side to resize the field.