PowerApps 中的 Power BI 圖格控制項Power BI tile control in PowerApps

顯示應用程式內 Power BI 圖格的控制項。A control that shows a Power BI tile inside an app.


顯示應用程式內的 Power BI 圖格,以利用現有的資料分析和報告。Take advantage of your existing data analysis and reporting by displaying your Power BI tiles inside your apps. 選擇要顯示的圖格,方法是在選項面板的 [資料] 索引標籤中設定其工作區儀表板圖格屬性。Choose the tile you want to show by setting its Workspace, Dashboard and Tile properties in the Data tab of the options panel.

共用和安全性Sharing and security

一旦共用後,所有擁有應用程式存取權限的使用者都可以存取 PowerApp。Once shared, the PowerApp will be accessible by all users who have permissions to access the app. 不過,若要讓這些使用者可以看到 Power BI 內容,必須與 Power BI 上的使用者共用圖格出處的儀表板。However in order to make the Power BI content visible to those users, the dashboard where the tile comes from needs to be shared with the user on Power BI. 這可確保在應用程式中存取 Power BI 內容時會遵守 Power BI 共用權限。This ensures that Power BI sharing permissions are respected when Power BI content is accessed in an app.

主要屬性Key properties

工作區 – 圖格出處的 Power BI 工作區。Workspace – The Power BI workspace where the tile comes from.

儀表板 – 圖格出處的 Power BI 儀表板。Dashboard – The Power BI dashboard where the tile comes from.

圖格 – 要顯示的 Power BI 圖格名稱。Tile – The name of the Power BI tile you want to display.

其他屬性Additional properties

BorderColor – 控制項框線的色彩。BorderColor – The color of a control's border.

BorderStyle – 決定控制項的框線為實線虛線點線BorderStyle – Whether a control's border is Solid, Dashed, Dotted, or None.

BorderThickness – 控制項框線的粗細。BorderThickness – The thickness of a control's border.

DisplayMode – 控制項允許使用者輸入 (編輯)、只顯示資料 (檢視) 或者已停用 (停用)。DisplayMode – Whether the control allows user input (Edit), only displays data (View), or is disabled (Disabled).

Height – 控制項的頂端和底部邊緣之間的距離。Height – The distance between a control's top and bottom edges.

OnSelect – 在使用者點選或按一下控制項時,應用程式的回應方式。OnSelect – How the app responds when the user taps or clicks a control. 預設行為會將使用者帶到與圖格相關聯的 Power BI 報告。Default behavior takes the user to the Power BI report associated with the tile.

Visible – 控制項顯示或隱藏。Visible – Whether a control appears or is hidden.

Width – 控制項左邊緣與右邊緣之間的距離。Width – The distance between a control's left and right edges.

X – 控制項左邊緣與其父容器 (沒有父容器時則為螢幕) 左邊緣之間的距離。X – The distance between the left edge of a control and the left edge of its parent container (screen if no parent container).

Y – 控制項上邊緣與其父容器 (沒有父容器時則為螢幕) 上邊緣之間的距離。Y – The distance between the top edge of a control and the top edge of the parent container (screen if no parent container).


  1. 從 [插入] 索引標籤的 [控制項] 功能表,新增 Power BI 圖格控制項。Add a Power BI tile control from the Insert tab, Controls menu.
  2. 在選項面板上的 [資料] 索引標籤中,為 [工作區] 設定選擇「我的工作區」。In the Data tab on options panel choose "My Workspace" for the Workspace setting. 從儀表板清單中選擇儀表板,並從圖格清單中選擇圖格。Choose a dashboard from the list of dashboards, and a tile from the list of tiles.

    控制項會呈現 Power BI 圖格。The control renders the Power BI tile.

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