PowerApps 中的協助工具屬性Accessibility properties in PowerApps

可協助行動不便的使用者以其他適用方式操作使用控制項的屬性設定。Configuration of properties that aid alternative ways of interacting with controls suitable for users with disabilities.


AccessiblityLabel – 由螢幕助讀程式讀取之控制項的說明。AccessiblityLabel – Description of the control to be read by screen readers. 影像、圖示和圖形控制項若為空值,會使螢幕助讀程式看不到控制項,並將其視為裝飾。An empty value for Image, Icon and Shape controls will make the controls invisible to the screen reader and treated as decorations.

定位點索引 – 自訂控制項在執行階段的定位順序。TabIndex – Customizes the tab order of controls at runtime.

預設值零會根據控制項的 XY 座標指定預設的定位順序。Default value of zero specifies default tab order, based on control's XY coordinate. 設定大於零的值會使控制項的定位順序移至使用預設值之所有控制項的前方。Setting a value higher than zero will move the control's tab order ahead of all controls with the default values. 定位時,定位點索引值為 2 的控制項會在索引值為 3 或以上的定位點前一個位置。A control with TabIndex value of 2 will precede one with TabIndex of 3 or higher when tabbed.

請注意,表單和圖庫等容器控制項一律會將容器中的所有元素定位完成,才會繼續至容器外的控制項。Note that containers such as Form and Gallery controls will always tab through all elements of the container before proceeding to controls outside of the container. 容器的定位順序是子控制項中最低的定位點索引值。The container's tab order is that of the lowest value TabIndex of a child control.

將定位點索引設定為 -1 會停用控制項的索引標籤存取;而影像、圖示和圖形則會成為非互動元素。Setting TabIndex to -1 will disable tab access to the control; in case of Images, Icons and Shapes, they will be made non-interactive elements.