PowerApps 中的文字屬性Text properties in PowerApps

設定在控制項上顯示的文字 (在工具提示中,做為使用者輸入資料時的提示),並指定其他文字相關的特性。Configure the text that appears on a control, in a tooltip, as a hint when the user types data, and specify other text-related characteristics.

文字外觀Text appearance

Font – 文字可使用的字型家族名稱。Font – The name of the family of fonts in which text appears.

FontWeight – 控制項的文字字型粗細︰BoldSemiboldNormalLighterFontWeight – The weight of the text in a control: Bold, Semibold, Normal, or Lighter.

Italic – 控制項中的文字是否為斜體。Italic – Whether the text in a control is italic.

Size – 控制項上文字的字型大小。Size – The font size of the text that appears on a control.

Strikethrough – 決定控制項上的文字中間是否有一條線。Strikethrough – Whether a line appears through the text that appears on a control.

Underline – 決定控制項上的文字底部是否有一條線。Underline – Whether a line appears under the text that appears on a control.

文字位置Text placement

Align – 文字相對於其控制項水平中心的位置。Align – The location of text in relation to the horizontal center of its control.

LineHeight – 兩者之間的距離,例如文字行或清單中項目之間的距離。LineHeight – The distance between, for example, lines of text or items in a list.

VerticalAlign – 相對於控制項垂直中心的該控制項文字位置。VerticalAlign – The location of text on a control in relation to the vertical center of that control.