從範本建立及執行應用程式Create and run an app from a template

根據特定案例的範本自動建立應用程式,然後再予以執行以了解其預設行為。Create an app automatically based on a template for specific scenario, and then run it to understand its default behavior. 實驗如何自訂應用程式,然後再予以儲存及與他人共用。Experiment with how to customize an app, and then save and share it with others.


  • 註冊 PowerApps、加以安裝、予以開啟,然後以您註冊時所使用的認證登入。Sign up for PowerApps, install it, open it, and then sign in by providing the same credentials that you used to sign up.

    注意︰若要使用這個功能,請確認您正在執行 2.0.510 或更新版本。Note: To use this feature, make sure that you're running release 2.0.510 or later. 若要識別您的版本,請開啟 [檔案] 功能表 (沿著左側邊緣),按一下或點選 [帳戶],然後查看 [產品資訊] 下方的資訊。To identify your release, open the File menu (along the left edge), click or tap Account, and then look under Product information.

  • DropBox、OneDrive 或 Google 雲端硬碟等雲端儲存體帳戶。A cloud-storage account such as DropBox, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

建立應用程式Create an app

  1. 從 Windows 適用的 PowerApps Studio 或 web 適用的 PowerApps Studio 中,按一下或點選 [新增](接近畫面左邊)。From PowerApps Studio for Windows or PowerApps Studio for web, click or tap New (near the left edge of the screen).


  2. 在 [應用程式範本] 圖格上,按一下或點選 [手機配置]。On the App templates tile, click or tap Phone layout.

    注意︰您也可以從平板電腦版面配置的範本建立應用程式,但本教學課程著重於手機選項。Note: You can also create an app from a template for a tablet layout, but this tutorial focuses on the phone option.


    範本清單隨即會出現。A list of templates appears.

  3. 如果您沒有雲端儲存體帳戶的連線:If you don't have a connection to a cloud-storage account:

    1. 在接近畫面底部的位置,按一下或點選 [選擇]。Near the bottom of the screen, click or tap Choose.


    2. 按一下或點選您要使用的帳戶。Click or tap the account that you want to use.


    3. 提供您的認證,然後按一下或點選 [使用] 以授與存取權。Provide your credentials, and then click or tap Use to grant access.

      連線會出現在畫面底部附近。Your connection appears near the bottom of the screen.

  4. 在範本清單中按一下或點選範本,然後按一下或點選 [使用](右下角附近)。In the list of templates, click or tap a template, and then click or tap Use (near the lower-right corner).

    開啟 PowerApps 範本

    系統會將範例資料複製到您的雲端儲存體帳戶,即完成建立應用,且其首頁隨即會出現。The sample data is copied to your cloud-storage account, the app is created, and its home page appears.

執行應用程式Run the app

來自範本的應用程式會在預設工作區中開啟,這將會是您耗費大部分時間來自訂應用程式的位置。An app from a template opens in the default workspace, where you'll spend most of your time customizing. 在變更應用程式之前,請遵循本節之步驟於預覽模式下探索應用程式的運作方式。Before you make any changes to the app, follow the steps in this section to explore how the app works in Preview mode.

提示︰在預設工作區中設計和開發應用程式,不過在與他人共用之前先在預覽模式下進行測試。Tip: Design and develop apps in the default workspace, but test them in Preview mode before you share them with others.

  1. 如果您從未使用過 PowerApps,請參加簡介導覽 (或按一下或點選 [略過])。If you haven't used PowerApps before, take the intro tour (or click or tap Skip).


    您日後可以隨時按一下或點選右上角附近的問號圖示,然後按一下或點選 Take the intro tour (簡介導覽),即可觀看導覽。You can always take the tour later by clicking or tapping the question-mark icon near the upper-right corner and then clicking or tapping Take the intro tour.

  2. 在左側導覽列中,按一下或點選最接近頂端的畫面。In the left navigation bar, click or tap the screen that's closest to the top.
  3. 按下 F5 (或按一下或點選右上角的向右箭號) 以在預覽模式下開啟應用程式。Press F5 (or click or tap the right arrow in the upper-right corner) to open the app in Preview mode.


    系統會預先填入範例資料,以便展示應用程式的功能。The app is pre-populated with sample data to demonstrate the functionality of the app. 例如,成本預估員應用程式包含建立約會的資料,以及估算在特定大小的房間內安裝特定地板產品的成本資料。For example, the Cost Estimator app contains data for creating appointments and estimating the cost of installing a specific flooring product in a room of a particular size.

  4. 探索應用程式的預設行為,並確認雲端帳戶中的資料是否能反映您的變更。Explore the app's default behavior, and verify that the data in your cloud account reflects your changes.

    例如,訂定約會,以及在成本預估器應用程式中建立成本預估。For example, make an appointment, and create a cost estimate in the Cost Estimator app.

  5. 藉由選取右上角的 'X' 圖示 (PowerApps 標題列下方) 返回預設工作區。Return to the default workspace by selecting the 'X' icon in the upper-right corner (under the PowerApps title bar).


自訂應用程式Customize the app

除了以下方式之外,您還可以利用其他方式來自訂本應用程式或任何應用程式︰You can customize this or any app in these ways, among others:

後續步驟Next steps

  1. 按下 Ctrl-S、為應用程式命名,然後按一下或點選 [儲存] 將應用程式儲存至雲端。Press Ctrl-S, give your app a name, and then click or tap Save to save your app to the cloud.
  2. 與組織中的其他人共用應用程式Share your app with other people in your organization.

    注意︰共用應用程式之前,請確認您要共用的人擁有資料存取權限。Note: Before you share an app, make sure that the people with whom you're sharing it have access to the data. 例如,您必須在雲端儲存體帳戶中共用 Excel 或其他檔案For example, you must share an Excel or other file in a cloud-storage account.