Microsoft PowerApps 的限制和組態Limits and configuration in Microsoft PowerApps

本主題包含 PowerApps 目前限制和組態詳細資料的資訊。This topic contains information about the current limits and configuration details for PowerApps.


這些限制會套用於每個單一傳出要求:These limits apply to each single outgoing request:

名稱Name 限制Limit
逾時Timeout 180 秒180 Seconds
重試嘗試Retry attempts 44


重試值可能不同。The retry value may vary. 對於某些錯誤狀況,重試沒有任何意義。For certain error conditions, it doesn't make sense to retry.

IP 位址IP addresses

來自 PowerApps 的要求使用取決於應用程式環境地區的 IP 位址。Requests from PowerApps use IP addresses that depend on the region of the environment that the app is in. 我們不發佈 PowerApps 案例可用的完整網域名稱。We don't publish fully qualified domain names available for PowerApps scenarios.

透過應用程式 (例如,SQL API 或 SharePoint API) 從 API 連接進行的呼叫是來自於本主題稍後指定的 IP 位址。Calls made from an API connected through an app (for example, the SQL API or the SharePoint API) come from the IP address specified later in this topic.

例如,如果您必須允許 Azure SQL 資料庫的 IP 位址,您應該使用這些位址。You should use these addresses if, for example, you must whitelist IP addresses for an Azure SQL database.

地區Region 輸出 IPOutbound IP
美國United States、、、、、、、、、、、,,,,,,,,,,,
美國 (搶先使用)United States (Early Access)、、、、、、、,,,,,,,

必要服務Required services

此清單標示出 PowerApps Studio 提供的所有服務和其使用方式。This list identifies all services to which PowerApps Studio talks and their usages. 您的網路不得封鎖這些服務。Your network must not block these services.

網域Domain(s) 通訊協定Protocols 使用Uses httpshttps RPRP httpshttps 連接器的執行階段/APIRuntime of Connectors/Apis
httpshttps ADALADAL
httpshttps Azure 圖形 - 用來取得使用者資訊 (例如,設定檔相片)Azure Graph - For getting user info (e.g. profile photo) httpshttps 範例和範本應用程式Sample and Template apps
*.azure* httpshttps API 中樞 - 每個地區設定的不同子網域Api Hubs - Different sub-domains for each locale
** httpshttps WebAuth + 入口網站WebAuth + Portal
** httpshttps WebAuthWebAuth
** httpshttps Blob 儲存體Blob storage httpshttps 遙測Telemetry