Common Data Service 的範例和其他資源Samples and other resources for the Common Data Service


有幾個範例會使用 Common Data Service。There are several samples that use the Common Data Service. 若要檢視這些範例,請造訪,選取瀏覽窗格中的 [首頁]To find these samples, on, select Home in the navigation pane.


有數個影片可示範如何建立和修改資料庫,以及如何建立應用程式。There are several videos that demonstrate how to create and modify a database, and how to create apps. 您可以在文件中找到這些影片,或者造訪。選取導覽窗格中的 [首頁],並檢視 [使用 Common Data Service] 區段。You can find these videos in the documentation and you can also find them on Select Home in the navigation pane and look in the Use the Common Data Service section.

您可以在 YouTube 的 MS PowerAppsMicrosoft Ignite 頻道找到更多影片。You can find more videos on YouTube on the MS PowerApps and Microsoft Ignite channels.

部落格文章Blog posts

您可以在 PowerApps 部落格找到使用說明文章。You can find how-to posts on the PowerApps blog.

Microsoft Ignite 課程Microsoft Ignite sessions

Microsoft Ignite On-Demand 提供 Microsoft Ignite 會議的許多課程記錄。Many sessions of the Microsoft Ignite conference were recorded and are available at Microsoft Ignite On-Demand. 請搜尋「PowerApps」和「Common Data Model」。Search for "PowerApps" and "common data model."


在此深入了解 Common Data Service 和 Common Data Model,Common Data Service 和 Common Data ModelLearn more about the Common Data Service and Common Data Model here, Common Data Service and Common Data Model overview.