Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 版本資訊Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 Release Notes

WMF 5.1 包含已搭配 Windows Server 2016 發行的 PowerShell、WMI、WinRM,以及軟體清查記錄 (SIL) 元件。WMF 5.1 includes the PowerShell, WMI, WinRM, and Software Inventory Logging (SIL) components that were released with Windows Server 2016. WMF 5.1 可以在 Windows 7、Windows 8.1、Windows Server 2008 R2、2012 及 2012 R2 上安裝,並提供許多對 WMF 5.0 RTM 的改善,包括︰WMF 5.1 can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, and 2012 R2, and provides a number of improvements over WMF 5.0 RTM including:

  • 新的 Cmdlet︰本機使用者和群組;Get-ComputerInfoNew cmdlets: local users and groups; Get-ComputerInfo
  • PowerShellGet 改善功能包括強制執行已簽署的模組,以及安裝 JEA 模組PowerShellGet improvements include enforcing signed modules, and installing JEA modules
  • PackageManagement 新增對容器、CBS 安裝、以執行檔為基礎的安裝、封包封裝的支援PackageManagement added support for Containers, CBS Setup, EXE-based setup, CAB packages
  • DSC 和 PowerShell 類別的偵錯改善Debugging improvements for DSC and PowerShell classes
  • 安全性增強功能包括強制執行來自提取伺服器的目錄簽署模組,以及在使用 PowerShellGet Cmdlet 時加以強制執行Security enhancements including enforcement of catalog-signed modules coming from the Pull Server and when using PowerShellGet cmdlets
  • 回應數個使用者要求和問題Responses to a number of user requests and issues

重要事項:Important notes:

  • WMF 5.1 需要 .NET Framework 4.5.2 (或更新版本)。WMF 5.1 requires the .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or above). 雖然安裝會成功,但若未安裝 .NET 4.5.2 (或更新版本),主要功能將會失敗。Installation will succeed, but key features will fail if .NET 4.5.2 (or above) is not installed. 您可在安裝和設定 WMF 5.1 主題中取得指示。Instructions are available in the Install and Configure WMF 5.1 topic.
  • 安裝 WMF 5.1 RTM 之前,必須先解除安裝 WMF 5.1 Preview。WMF 5.1 Preview must be uninstalled before installing WMF 5.1 RTM.
  • WMF 5.1 可直接透過 WMF 5.0 或 WMF 4.0 安裝。WMF 5.1 may be installed directly over WMF 5.0 or WMF 4.0.
  • 在 Windows 7 和 Windows Server 2008 R2 上安裝 WMF 5.1 之前,不需要__先安裝 WMF 4.0。It is __not required to install WMF 4.0 prior to installing WMF 5.1 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. WMF 5.1 Preview 版本有問題,並且已解決。That was an issue for the WMF 5.1 Preview release, and has been resolved.