Operations on Virtual Network Gateways


The Service Management API includes operations to create, manage, and use a virtual network gateway to connect your local network sites to a virtual network.

In This Section

Connect to, Disconnect from, or Test your Connection to a Local Network

Create Virtual Network Gateway

Delete Client Root Certificate

Delete Virtual Network Gateway

Generate VPN Client Package

Get Client Root Certificate

Get Device Configuration Script

Get URL and Status for Gateway Diagnostics Capture

Get Virtual Network Gateway

Get Virtual Network Gateway Operation Status

Get Virtual Network Gateway Shared Key

List Client Root Certificates

List Connections

List Revoked Point-to-Site VPN Client Certificates

List Virtual Network Gateway Supported Devices

Reinstate a Revoked Point-to-Site VPN Client Certificate

Reset Virtual Network Gateway Shared Key

Revoke a Point-to-Site VPN Client Certificate

Start or Stop Gateway Diagnostics Capture

Upload Client Root Certificate