Audit and Control Management Server Roles and Responsibilities


適用版本: Audit and Control Management Server 2013

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Summary: Guidance on the roles and responsibilities for lifecycle management in Audit and Control Management Server 2013.

When planning your installation and implementation of Audit and Control Management Server, you need to assign roles and task responsibilities to maintain the system throughout its normal lifecycle.

Defining roles and responsibilities in your management of ACM

There are four primary roles assigned in the management of ACM. They include the Central Administrator, Site Administrator, Folder Manager and Viewer.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Where applied Responsibilities

Central Administrator

ACM Central Administration

  • An ACM Central Administrator creates new sites in ACM. When the system is installed, at least one person is granted the Central Administrator role.

  • Grants the Central Administrator role to other users and groups.


When a Central Administrator creates a new site, they become the first Site Administrator of that site.

Site Administrator

Site Settings

  • A Site administrator has full permission to do all activities and see all data within the site in which he is the administrator.

  • Manages which folders are monitored and tracked by ACM.

  • Names which folder is used by ACM for version storage and file processing.

  • Removes files from the list of monitored files as necessary.

  • Manages site permissions.

Folder Manager

Folder properties

  • A Folder Manager determines which files ACM tracks.

  • Has permission to see the file details including the change history (versions) and the details (audit trail).

  • Specifies which users or groups are folder managers.

  • Manages which users or groups can view a folder.


Folder properties

  • A Viewer has permission to see file details in a folder

  • Can’t change any settings or add version notes to a file


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